Court Resumes After Mid-Morning Break: Cross-Examination of Witness Jabati Jaward Continues

12:00pm: Defense counsel Terry Munyard continued his cross-examination of witness Jabati Jaward in open session.

Defense counsel asked several questions about witness’s work as a member of the ATU in Liberia and how many of said Sierra Leonean ATUs were allegedly killed. The witness said that more than 200 of said ATU were killed. Defense raised questions about why witness only said in open court and not in his written statement that Sierra Leoneans from the refugee camps in Liberia had also joined the ATU.

Defense questioned the witness as to why he did not escape to Sierra Leone when his salary as an ATU officer was not paid for over six months. Witness explained the efforts he made to do so. Defense also took the witness through questions relating to the meeting held between Taylor and Obasanjo where it was agreed that Bockarie should be prevented from going to Sierra Leone.

The witness was asked several questions about his involvement in fighting in Ivory Coast against MODEL rebels.

Court adjourned for lunch.