Court Resumes After Mid-Morning Break: Examination of Witness TF1-338 Continues

11:30am: Court resumed after mid-morning break and prosecution continued the cross-examination of Witness TF1-338. The witness continued to speak about the movement of diamonds from Sierra Leone to Liberia.

Movement of Diamonds from Sierra Leone to Liberia

The witness continued his expplanation of how Issa Sesay transported diamonds to Liberia and how arms and ammunition were taken to Sierra Leone. The witness said that during the generaal elections in Sierra Leone, by which time, the RUF had been transformed into a political party, the witness said Issa Sesay told the RUF presidential candidate that he had given Taylor 5000 Carats of diamond for safe keeping. He said Issa also said he had given Taylor $150,000 for safe keeping. The witness said Taylor never returned the diamonds to Sankoh, Issa or any other RUF member.

The witness said that at some point, Eddie Kanneh brought another Belgian and introduced him as someone ready to buy diamonds. His name was Minie. He said that diamonds were given to Minie on several occassions. He said that at some point, Issa gave Minie 40 carats of diamonds, for which Minie promised to give Issa $150,000. He said Minie then travelled to Ivory Coast.

At this point, prosecution made an application to continue the examination of the witness in private session as the questions she intended to ask will identify the witness. Application was granted and the court went into private session.