Defense Continues Cross-Examination of Former RUF member, Albert Saidu

11:30 (12:00 with delay in video and audio): Court is back in session following the morning break.

Defense attorney, Morris Anyah, continues cross-examination of Albert Hindowa Saidu.  The followng is not an actual transcript.

Def: Witness, can you tell us your impressions of Foday Sankoh as a leader when dealing with civilians encountered by RUF?

Wit: His approach to civilians was good.  He wanted to minimize harm to civilians as well as minimize damage to civilian property.

Def: You learned from somebody that Sankoh gave an order for Guaya Ayangama (sp?) to be burned down, correct?

Wit: I heard that this happened but I did not hear Sankoh say that over the radio.

Def: What people told you was an order by Sankoh to burn down this place, correct?

Wit: No, they did not tell me that Sankoh gave this order.

[Defense ask for a moment to find the transcript.  See page 10969-70.  Lion’s directive was to capture Guaya Ayangama and burn them down.  Lion is Sankoh.]

Def: Witness, are you saying that the part of this message where they were directed to capture Guaya Ayangama and burn it down did not come from Sankoh.

Wit: I can’t say that, because I did not see this message before.

Def: The question is not whether you have seen this message before, the question is whether you know that Sankoh gave this directive?

Wit: No

Def: Do you know whether Sankoh gave such an order?

Wit: No

Def: Witness, based on the transcipt pages before you, is it correct that this is from Sankoh?

Wit: It appears so.

Def: Do you know who Sankoh’s radio operator was in 1985 who sent this message?

Wit: No

Def: Do you know if it was Onya or Zedman at the time?

Wit: I don’t know.

Def: Did the RUF have another source of arms or ammunition besides Liberia in 1995 through 1996?

Wit: Those arms and ammunition that were captured during successful attacks.

Def: Do you know somebody by the name of C. O. Kennedy?

Wit: Yes

Def: You were ordered to accompany C.O. Kennedy in December of 1996 and 1997 to take arms and ammunition from ULIMO-K, correct?

Wit: No.  I never got that order.

Def: How did you know C.O. Kennedy?

Wit: I knew he was a senior member with the RUF.

Def: Did you ever hear of the RUF purchasing arms from ULIMO-K?

Wit: No

Def: Did you ever hear that Sankoh while he was in the Ivory Coast sent somebody to buy arms and ammunition from ULIMO-K?

Wit: No

[Defense attorney goes back to the transcript.  TFI-516 told this Court that ULIMO-K would cross the border with ammunitions and arms to sell to the RUF.]

Def: While you were with the RUF, you never heard that they would purchase weapons from ULIMO-K?

Wit: No

Def: You are aware of the 40 barrel missile that you told us about yesterday, correct?

Wit: Yes

Def: This weapon was inoperable because it was not functioning properly, correct?

Wit: Yes

Def: You said that Liberian men or women were sent to repair this weapon, correct?

Wit: Yes

Def: Were they successful in repairing the weapon?

Wit: No

Def: When did you see these Liberians try to repair this weapon?

Wit: 1999

Def: You said you saw this weapon and the Liberians who were sent to repair it yourself?

Wit: Yes

Def: How was this missile destroyed?

Wit: A person from Guinea destroyed it.

[Defense attorney finds transcript and reads that … this missile was destroyed three years after it was captured.]

Def: how much time passed between when this missile was captured and it took the Liberians to repair it… this was over 3 years, correct?

wit: I don’t know

[Defense attorney reads transcipt from the 4th of June 2008.  The question was when was this missile brought to Manewah crossing point.  Your answer was after the RUF joined the AFRC in May 1997 that this weapon was brought to the Manewah crossing point]

Def: Is this fair to say?

Wit: Yes. 

Def: The fact is that it was not until 1999 to 2000 that these Liberians were sent to repair the weapon which was about 2 or 3 years after its capture, correct?

Wit: Yes.  It was around 1999 that the Liberians came to repair it.

Judge – Counsel is asking you if it was a 2 to 3 years difference between the capture of the weapon and when the Liberians came to repair it.  Is that correct?

Wit: I don’t know how long the weapon was wit the RUF.  It was a long time.

Def: The weapon was captured in 1997, correct?

Wit: Yes

Def: The Liberians came to repair it in 1999 or 2000, correct?

Wit: Yes

Def: Consequently, what was the time difference between when the weapon was captured in 1997 and when the Liberians came to repair it in 1999 or 2000?

Wit: It was about 2 and 1/2 years.

Def: When did Sam Bockarie leave the RUF for good?

Wit: 1999

Def: In which month?

Wit: I don’t know.

Def: Was it the early part of the year?

Wit: It was not the early part.

Def: Can you tell us the circumstances in which Bockarie left the RUF?

Wit: He had a problem with another RUF member.

Def: How did Bockarie attempt to rejoin RUF after he left?

Wit: Bockarie wanted to come back after Sankoh had been arrested so he could fight the government of Sierra Leone for the release of Sankoh.

Def: Was Bockarie let back into the RUF?

Wit: No because we did not see him anymore.

[Defense counsel reads transcript re: reference by witness that Bockarie made an annoucement]

Def: What was Bockarie’s annoucement about?

Wit: RUF told us that we should not listen to Sam Bockarie.

Def: This incident took place in 2000?

Wit: Yes

Def: Was Sankoh in custody when Bockarie addressed all RUF stations?

Wit: No, he was in Freetown.

Def: Was Charles Taylor supporting the position taken by Bockarie?

Wit: Yes.  According to the commander, Big Dahl (sp?) that Taylor was supporting Bockaries efforts to rejoin the RUF?

[Prosecutor objects.  Judge is confused by pg. 90 of the current transcript.  When

Def: Did Bockarie leave the RUF before Sankoh was arrested?

Wit: Yes

Def: Bockarie did try to rejoin RUF in 2000, correct?

Wit: Yes

Def: Is the reference to Charles Taylor sending manpower and weapons to Liberia to augment the attack happen after Bockarie left the RUF?

Wit: No

Def: Was Sankoh for or against Bockarie’s return to the RUF?

Wit: I don’t know.  Sankoh was in prison then.

Def: Did Taylor and the RUF break ties from 2001 onward?

Wit: Yes

Def: Other than the RUF assisting Liberia with fighting LURD, at any other time after 2001 did the RUF join forces to assist Taylor elsewhere?

Wit: Not really.  However, the RUF along with the Liberian gov’t would fight along the border between Guiniea and Liberia.

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