Prosecution witness Ian Smillie has been sworn in. 

The prosecutor is asking Ian Smillie to describe his background.   

IS: After finishing my education, I taught English, French and history in a secondary school for one year in the eastern Sierra Leonean town of Koidu, Kono District. 

Pros: Did you observe any mining? 

IS: Koidu was a mining center in Sierra Leone, almost like the Wild West.  Thousands of people had come to dig for diamonds. 

Pros: What did you do after that year? 

IS: I worked in Nigeria from 1968-1971. 

Pros: What were your subsequent jobs? 

IS: Describes a work history with various Canadian NGOs.  From 1983-1989, worked as an independent consultant on development issues, working for the Canadian government, UN agencies, African and other NGOs.  Starting in 1999, started to work with Partnership Africa-Canada on the diamond issue in Sierra Leone.