Def: No reference to Charles Taylor being referred to in first statement in meeting with Mosquito?

W: I said it.  Mosquito said his boss Ghankay Taylor is not yet a five star general.

Judge clarifies that info is not in statement, why is that so?

W: I am saying it is there.  When I testified before I said it. 

Def: Position that investigator didn’t write down what you said before?

W: Position I take is that I said it and whether the Prosecutor or investigtors took it down is not something I considered.

Defense asks question again.  W: I don’t know.  Repeatedly indicates that that he said statement above about Taylor. 

Def: First time mention Taylor was in 2005?

W: I said it.

Defense turns to episode concerning helicopter in Dawa.  How many helicopters?

W: Did not say I saw helicopters, saw just one.  Said it in my statement.

Judge: Cautions witness not to lose temper, just doing his job.  Answer as truthfully and completely as can rather than having exchange.

Def: Reads from statement, which refers to “helicopters”.  Did you see one or more than one?

W: The person who wrote this made a typo.  I never said this.

Def: Saying here investigator took down incorrectly?

W: No, not saying that.  Saw only one helicopter.

Def: Position now – helicopter not yellow and red in color?

W: I am saying what is in my statement is what I am going by.  I was under pressure.  Today I took an oath.

Def: Repeats question.

W: I don’t know.  My memory cannot serve me well on this, I was under pressure at that time.  Only because I have strong memories of some, but can’t recall all.  Not able to give much identifcation.  Only recall “Liberian Airlines”, I can’t recall colors now.

Def: Did you say 6 months ago that helicopters were red and yellow.

W: Agree said that.  Don’t recall now because I was under duress.  Stand by my oath.  Cannot recall everything.

Def: Acknowledge recollection not that good because under emotional and physical strain?

W: Pauses.  If you read through my statements and see all the struggles I went through you should know my position now.

Judge – how much longer cross?

Def: Not much longer, will go on a short time tomorrow.

Judge – cautions witness not to discuss testimony with anyone.  

The court adjourns until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.