12.00 a.m. Family members of Witness Sesay threatened in Freetown

This morning, when Court had gone in open session, before cross-examination continued, Witness Alimamy Bobson Sesay made an announcement to the Court.  Yesterday (Sunday) he had received a phone call from his younger brother, who lives in Freetown with his cousin.  Several men had entered the yard and the house, threatening them, telling them they were waiting for the Witness, Sesay, to come back to Sierra Leone so they could eliminate him.  The younger brother had reported this incident to the local authorities.

Prosecutor Koumjian applied to the Court to have the public record redacted and remove references to locations of the Witness’s family members.  Presiding Judge Doherty said that the Court: 1) noted the Witness’s concern; 2) noted that the matter has been taken to the local authorities and 3) considered that the Witness had given testimony in public in the past and therefore refused the application.

Consequently Defense Counsel Morris Anyah continued his cross-examination of Sesay about:
– the arrest of RUF members who were among the West Side Boys;
– arms and ammunitons transports;
– demobilisation;
– arms shipment to Makburaka Airfield.

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