12.00 A.M. – Day 26 of the Trial: Prosecutor Alain Werner continues examination of Linkage Witness Suwandi Camara

Camara testified to the attacks and take over of Lofa County and parts of Bong County (from Kolahun in the north via Yella and Zorzor at the border with Guinea, through to Bella Yella, over St. Paul river, on to Gbarnga in Bong County) by ULIMO-K in 1992.
Camara further testified that in 1993 Taylor initiated to form the LDF (Loma Defense Force) consisting of members of RUF and NPFL, consisting of Sierra Leoneans as well as Liberians, to counterattack ULIMO-K in these areas. Camara testified to the command structure of the LDF, naming Yakba Walo as political leader and Mustapha Jallow as military commander, as well as times and places where fighting between the LDF and ULIMO-K took place and how during this period arms and ammunition were supplied to the LDF.