First afternoon session: witness examination continues (TF1-367)

The witness explains that Rambo was an RUF fighter of Liberian nationality. In 1995, Rambo was only about 15 or 16, but brave for his age. Koidu Town in the Kono district was important to the RUF because the minerals that the RUF needed was there. The witness testified that he was in Koidu when soldiers brought gold and diamonds there in 1995. The witness does not know where the gold came from. As gold, diamonds, and certain other goods were considered government property, the soldiers brought it to him.

Earlier in the testimony, the witness mentioned Rashid Mansaray. The witness stated that he is no longer alive and that his death was caused by Issa Sesay and Sam Bockarie, who were in command at the time. After the accusation that Rashid Mansaray connived, he was jailed and later killed. The witness testified that many of his friends were also killed after they were accused that they had lied. The witness survived because he was with Foday Sankoh.

The witness stated that the RUF men obtained cacao, palm oil and coffee through contributions from different towns. These items were traded for food. The people who gave those contributions did not dare not to give those contributions.

Regarding the AFRC coup: The witness was in Koindu at the time of the coup. He worked as an advisor to the head RUF soldiers. About one week after the coup, he was transferred to Buedu and later with Sam Bockarie to Freetown, where he was made head of logistics. He was responsible for the welfare of the RUF soldiers (receiving and sending out condiments and allowances). He had records of who was to receive which amounts, but does not know to how many RUF soldiers he was distributing condiments and allowances. The witness also testified that he saw mining activities during his trips.

Asked about the name Jungle, the witness explained that Jungle was Charles Taylor’s bodyguard and in his special unit, the “SSU” (special security unit), which wore black overalls with the letters SSU on the back. On one occasion, the witness saw Jungle in Buedu (when the road between Liberia and Sierra Leone had been opened) with a truck with ammunition. The truck had come from Liberia. On Jungle’s relation to Sam Bockarie, the witness stated that they were best friends and both spoke Kissi.

The witness explained that the STF were fighters who had fought for Roosevelt Johnston and later joined the Sierra Leone government force. ECOMOG attacked Freetown, and the RUF withdrew. After retreating, some were afraid to go into the bush or to Kono with the RUF. The witness himself left Freetown with his family to go to Tombo and then by boat to Fobo. There, Mike Lamin and Rambo picked them up to go Masheka to meet Issa. He then went to Makeni. The center of the town of Makeni was looted. The civilians in Makeni ran away to the surrounding villages. The witness did not see any killings. He then went with the commanders to Kono. They were attacked by the Kamajores in Kailahun. Eventually, the reached Koidu Town and held it for a while.

Asked about an incident with a bank, the witness reported on a break-in of bank. When Superman heard about the break-in, Superman ordered Peleto (Issa’s bodyguard) to search houses. Money that was found during the searches was taken away. Peleto was an RUF soldier who acted immediately upon being given orders.

Court adjourned until 2.30 pm.