Defense is now asking the witness, Ian Smillie (IS) about the four photographs of an aircraft shown in court yesterday.

Def: How did you get these photos?

IS: From a member of the aircraft crew. 

Def: Did you personally have dealings with this person?

IS: No, others on the panel were involved.

Def: Do you know when this person claimed to have taken these photos?

IS: My understanding from Peleman and others on the team is that they’re from March 1999.

Def: Was this person a mercenary?

IS: He was a member of the crew.  The aircraft was owned, rented or leased by Leonid Minin.  If this person was breaking UN embargoes, as I suppose he was, then I guess you could call him a mercenary.

Def: Was he paid for these photos?

IS: No.

Def: Was there any documentary record that would indicate when they were taken?

IS: Writing of “March 1999” on back of photos is my own.  We’re going on information of this individual that photos were taken then.

Defense is asking about IS’s statement yesterday that they’d received information from intelligence sources.  From which countries were they?

IS: Main sources were US, UK, Sierra Leone, France, perhaps Israel.

Def: Predominantly US and UK?

IS: Yes.

Def: The same intelligence agencies that led their countries to war in Iraq on false intelligence?

Judge Sebutinde interrupts to scold defense about this comment.

Def: I withdraw the comment.

Def: How could you be sure of their accuracy?

IS: We saw very detailed radio intercepts and summary reports of various events, written by intelligence agencies.

Def: Did you see other photographic material?

IS: We saw a photo of Sanjivan Ruprah’s passport.

Def: Were you not aware that Liberia issues passports to people sailing their ships under the Liberian flag?

IS: I was not aware of that.

Def: By the time the report was written, did you and your colleagues have hostile feelings towards Taylor?

IS: We tried to report faithfully.

Def: Were you personally hostile towards Charles Taylor?

IS: We were appalled by the RUF, hostile towards them.  We were dismayed about indications of Taylor’s involvement.  We were trying to be objective without adding personal views.

Def: Are you now hostile towards Taylor?

IS: We felt sorry for him because he had missed a huge opportunity in Liberia.  He had missed an opportunity to lead Liberia into peace.

Cross-examination of Ian Smillie has ended.  The prosecution is moving to enter all exhibits into evidence.