Friday July 18th, 2008: Cross-Examination and Re-examination of Witness Jabati Jaward

After the mid-morning break munyard continued his cross-examination discussing the handwritten lists of ATU. Several other persons were named of whom Jaward was not sure whether they are indeed dead or alive. It was put to the Witness that it was complete guesswork what he was doing while marking the lists with Xs. Jaward stated that he was not sure of some of the names due to the existence of nicknames. The Defense then refered to another list, a typed one, with on the front cover a badge of the ATU. It included a list of ranks and names that also mentioned Sierra Leonians. The date 4-19-03 is written next to the names. Nearly all the names (though not all) on the typed list corresponded to the names on the handwritten lists. Munyard put it to Jaward that he was lying about the fact that all ATU lists that included names of Sierra Leonians were destroyed at the order of Chuckie Taylor.

In the Re-examination in chief Prosecutor Mohamed Bangura refered to the 16 July 2008 transcript of the cross-examination. Jaward stated there that Sam Bockarie gave diamonds to Jungle for Charles Taylor and that he received arms and ammunition in return. Jaward was present once when Sam Bockarie and Jungle met and talked about this. The diamonds were referred to as parcels.

Having no further questions for the Witness, Presiding Judge Doherty dismissed the Witness, the Court entered into identification and registration of documents from both the Prosecution and the Defense and submitting them as exhibits.

At 2 p.m. Court adjourned until 18 August 2008, 9:30 a.m.