2.00 p.m.

Prosecution Witness Camara continues to be examined about the meeting in Liberia, present there as well were five former soldiers from Gambia. Camara testified about the position of several key figures, such as Ghankay Point, Ibrahim Bah, Jackson and Benjamin Yeaten. The Witness further testified concerning Camara’s permanent assignment in the COBRA-base in Lofa County in Liberia and about the Small Boy Units (SBU’s). The COBRA-base did advanced commando training for soldiers and recruits. Soldiers were recruited in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Camara was a training instructor at this COBRA-base. Charles Taylor initiated this base. The recruits were from different battalions and were recruited from different sectors, e.g. ENG, SSS, SBU, Army Division, Style Force Marine, etc.

The Court is adjourned until Monday 9.30 a.m.