3:13 Court goes into private session to disscuss prosecution application regarding a procedural witness protection issue

2:35 (3:05 with the delay in video and audio): Court is back in session following the lunch break.

Presiding Judge Teresa Doherty: My apologies for being a little late. We were just dealing with an urgent defense motion to rescind or amend protection measures for prosecution witness TF1-??? [not the current witness] [Doherty gives a schedule for prosecution response to the motion, and a defense reply to that response, if any.]

Prosecutor Bangura: I wish to apply that a certain portion of this morning’s transcript from the cross-examination be redacted – a section in which he listed names that could lead to identification of the witness. [Cites portion of the transcript.]

Judge Sebutinde: All eight pages?

Pros: Yes.

[Judges review the section of the transcript in question.]

Judge Doherty: I note that some of this refers to evidence that came out in chief. Can you give us more detail about those parts…

[Judges are conferring.]

Judge Doherty: Please elaborate on your concerns. A lot of this information came out in chief.

Pros: We may fall deeper into the problem we are seeking to avoid. I wonder whether we might discuss this whole matter in private session.

Judge Doherty: We’ll have the submissions in the private session. Any comments on the presence of the witness?

Def: I think he should be excused.

Pros: We’re indifferent to the presence of the witness.

Judge Doherty: It relates to matters that he has said, so he can remain. We are now going into private session to discuss a procedural matter. It will not take very long.

2:43 (3:13 with the video/audio delay): The court goes into private session. This account will continue when it is again in open session.