Trial to be Postponed Again, Defense Counsel Asks for Adjournment Until January 2008

The Court announced today that the trial will not proceed on August 20 as originally scheduled, but it will hold a status conference on that date at 11 a.m. during which the length of the delay will likely be decided.  This announcement follows a [pdf] motion by the new defense team requesting adjournment of the trial until January 7, 2008, to allow “adequate time and facilities for the preparation of [Taylor’s] defense, as required by Article 17 of the Statute of the Special Court of Sierra Leone.”  The Prosecution filed a [pdf] response to this motion, indicating that the defense had established good cause for a reasonable delay to allow time to prepare, but leaving the duration of the delay to the Court’s discretion.   We will be posting live from the Hague on August 20 to provide an update on the Court’s decision.


  1. Why should charles taylor have that priviledge of rescheduling his case? All those that he killed or executed by him and his notorious son chuky did not have that priviledge or liberty given them by the Liberian Constitution. Both of them do not desire any priviledge. They should be treated just like how others were severly hurt by he and his son, chuky.

    charles taylor was a fool. There is not anything bad about being poor. But, this little poor boy, charles taylor, came from nowhere in Arthington and became President of Liberia with out any vision or sense of direction for the growth of Liberia, only a big mouth and a very little brain. President Samuel K. Doe had much more better vision and sense of direction than that fool, charles taylor. Liberia would had been far better if President Doe had stay in office. That was a very large mistake by the Indegineous to have killed President Doe. I am a Monrovia born, you majority, indegineous, stop compromising for acceptance by those low class, no esteem so called congo or americo-liberian folks. Use your power of majority and take control of your country. After all, you were there before those former cotton pickers (slaves) came. My generation was part of those slaves that settled in Liberia. But, I do not like how the county was run by them. They casuse this problem we are facing today. Who are they to put anyone of the majority down, socially? My bothers and sisters, the late President, Mr. Samuel K. Doe opened the door for your freedom, you have better take control of your destiny or not those 2% so called congo will lead you down to the drain. I love liberia and will forever.

    In closing, treat everyone with respect. I do not care if you like me or not, but, rather recline for respect as a human being.

  2. Mr. Editor:

    As we Liberians would say, I don’t blame Charles Taylor… Had his rear end been given twenty five good lashes for starters and locked up in a filthy, smelly little jail in Freetown, he would have been dead serious by now about having a speedy trial, not wasting everyone’s time in silly gamesmanship. It was a stupid idea indeed taking this felon, this hardened criminal and cannibal to a rights-obsessed European capital where he now resides in palatial accommodation, enjoying all the comforts of modern living. The court needs to get on with the trial without further delay and provide much-deserved closure to the victims of Taylor’s wicked deeds. It is an unacceptable contradiction in terms to delay and deny justice to the people of our region while overdoing this fair trial bit in favor of a terrorist and mass murderer like Charles Taylor. The world needs to hear the full story of this war criminal now.

    Peter Kortuwah

  3. Charles Taylor don’t deserve the way he is being treated. How in the world can this one man committ all those crimes? This is a total conspiracy against this good man.

    Only God will decide what happens to Charles Taylor. Long live Charles Taylor!
    God will make a way for you in Jesus Name

  4. This is a very crucial case. If anybody thinks that only Charles Taylor is on trial, they got it all wrong. The International Justice System is on trial aswell. This case will let the world know if the International justice system is fair enough to convict Charles Taylor.

    The world is watching and I am watching also. Let true justice be done in this case. As far as I am concern, Charles Taylor is Innocent until proven guilty. Therefore I want to see them providing every proof beyond all reasonable doubt that this good man Charles Taylor, is guilty.
    The International Court is on the biggest trial ever.
    Now Taylor is there under their costody. My eyes are sharp on this case. We are watching every step as this case move forward.

    Long Live Charles Taylor!

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