Cross-Examination of Witness TF1-567 Continues

July 8 2008. 9:30-11-30 AM Session.

Court resumed at 9:30am with the continuation of cross-examination of Witness TF1-567 by Defense Counsel Courtney Griffiths.

RUF Delegation to the Lome Peace Accord

Defense counsel asked series of questions relating to the composition of the RUF delegation that left Sierra leone to meet Foday Sankoh in Togo for the Lome Peace Accord. The witness agreed that he was part of the delegation and that they passed through Liberia before proceeding to Lome.

Defense suggested that once the Lome Accord was signed, Charles Taylor did not send any arms and ammunition to Sierra Leone. The witness disputes this claim and insists that Taylor continued sending arms and ammunition to the RUF in Sierra Leone.

Johnny Paul Koroma

Defense asked the witness whether he knew that Issa Sesay arrested Johnny Paul Koromo, took diamonds from him and took his wife away from him. The witness admits that he had knowlege of this. Defense counsel further asked whether the witness knew that Mike Lamin raped and sexually abused Johnny Paul Koroma’s wife when she was taken away. The witness denied having any knowlege of the said act.


In response to a question asked by Defense Counsel about RUF involvement in amputations, the witness stated that he was never present to see RUF involvement in amputations and that he never heard RUF commanders give orders for civilians to be amputated.

Infighting in the RUF

The witness admitted that he had knowlege of infighting between Gibril Massaquoi and Mosquito on the one hand and late Issa Sesay and Superman on the other.

Sam Bockarie Leaves the RUF and is Killed in Liberia

Witness admitted knowlege of Bockarie’s exit from the RUF and his arrival in Liberia. Witness stated that Bockarie later left Liberia for Burkina Faso. He later fought in IVory Coast and when he tried to re-enter Liberia, Taylor gave orders to Benjamin Yeaten for Bockarie to be killed. He was eventually killed.

January 1999 invasion on Freetown.

Witness stated that it was Gullit who led troops to enter Freetown in 1999 but that Sam Bockarie gave orders to Issa Sesay to join Bockarie in Freetown.

Court adjourned for mid-morning break at 11:30am.