Prosecution has moved to enter additional items into evidence, referenced during the testimony of Varmuyan Sherif. 

Defense objects to submission of an “operation order”.  The witness identified the signatures of Abu Keita and Benjamin Yeaten on the document.  The document is not relevant to the accused, and we don’t know where the document came from.  Prosecution: Witness has testified to Benjamin Yeaten’s signature is on this document, and that Abu Keita went to Sierra Leone to fight with the RUF, then returned to Liberia with the RUF to assist in the fight with Taylor against LURD.  That is relevant to theories of liability in this case.  This is proof of Taylor’s close association thoughout the charged period with the RUF and AFRC.

The judges are conferring among themselves.

Judge Sebutinde: The document is admissible under rule 89.  The defense objections go to weight of this evidence.

Defense objects to admission into evidence of a photo of a little girl introduced by President Tejan-Kabbah at an ECOWAS meeting.  This photo is not relevant.  There is no connection between this victim and the accused.  Prosecutor Brenda Hollis: The photo is relevant for several reasons.  It shows his intent or awareness of crimes he was aiding and abetting.  To his awareness of crimes he was instigating.  It put him on notice of violent crimes that are reasonably foreseeable.

The judges are conferring:

Presiding Judge Sebutinde: The photo is relevant and admissible.

Defense has no further objections to admission into evidence of prosecution exhibits.  Various photographs are admitted into evidence.  One defense exhibit, a map marked by the witness, is also entered into evidence.

Judge Sebutinde has thanked and dismissed prosecution witness Varmuyan Sherif.