Court Resumes after Mid-Morning Break: Defense Conpletes Cross-Examination of Witness TF1-367-Prosecution Re-Examines Witness

12:00pm: Court resumed after mid-morning break and defense counsel completed the cross-examination of Witness TF1-367. Prosecution also re-examined the witness and there was one question of clarification from presiding Judge Theresa Dougherty.

Witness Talks about Attack on Kono and His Removal as Minning Commander

Defense counsel asked the witness about the attack of Kono in 1998. The witness explained that Issa Sesay travelled to Buedu and obtained arms and ammunition from Sam Bockarie, which were used to attack Kono.

The witness also stated that Sam Bockarie was the overall commander who was based on Buedu, the headquarters of the RUF.

Defense counsel asked the witness about his removal from the post of Minning Commander by Issa Sesay. The witness explained that it was Morris kallon who incited Issa to remove him from that position on the ground that he was not very tough on civilians who were needed for labour purposes in the minning fields. He said he was replaced by Amara Salia.

Asked whether he used forced labour when he served as minning commander, the witness said that many civilians who mined were not willing to do so but they did in order to save their lives. This, he said, means, there was use of forced labour. He said that forced labour increased to a higher level when he was replaced by Amara Salia.

Defense counsel informed the court that Mr. Taylor was raising concerns that mentioning the name of the person who replaced the witness as minning command would have an effect on the protective measures for the witness since it will be easy to identify who the new minning commander replaced.

Prosecution responded that it really did not matter since the witness had already stated the position that he held.

Defense concluded cross-examination of the witness.

Prosecution RE-Examines Witness

Prosecution counsel re-eaxmined the witness, during which time he tried to clarify some of the issues that arose during the cross-examination of the witness.

Prosecution asked the witness about Superman’s attack on Kono. The witness explained that Superman’s attack on Kono failed and he moved to Kabala. He said that Issa Sesay planned another attack on Kono, for which he obtained arms and ammunition from Bockarie in Buedu. He said that this second attack was successful. Prosecution also read a transcript of the witness’s earlier testimony in which he mentioned that Superman and Issa Sesay had problems but that they later came together in the interest of the group.  Asked about where Superman got his arms from, the witness said that when Superman moved to Kabala, he relied on captured arms and ammunition from the enemy. The witness said that the RUF had three means of obtaining arms and ammunition:

1. Captured materials from the enemy.

2. Purchase from ULIMO

3. Supplies from Taylor in Liberia.

Asked about Superman’s nationality, the witness said that he was a Liberian, was with NPFL, sent to Sierra Leone as reinforcement and he stayed with the RUF. The witness said that Superman was later ordered by Bockarie to fight against ULIMO in Lofa County.

Prosecution asked the witness about the relationship between RUF anf AFRC. The witness said they were brothers and sisters, with Taylor and Sankoh being their fathers.

Judge’s Questions

Presiding Judge Theresa Dougherty had one question for the witness. She asked the witness to clarify whether the restraurant and house he earlier on spoke about in Kakata, which was owned by the witness’s sister, was one building. The witness explained that it was one big building that had rooms for them to sleep and a restaurant.

The witness ended his testimony and was released.

Prosecution Calls New Witness

Prosecution counsel Brenda Hollis informed the court that she wished to call the next prosecution witness TF1-338. She stated that the witness will testify in Krio, and with face and voice distortion pursuant to earlier protective measures that were granted by the court.

Court adjourned for lunch.