12.00 a.m. – Day 24: Defense Counsel Andrew Cayley continues his cross-examination of Prosecution Witness Perry Kamara

Perry Kamara continues to be cross-examined by Defense Counsel Andrew Cayley regarding his evidence on radio communications between Charles Taylor and Foday Sankoh. The Witness had to answer questions about the code supposedly used between the two of them when discussing matters such as (the transport of) ammunition. Cayley challenged Kamara about the truthfulness of his statements and accused him several times of lying about what he had heard. Kamara maintained at all times that he had been telling the truth.

The Defense Counsel spent  a lot of time questioning Kamara on the location of the logbooks detailing the communications between Sankoh and Taylor. Kamara’s evidence has been that not all communications between Taylor and Sankoh would have been in the “main” logbooks but might have been in special logbooks which might have been destroyed. Cayley again accused Kamara of lying about these other logbooks, however Kamara was insistent that he had been telling the truth.

Kamara was questioned as well about the code-names used for the various key figures and wheter the same code-names were used for different people. The Defense Counsel challanged Kamara’s evidence given on Monday that Charles Taylor and Foday Sankoh had been having conversations during which Taylor gave Sankoh military advise.