4:05 Prosecution refuses to call witness after judges lift protective measures

3:30 (4:00 with the delay in video and audio): Court is back in session following the lunch break and the judges’ deliberations on the defense motion to remove protective measures from the forthcoming witness.

Presiding Judge Teresa Doherty: The defense have opposed and applied to rescind the protective measures for the witness. The prosecution submit that the witness is protected by order of Trial Chamber 1 in July 2004. The decision of July 5, 2004 ruled on a 5 May motion filed by the prosecution on 2 April 2004, pursuant to an order of the Trial Chamber on that date. We find nothing in the decision that would entitle the witness to any protective measures. In our view, protective measures only apply to the witnesses listed in annexes A and B. Therefore the defense motion is granted. The witness shall testify in open court without protective measures.

Prosecutor Julia Bailey: The prosecution will not call TF1-215. Ms. Alagendra will call the next witness.

Prosecutor Shyamala Alagendra: The next witness will testify in Krio. Trial Chamber 1, in that same decision, granted this witness protection in category 1A. The measures call for testimony behind a screen using a pseudonym and voice distortion.

Judge Doherty: Please put down the screen for the witness to enter.

Court officer: We need 30 minutes for the technician to set up the voice distortion before the witness can start.

Judge Doherty: We will adjourn for 30 minutes. Please notify us when the distortion is in place.

3:35 (4:05 with the delay in video and audio): Court is adjourned while the voice distortion is arranged.