Court Resumes After Lunch Break. Examination of Witness Jabati Jaward Continues

2:30pm: Court resumed after lunch break and Jabati Jaward continued his testimony.

The witness testified about Sam Bockarie’s departure from Buedu to Liberia when he fell out with Sankoh. The witness explained the trip to Liberia and the various fighters, senior officers and civilians that left with Bockarie for Liberia. He spoke about how they were informed that Bockarie is no longer a member of the RUF. The witness explained that those of them who followed Bockarie were later recruited into various arms of the Liberian security forces. Witness and some of his colleagues were recruited into the Anti Terrorist Unit(ATU), where the witness rose to the position of Captain. The witness testified about his various responsibilities in Liberia, how Sam Bockarie later left Liberia and how himself and some of his colleagues were taken out of Liberia and landed in Burkina Faso.

The court adjourned for the day.