Smillie has been asked to recount the provisions of a subsequent Security Council resolution that included a call on Liberia to prohibit RUF activities on its territory.  It said that no SL diamonds should be sent through Liberia without certificates of origin.  The Council decided that all states should undertake actions to end weapons flows to Liberia.

The prosecution is introducing another document, a letter from Charles Taylor to the UN Secretary General.

The letter seems to acknowledge his government’s contact with the RUF in response to Sierra Leonean support for Liberian dissidents. 

IS: In Liberia, Taylor and other government officials denied all support to RUF.

The prosecution has just introduced another letter from the Liberian foreign minister to the president of the Security Council in 2001.  The letter contains a list of RUF members ordered expelled from Liberia by the Security Council.  The letter claims that the government doesn’t know who the individuals are.  The individuals include Eddie Conneh (ph.) and Dennis Mingo, aka “Superman”.