Court has resumed.

An additional interpreter is being sworn in.

Prosecutor Brenda Hollis continues her questioning of Varmuyan Sherif:

Pros: Do you know “High Command”?

Wit: Yes, one of the RUF soldiers who came to help the Liberian militias.  Benjamin took him as a bodyguard.  He is Mende, from SL.

Pros: Francis Mendon or Menwon?

Wit: I knew him, but not his nationality or duties.  I saw him among the RUF members.

Prosecution is now going to show a series of photographs to the witness.


  1. I think varmuyuan is giving a lot of good and sensitive information; information that every Liberian who stayed in the Country for the pass 15 years know it’s ture. But I think he needs to be careful with the details he’s giving.

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