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International Justice Monitor was created to expand awareness and understanding of the role of international justice in holding accountable those responsible for atrocities, particularly war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. It is operated by the Open Society Justice Initiative, part of the Open Society Foundations, and since 2007, our trial reporting has been an accurate, concise, and trustworthy source of information on some of the most significant trials of our time.

We provide regular, balanced, and accessible monitoring reports on select trials of those accused of mass crimes, focusing on prosecutions at the International Criminal Court (ICC), national courts, and hybrid tribunals. Trials are monitored on a regular basis from opening statements through appeals and reparations. In addition to what is happening in the courtroom, we also share commentary with perspectives from victims’ communities and others from the local level about the trials.

The Related News section provides news and analysis on other important events in the international justice field, such as new arrests or cooperation proceedings before the ICC. We will also highlight at times significant trials that other organizations are monitoring closely, such as we did with the trial of former Chadian dictator Hissène Habré.

In addition, the website provides a space for commentary on issues immediately raised by the cases we are monitoring. We hope to encourage debate and analyses of developments that shape the broader evolution of international criminal law and justice, for example, the way new technologies are being used in international criminal tribunals. However, we are not a repository for content, such as press releases or reports, produced by other organizations or individuals.

The site is managed by Taegin Reisman, Associate Legal Officer for International Justice. If you are interested in submitting an original commentary or analysis, please email taegin.reisman@opensocietyfoundations.org.

We are happy for our monitoring reports and other material on this site to be republished free of charge, with appropriate credit. You can also subscribe to receive updates directly in your inbox or follow along on Twitter @ijmonitor and Facebook.   


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