Court Resumes After Lunch Break. Examination of Witness TF1-375 Continues

2:30(3:00 with 30 mins delay in video and audio);

Judge: Mr. Koumjin, please proceed.

Pros: Thank you your honour. Mr. Witness, Just before we broke, i had asked you how you knew Taylor had a satelite phone, you said because you had his direct numbers, please answer this question only yes or no, did you ever speak to Taylor osn satelite phone.

Wit: yes

 Pros: Do you know Yeaten’s cell number?

Wit: Yes, 06510244.

Pros: I will ask that the witness to be given a blank piece of paper and after writing on it, i’ll tender it in evidence. Do you recall what your own number was in Liberia?

Wit: yes.

Pros: Would you please write it on the paper in front of you.

Witness writes his number.

Pros: I’ll like it firts to be shown to the judges, then defense counsel and then to myself. May this piece of paper be marked with an MFI number confidential please.

Jude; It will be marked MFI-1

Def: I think it ought to be dated and signed by the witness.

Judge: Thank you Mr. Munyard. Once it is signed by the witness, it will be confidentially retained.

Pros: Mr. Witness, you mentioned Bockarie going into exile, did you have any communication with him after he left Liberia?

Wit: yes. Bockarie called on Yeaten’s satelite phone and yeaten refused to answer the phone for the first time. He told me to answer and tell him he was not around. When Bockarie knew i was the one talking, he said oh you were now a big man. he said to me that he was really siffering and that he wanted me to let Yeaten know that.

Pros: Do you recall what year this was?

Wit: Yes, we first communicated in 2001.

Pros: Did you talk to him after that?

Wit: yes

 Pros: How many times?

Wit: I think i spoke to him 3 times

Pros: Do you know where he was calling from?

Wit: yes

Pros: Where?

Wit: Burkina Faso

Pros: how did you know?

Wit: he told me when we spoke

pros: In the other conversation, can you remember what he said?

Wit: yes, i can remember some. In early 2002, he had an electronic machine that prepares ID Cards. Yeaten asked for the machine and Salamin said it was with Bickarie. Yeaten said he wanted that machine. He wanted to prepare computer ID Cards for the ATU. Yeaten told him say how do you think we can get this Machine. Martin told Yeaten that Bockarie’s wife Hawa had the machine. So when they asked Hawa, she called Bockarie in Burkina faso and told him. So when Bockarie called, he spoke to me complaining that the people were not helping him and so nobody should touch that machine.

Pros: Do you remember anything else that you spoke to Bockarie about?

Wit: yes, the third time was when he was in Ivory Coast. At the time he was there, he called. I think at that time, we were on the president’s farm. He talked about the machine. He said when he was in Burkina, nobody cared about him. He said when he crossed to Ivory Coast, he looted a machine, now they want him to hand it over. he said he was not going to take any orders from the Liberian government, he was very angry.

Pros: Do you recall when this phone call took place?

Wit: 2002

Pros: Did Bockarie explain what he meant by suffering and nobody caring about him?

Wit: yes, he even spoke of the diamnods that he crossed with. he said Taylor took the diamonds and said he will support him but he did not.

pros: Did you attend any meetinsg where Taylor was?

Wit: yes

Pros: What kind of meetings?

Wit: preparation of frint line meetings and also a meeting on his farm when Bockarie came back to Liberia

Pros: What do you mean by frontline meentings?

Wit:He himself as chief or the armed forces will plan the war

pros: Where did these meetings take place?

Wit: At the Mansion and at his house White Flower

Pros: Do you recall the years when these meetings took place?

Wit: 2002 and early 2003

Pros: Did you ever receive an assignment to return to Sierra Leone?

Wit: yes

 Pros: When was that?

Wit: the first one was before the UN peace keepers were taken hostage in 2000

Pros: Do you recall what year the peacekeepers were captured?

Wit: 2000

Pros: Do you recall whether it was dry or rainy season?

Wit: I cant recall but i thinbk it was in the dry season

pros: How did you learn of this incident?

Wit: I was in Kolahun with Yeaten at that time. We were there, we heard a radio operator by the name of Motiga, when Motiga came to Yeaten under the barray and said there was fighting going on between the UN and RUF. he said he just received a call from Issa Sesay for Yeaten to put on his satelite phone. That was the time i got to know about that that.

Pros: What happened to you after that?

Wit: I was so confused and i wish i were there. So i met Yeaten and told him i wanted to visit some people in Makeni. Yeaten said he also wanted me to go and see what was happening. So that day, he gave us two yamaha bikes to go.

Pros: When you say us, who do you mean?

Wit: Myself and Small Jr used one bike, Mohamed Foday and another person used the other bike.

Pros: What happened next?

Wit: He told us to go to Sierra Leone to see what was going on and report to him.

Pros: So what happened?

Wit: We left. We crossed the border, went to the Moa River, put the bikes in the Ferry, went to Kono and then to Makeni

pros: What did you see when you arrived in Makeni?

Wit: I saw so many UN personal, naked at the MP headquarters, where the MP Commander Kaisoko was.

Pros: Did you learn the nationalities of the peace keepers?

Wit: They were the Zambian contingent

Pros: What happened then?

Wit: When they captured the peacekeeppers, i saw them at the MP headquarters. When i got there, i saw Issa Sesay, Gbao, Morris kallon, they were all standing there. Issa was addressing the peacekeepers, saying that you were planning to attack us and we are also ready to repell any attacks. I was trying to look out for Komba Gbundehma.

pros: Why were you looking for him?

Wit: because he was my immediate boss in the absence of Superman

Pros: Did you see him?

Wit: yes, but not in Makeni

Pros: When was the next time you spoke to Yeatan?

Wit: I used Komba’s radio to capture Motiga and told him what was happening. he said he was going to call Issa Sesay and talk to him.

Pros: Where did you see Komba Gbundehma?

Wit: Ina  town called Makoth, between Makeni to Lunsar, i think 8-10 miles from Makeni.

pros: What happened after you spoke to Yeaten?

Wit: he told me he will talk to Issa and that i should try and get back to Liberia.

Pros: What did you do then?

Wit: I got some gas and went back to Liberia

pros: Do you know if the peace keepers had weapons when they were captured?

Wit: yes, they were well equiped.

Pros: How do you know that?

Wit: When they captured them, they captured 52 cars.

Pros: Anything else?

Wit: yes, they captured armoured cars.

Pros: Do you know who led that operation?

Wit: yes, Gbao, Kallon and Komba, even Issa was there.

Pros: Do you know who ws in charge of RUF at that time?

Wit: yes, Issa Sesay

Pros: What happened to the weapons and vehicles that were captured?

Wit: they distributed the vehiclees to the various commanders and they were trying to take the weapons to Magburaka, some went to Kono

Pros: Do you know if all the weapons stayed in Sierra Leone?

Wit: Not all of them stayed in Sierra Leone

pros: Tell us about the ones that did not remain in Sierra leone?

Wit: When the UN peacekeepers were release, one MZT was taken to Liberia and it was used in the President’s convoy. It was called Mobile 5. They crossed with the mortars as well and were handed over to Yeaten in my presence.

pros: Do you know who brought the weapons from Sierra leone?

Wit: yes, it was at that time i saw Kallon’s bodyguard Nyallay together with Issa’s bodyguards, Hindolo and others

Pros: What was the purpose of your first assignment for which you left Liberia for Sierra leone?

Wit: Yeaten instructed me to take ammunition from Taylor’s residence to take them to Koidnu

Pros: how many times did you carry arms and ammunition to Sierra leone?

Wit: I think i remember 4 times

Pros: When was the first time that you did this?

Wit: Early 2000, i took the first ammunition to Koindu, in kailahun District.

Pros: Wheee did you take the ammunition from?

Wit: Taylor’s residence

Pros: What kind of ammunition?

Wit: I carried AK rounds by boxes, RPG rockets, GMG rounds and some others i cant recall

Pros: How did you transport them?

Wit: We loaded them in a car, a landcruiser pickup.

Pros: Do you recall the second time you did this?

Wit: Yes, i cant recall the actual month, but was same 2002. I took ammunition from White Flower to Foya, then to Buedu. I made a mistake, it was in 2000

Pros: Tell us about the third time?

Wit: the third time, we ccollected the ammunition from Whiteflower, together with some ATU officers, we loaded the ammunition, Martin together with some other people and took them directly to Issa in Kono.

Pros: Do you recall when this took place?

Wit: It was early 2001

Pros: How long after the third, was the fourth shipment?

Wit: At that time we were in vahun. Yeaten told us to go to Monrovia and get the arms. We went to Monrovia and colleceted the ammunition, then we went back to Vahun. he told us to take the ammunitions to Mende Buima.

Pros: Who were the groups that Superman was fighting along with?

Wit: We had different groups, we had the ATU, wwe had SSS and we had the militia. In the militia, we had different divisions.

Pros: Were all these divisions part of a particular army?

Wit: Most of them were part of the AFL, but when the war was going on, they said everybody should go under their different divisions when there was NPFL.

Pros: Did you learn what happened to Superman while he was in Liberia?

Wit: yes they killed him

Pros: How did you know?

Wit: I found it out myself

Pros; Who told you?

Wit: I was first told by one of Superman’s bodyguards and later Yeaten told me that my boss had fallen into an ambush. But i had already been briefed. Jr. told me that they were travelling in a car, they were using two cars, that Yeaten, Superman and others were using the same car when they got to Kungbon. When they got there, Yeaten told them to stop the other car for them to service the car and that they will join them later. They stopped thetre, Yeaten, Superman and others started moving towards Bomi Hills. When they got to the highway, the boys started moving slowly behind them.

Pros: So you said at one point they stopped and Yeaten told them to service the car, who did he tell to service the car?

Wit: Yeaten told them to stop the car that they were in, the escort car, they should stop and service it.

Pros: Who was in the escort car?

Wit: Superman’s bodyguards.

Pros: Who heard the shooting?

Wit: Superman’s bodyguards.

Pros: What happened then?

Wit: they said they immediately stoped the car but the shooting continued. they started walking and after a while, they started smelling gun powder. When they checked, they saw Superman’s body. They started crying. They did not see Yeaten and the others. They went to Monrovia, that was when Jr. explained to me. So the next day, at daybreak, i moved from my house to come to Yeaten’s house. When i got there, i met him sitting with some other senior officers. When he saw him, i saw him in a way, he said, oh my son, come, how is your body. He said something happened yesterday but i dont want you to discuss it with anyone else. yesterday when we were coming, we ran into your ambush and we lost your boss. I said ok. I went and sat down and started laughing. he called me again and gave me $50, he said let me go and get something to eat. he said he was going to send me to Superman’s wife. I also started doing some research.

Pros: Did you ever talk to anyone in the official car what happened to Superman?

Wit: yes, i was told and later Yeaten himself told me everything.

Pros: Who told you before Yeaten did?

Wit: the first person that started confessing was Reflection, Yeaten’s radio man

Pros: what did you learn from Reflection?

Wit: he called me and said, you should take courage, because this is a secret. He said we were coming and your boss was called. We did not fall into any ambush. When we got to Bomi Hill, he said Yeaten went into the bush and shot in the air, then he said they should call Superman to come and see an animal, when he went into the bush, they shot him and they started fighting. Maaza was there together with Philip Doe, Sharp Shooter, Dr. Magona.

Pros:Did Yeaten ever tell you what happened to Superman?

Wit: yes

Pros: What did he say?

Wit: in 2002, when the war intensified in Liberia, he will tell me that son, you are trying for us but we regret the death of your boss. he said people misled them gthat they used to see Superman at the American embassy, but that he regretted why they killed him.

Pros: What did Reflection tell you aboiut who shot Superman?

Wit: he said Maaza shot him but the bullet could not go through but Philip Doe was the one who was able to beat Superman donw, they took the ring from his toe and shot him and that went through. He said he even took off the ring that Superman had on his toe. He said they removed it before they were able to shoot him.

Pros: Did Yeaten tell you whose idea it was to kill Superman?

Wit: After the death of Superman in 2001. early 2002, Yeaten told me he regretted the death of Superman because when Superman was alive, the rebels did not overrun our position. he said they misled them about Superman going to the American Embassy. The ATUs at the embassy gave the information to the President and they decided to kill him. Issa Sesay was aware of that too. They siad the only to stop him from going to the Americans was to kill him. Yeaten said he was instructed by the President to do that. I believed that because the president said something about Yeaten.

Pros: Like what?

Wit: Taylor called muster parrade and said that whatever Yeaten said, was what came from him, Taylor or whatever Yeaten saw, he, Taylor saw, so that made Yeaten very powerful.

Pros: How would you describe Yeaten’s power in Liberia

Wit: he was next to Taylor in power. Apart from Taylor, no body was more powerful like Yeaten.

pros: Did Yeaten have any parking spaces reserved for him?

Wit: yes, the man had a special parking space at White Flower, and the executive Mansion

pros: Did other senior officers have parking spaces at White Flower or the Mansion?

Wit: Yes, they had different categories but Yeaten parked directly infront of the president’s gate. the ministers parkled accross the road and walked to the house

Pros: And what of the Vice President

Wit: If he wanted to see Taylor, he will have to go through Yeaten. Even when he parked infront of the gate, the ATUs will tell him that space was for Yeatan

Pros: Can you tell us what Maaza’s duties in Liberia?

Wit: He was part of the SSS and the AFL. He was the death sqaud commander

pros: Did Maaza ever command troops?

Wit: yes, he commanded a troop

pros: Do you recall any operation where he commander troops?

Wit: yes

Pros: What was the name of the operation?

Wit: Operation No Monkey

pros: When did this operation take place?

Wit: It was in late 2002

Pros: What was this operation?

Wit: i was there when Yeaten instructed Maaza to go to the Belleh forest and terrorize all the civcilians. He said every body should move from the forest and come to a safer place. he said not even any monkey should stand in front of them.

Pros: Did you ever receive any orders relevant to Maaza?

Wit: Yes

Pros: Who gave you the order

Pros: Yeaten

Pros; Who did he gave the order to?

Wit: samson Y, myself and other fighters

Pros: What was the order you received?

Wit: he told us to go and arrest Maaza at his house

pros: Do you know why he wanted you to arrest Maaza?

Wit: he did not brief me personally but i knew they had some problems over a woman.  He said Yeaten was sleeping with his wife. So Yeaten told us to go and arrest Maaza and if he put up any resistance, we should get rid of him.

Pros: So what happened?

Wit: When we went, we met Maaz, the wife was parking her shop. We did not talk to the wife, we just entered the room. When he saw Samson, he took a gun and asked Samson what his mission was. samson told him the director had sent us to arrest him. he said no body can arrest him. We were in the sitting room. When Maaza was coming out, so i saw his monkey and killed it. He gave up and we started beating him. We raised his whole house, took the things to our different houses.

Pros: what did you do with Maaza?

Wit: We told Yeaten about it. But the First lady’s bodyguard heard and came there. We called Yeaten and said we had arrested Maaza. Yeaten asked Samson to take Maaza to the MP Headquarter. They took him there and we went to our various houses.

Pros: How long was Maaza held?

Wit: I cant say but he took some time. They later released him.

pros: Do you know why he was released?

Wit: Maaza told me that it was Taylor who ordered his release. he said the president gave him money to buy all the things that were taken from his gouse.

Pros: When did the president give him this money?

Wit: When the president ordered his release.

Pros; Was this before or after Operation Monkey?

Wit: It was before that operation

Pros: Did you ever see other RUF commanders other than Superman and Bockarie in Liberia?

Wit: yes, i saw Gibril Massaquoi, Issa Sesay, Morris kallon, Mike Lamin and others

Pros: Where did you see them?

Wit: I saw them at White Flower, i saw him at Hotel Bolevard.

Pros: Did you ever receive any assignment relevant to Issa Sesay?

Wit: Yes. When Issa Sesay was at the Royal Hotel, Yeaten called us, Busy Boy and I, he told us to get his car and go to White Flower. When we got there, he told us to wait for him. He entered the president’s coumpound. After 10-15 minutes, he came outside and gave us a percel

pros: What did the percel look like?

Wit: It was an envelop, a big one

‘Pros: What happened after that?

Wit: He told us to go to Royal Hotel and give it to Issa Sesay. We got to Royal Hotel, he showed us the room number, i think Room 102. We got to the reception, they rang the room and Issa sent his bodyguard FOC to come and collect us. We went to Issa and asked us to handover what we had for him. he called FOC, Eddie Kanneh and they started counting the money. The figure was 85,000 USD. Straight Issa changed his mood in the room, he started yelling that that was not what he was expecting. he said he was expecting half a million dollars for the RUF campaign. he said the diamonds were worth more than that. he said he was not going to take the money. FOC see told he that he should not return the money but he should take it and talk to Yeaten that he was expecting more. We left and told Yeaten what happened.

Pros: Do you recall when this incident occured?

Wit: I cant remember the exact time. It was at the time that disarmament was going on and they were talking about politicals parties. he stated that they wanted to buy cars to go and run the RUF campaign.

Pros: What do you mean by campaign?

Wit: To run political parties, democracy

Pros: Do you know if there were elections?

Wit: yes, the 2002 elections

Pros: Did you ever hear Yeaten mention disarmamaent in Sierra leone?

Wit: yes

 Pros: Who was he talking to?

Wit: early 2002, Issa crossed to vahun, Yeaten called him, i heard him asking Issa whether they were turning their guns to the UN? And Issa said but they had any objective except to disarm. Yeaten told him that hey, you think the people are not fooling you to disarm because they the Liberian Government, they theink there will be more pressure on them in Liberia. he said Taylor told him to advise Issa that they should not disarm because if they did, it will not be good for them in Liberia.

Pros: What did Issa say?

Wit: he just said he will discuss that with his senior officers in Sierra leone

Pros: Did you yourself ever discuss disarmament with Yeaten?

Wit: yes

 Pros: was your conversation before or after his conversation with Issa?

Wit: After Issa’s conversation with Yeaten

pros: Where were you when you had this discussion with him?

Wit: We were in Vahun, sitting with Jungle, we heard on BBC that disarmament had taken place in Makeni. He said he advised Issa not to disarma. he said so to myself and late Jungle.

pros: Do you recall when this was?

Wit: It was when disarmament was going on in Makeni

pros: Do you know if Maaza had any means of communication? Did he speak to you?

Wit: Yes

Pros: How

Pros: they gave him and phone and took it form him but he had his own cell phone.

Pros: You have mentioned Jungle, what was his real name?

Wit: Daniel Tamba

Pros: Do you know what happened to him?

Wit: yes, before i talk i want to say something. I was thinking about something. I said something before we went for lunch, about the launching of Samuel Vanny…

Pros: Are you going to ask about some protective measure?

Wit: yes

 Judge: We have two minutes left on the tape, can we go into private session?

Def: I am completely mystified, but may be Mr. Koumjin wants to say something

Jidge: Mr. Witness, what is it you want to tell us?

Court goes into closed session.

Judge: First of all if the witness…

Pros: I will make a motion, as far as jungle is concerned, can we.. I will ask for private session

Court Officer: Your honour, we are out of tape but we can put in another tape

Judge: Put in a new tape.

Court goes into private session.

 4:30 (5:00 with 30mins delay in video and audio): Court adjourns for the day.