Prosecutor Mohamed Bangura begins his re-examination of witness Alex Tamba Teh:

Pros: You told us that you asked Mosquito to make you a field marshal, right?

Wit: Yes, I said instead of making me a major, make me a field marshal because I am a man of God.  He said his boss was not even a five-star general.

Pros: You had an opportunity to correct your statemnent to the prosecution, right?

Wit: Yes.

Prosecution asks the witness to read a line from the heading of the document.

Wit (reading): “The witness supplied me with the following corrections that he made in his original statement.” 

Pros: Pointing to list of corrections, here it says you had asked Mosquito to make you a field marshal, correct?

Wit: Yes.

Pros: Reads document, notes of the lawyer – Shymala Alegendre: in his orignal statement, he advised that when he agreed to join Bockarie and the RUF, he replied that he was not even a one-star general, and that his boss, Charles Ghankay Taylor in Liberia was not even a five-star general, so how could he be a field marshal?

Wit: Yes, I made these corrections to Shymala.

Pros: No further questions.

Judge Sebutinde thanks and dismisses the witness.

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