Def: Is it fair to say that among the authors of the Partnership Africa Canada report, there was considerable hostility towards Charles Taylor?

IS: We had no preconceived notions about Taylor or Liberia’s role.

Def: By the end of the report-writing time, did you have views of Taylor?

IS: We had a clear view of the Liberian role, and thus had a view of Taylor.

Def: Had you formed a view about Mr. Taylor’s culpability?

IS: Taylor had some responsibility as president of Liberia for the diamonds moving through Liberia.

Def: One of your group, Lansana Gberie, has very strong views on Taylor, and has written very hostile things about Taylor, hasn’t he?

IS: Yes, after the report was written.

Def: At the time your expert panel went to Liberia in 2000, it already had views of Mr. Taylor?

IS: We had a lot of information already before the October 2000 trip.

Def: Was your meeting with Taylor scheduled before your arrival in Liberia?

IS: Initiative for the meeting came from Taylor’s office after we’d arrived.

Def: When did you make your hand-written notes on the meeting with Taylor?

IS: In the meeting with Taylor.

Def: These notes are very dense.  Do they include everything said?  Could you have made errors?

IS: Not everything from full hour could be included.  I don’t think there are errors.  But it is possible that there are.

Def: Why are typed notes more detailed?

IS: I typed them back at the hotel back after the meeting based on hand-written notes and my memory.