Prosecution begins examination of Witness TF1-360 Perry Kamara in open session

Prosecutor Mohamed Bangura began direct examination of purported insider witness Perry Mohamed Kamura, age 37,  from Makpele County, Pughun District.  Kamura wore a dark suit, a white shirt with a grey tie. The witness will testify in Krio. During the session, Mr. Taylor frequently took notes and conferred with his Defense team.

Mr. Kamura testified that he was captured by the RUF in 1991, received combat training for 2 months and additional training for 1 month as a radio communications officer. He received this training from Foday Sankoh in person.  From 1991-1994 he was active in setting up radio communication systems for the RUF as well as transmitting messages in code for and in behalf of Sankoh to Taylor and others between Sierra Leone and Liberia.  In his testimony, the witness identified names, places and times of specific events.

The witness provided insights regarding the RUF command structure as well as changes in this structure during the time 1991-1996.  He also testified to transactions between Mr. Taylor (arms and ammunition) and Sankoh (diamonds and cash).

At 4.00 p.m. the Court adjourned until tomorrow at 9.30 a.m.

Due to problems with internet access at the Court, this post could not be entered earlier.  Later today a more comprehensive daily summary will be posted.