Re-Examination of Witness TF1-590

12:00 (12:30 due to delay in video and audio)

Judge:  Mr. Bangura, you may proceed.

Pros: Mr. Witness, to go back from where we stopped, i asked what was your concentration at the time you were taken to Taylor, you say it was whether you were going to leave or now and that when he came you were corrected, what did you mean?

Wit: We were told to look at Mr. Taylor

Pros: In cross-examination, you said Taylor ordered that you be taken and killed but said it did not happen, why?

Wit: Mr. Taylor said if we dont want to say the truth, we would be taken to the beach and killed, before they could take us, the defense minister said they needed to get information from us and so they took us to BTC.

Pros: So who took the decision?

Wit: Daniel Chea

Pros: Did he just take the decision like that?

Wit: It was agreed by them.

Pros: On the number of people who came out to meet you at Taylor’s house, you said they were 4 or 5 and were in uniform, who were in uniform?

Wit: The people who came out with Taylor were about 4 or 5 but the security including Chuckie were in uniform.

Pros; During this encounter, can you say how Taylor was to you?

Wit: We were inside the jeep and he was standing some meters from us.

Pros: Can the witness be shown the document binder provided by defense? We shall be looking only at Tab 1 of the binder, ie, the statement you made to OTO on Nov. 21 2007, on the question of protective measures, counsel suggested to you that the measures which were discussed by myself in that interview were not specifically asked for by you right?

Wit: Yes

 Def: I dont think that was the suggestion i made

Judge: I also dont recall that and so Mr. Bangura if there is a trsncript would you refer us to it?

Def: What i want top put to the witness is what his concern was before that issue was discussed.

Judge: Very well, i will allow the question.

Pros: At the top of the page, we have the begining of discussions of protection of your identity, do you recall you raising such concerns before this discussion, is that right?

Wit: That is correct

Pros: You said in your concerns that this was not a movie, what did you mean?

Wit: This is something i suffered from and i still suffer from that for the rest of my life and i dont want it repeated again.

Pros: Another statement that was made by Mr. Morris regarding witness concerns about financial issues, did he go on to explain what he meat by that?

Wit: yes sir

Pros: Let me read the rest of the statement to you. He explained that if you travel to The Hague, all your travel expenses will be covered including cost for telephone to your family and wages to lose while you are there, is that you understanding of what he was talking about?

Wit: yes, correct

Pros: I have no further questions

Judge: We have no questions for the witness

Pros: I’ll like to move the document marked Photograph into evidence.

Def: So far as that photograph is concerned is that it is somewhat unclear and i wonder if greater effort could be made to get the original which might be of greater assistance to the court.

Judge: We’ll admit this one photograph into evidence as P-140 subject to an order that the other be obtained.

If there are no other matters i will release the witness. Mr. witness, that is the end of your evidence. You will be released and we wish you a safe journey home. Please lower the screen for the witness to exit.