Examination of Witness TF1-388, Jaward Jabati

Wednesday July 9, 2008. 9:30am Session. Court resumed in open session with the examination of witness TF1-388, Jaward Jabati.

Prosecutor Mohamed Bangura took the witness on a brief recap of the witness’s testimony given in open court yesterday.

The witness spoke about the Top 20 operation which was a battle between the Sierra Leone and Liberian groups of the RUF. The witness said that during this operation, civilians were killed including his own grandmother in Mende Keima. The witness stated that the Liberian commanders were sent to Sierra Leone on a rotational basis by Charles Taylor.

The witnsss spoke about his work as an investigator in the Military Police (MP) unit of the RUF. He testified about incomplete investigations that were conducted by the MP unit and how other commanders like Issa Sesay, Mosquito and Zino killed many of the investigated persons including Kaifa Wai, Rashid, CO Kargbo, Jande, who happened to be Sankoh’s girlfriend among many others.

Court adjourned for mid-morning break.