Defense continues examination of payments received by TF1-375

The trial resumed today in open session with the continuation of the cross-examination of witness TF1-375. Charles Taylor attended the trial. Cross-examination of the Witness was conducted with the protections of voice and video distortion. Defense continued with a review of Tab 19, which indicated that the Witness had received $575 dollars in various payments from OTP by August 2006.


Audio was unavailable at various points of the morning’s testimony to protect the Witness’ identity. The Witness stated that, beyond receiving payments from OTP, his other source of income in July 2006 included money received from a job with the Sierra Leonean Embassy and money earned from a rental business he maintained. The witness stated that his move from Liberia to Sierra Leone affected these income sources. The Defense requested, and the Court agreed, to go into private session to adduce further evidence relating to these income sources.


After approximately 30 minutes, the Court returned to open session. Referring again to Tab 19, the Defense inquired into a August 19, 2006 payment received by the Witness $100 for accommodations and food for his family. The Defense established that the Witness received a total of $300 (the initial $100 and another $200 later) for a two-day trip assisting OTP locate an unnamed individual. Additionally, the Witness received $750 for relocation expenses on August 20, 2006. The Defense also inquired about two $300 receipts for “family security”. The Witness stated that OTP originally agreed to provide a payment to support his family every six months for his payments. At some point an OTP official responsible for Witness Management refused to make this payment. After the Witness complained about the change in the arrangement he attended a meeting with OTP representatives and was successful in obtaining a March 2008 payment.


In summary, the Defense established that OTP spent $4,325 on the Witness or his family from September 2005 to March 2008. Further, the Witness and Victim Section of the Special Court has receipts totaling approximately $13 million Leones over the last two years for a “subsistence allowance” . The Witness testified that he received seventy thousand Leones per week, plus a separate gas allowance for his generator. From the weekly allowance he was responsible for his daily expenses. The Witness admitted that he felt that this weekly allowance was insufficient and that he complained about this amount. He testified that the Special Court also paid his medical expenses in 2006 relating to the removal of bullet fragments in his leg.


The Court then adjourned for its mid-morning break.