10:05 Court goes into private session to discuss prosecution request related to witness security

9:30 (10:00 with the delay in video and audio): Court is in session.

Prosecutor Mohamed Bangura says he wishes to raise a matter related to a ruling yesterday. He requests that the witness be removed from the courtroom.

Judge Doherty: Is there a reason?

Pros: It relates to the discussion yesterday that was held in absence of the witness, related to his security concerns. We’re asking for a private session yesterday.

Judge Doherty: What are the views of the defense?

Defense counsel Morris Anyah: We don’t know the reasons for this, and defer to the judgment of the bench.

Judge Doherty: [to prosecution]: You’re not going behind the ruling?

Pros: Not really, but there’s a matter that was not addressed by the ruling.

[Judge Doherty tells the witness he is to be excused while a legal matter is discussed in private session.]

9:35 (10:05 with the delay in video and audio): Court goes into private session.