12.00 p.m. – Day 28 of the Trial: Defense’s cross-examination: You lie! You were never on a plane with Charles Taylor!

Defense Counsel Terry Munyard continues to cross-examine Witness Suwandi Camara:
1. How could Camara hear explosions and gunfire at Zorzor, when he was at Cobra Base near Gbarnga?
2. How was it possible that arms and ammunition were transported by bushpaths from Gbarnga to Sierra Leone when all Lofa County was controlled by ULIMO-K forces?
3. Was there an airstrip at Gbarnga, and if so, how does Camara know that this airstrip was used for transporting arms and ammunition to Sierra Leone?
4. How could Camara listen in to top secret militairy radio communications while making and serving a cup of tea?
5. Munyard calls Camara a liar when he states that he himself was on a plane trip with Charles Taylor and his company from Burkina Faso to Ivory Coast in 1991 and questions him on the reason why he does not mention this dramatic event in his first 4 interviews with the investigators for the Special Court for Sierra Leone, but waits until his 5th interview with them?


  1. It is obvious that this man is lying through his teeth. Can’t the prosecution see that their socalled witness is not what he says he is? Shame on them!!!!

  2. Witness Suwandi Camara’s account seems logical. The defense counsel is only trying to confuse witness.

    The prosecution should ensure that witness stays on track.


  3. This witness was not Liberian or Sierra Leonean. He had his own mission the overthrown of the Gambia government. His role to Taylor was not and an insider but a servant. This witness, like others have committed war crimes and was given title with no education or training to support their position.

  4. Carama is no different from what I refer to as a mare lier. I lived in Lofa and can tell any one that it was never possible for any to pass through with arms when ULIMO-K occupied Lofa. Camara is one of the paid agents that UN is using to split our dear Africa. I say this not just for Taylor, but I sense that the Western world is using Africans to divide Africa and I hope we Africans will see reasons to unite ourselves and make appreciable progress.

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