5.00 p.m. Court resumes in open session

After the second break the Court resumed in open session. Defense Counsel Andrew Cayley continued with his cross-examination  of Kamara about the disarmament in Liberia and the incident of the UN Peacekeepers who were rescued from Sierra Leone. Kamara was questioned in detail about his knowledge of Charles Taylor’s involvement with this rescue. Finally Kamara was questioned in detail about payments he received from the Office of the Prosecutor including individual payments paid out in early 2006. This concluded the Defense’s cross examination of Kamara.

The Prosecution Counsel then conducted a re-examination of Kamara. During this re-examination the translation of Kamara’s answers was lost, so no information on this is available at present.

The next Prosecution Witness, Suwandi Camara (a.k.a. Suwanzy), was then sworn in and the Proscution Counsel began to take him through some questions about his time spent in Libya in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. The Court then adjourned for the day.