Charles Taylor Trial Alert–No Court Sittings until Wednesday July 2nd, 2008

At the end of hearings on Tuesday June 25, 2008, the Trial Chamber in the case of Prosecution V. Charles Taylor ruled that there will be no hearings on the 26, 27 and 30 June due to Defense application that they be given more time to undertake investigations and prepare for cross-examination of witness TF1-375 and Prosecution request to prepare for the next witness who only arrived in The Hague on Tuesday June 25. The Special Court will also be joining the International Criminal Court (ICC) in observing July 1, which marks the coming into force of the Rome Statute as an official holiday, as well as July 3, which marks the 10th anniversary of the ICC.

The court will hold its normal hearings on the 2 and 4 of July 2008. Normal blogging of the trials will continue when the court resumes on 2 July.


  1. I appreciate this blog very much.Those terrific and tragic episode of mayheim committed by fellow humans must not be gone unpunished in the civilized world.Perpetrators most be accountable for their evil doing.Every day i read what happend in the rebel line makes me sick how on earth fellow being can do this to fellow human being consistantly for over ten years? I know the international community was fast assleep but i think we are waking up thank God.This crimes must not go unpunished or the gods will blame mankind.I thank all those behind the success of this court.I have a question who is Benjamin yeaten? If he is alive please he should be brought to justice please,please.

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