Court Resumes After Mid-Morning Break: Examination of Witness TF1-585 Continues in Open Session

12:00pm: Prosecution counsel Mr. Mohamed Bangura continued the examination of Witness TF1-585 in open session.

Mr. Bangura took the witness through a brief recap of the issues she testified about during the morning session and made some clarifications on said issues. He then asked the witness questions about various operations that were planned and implemented by the RUF/AFRC such as the attacks on Kono and Freetown.

Amputation of civilian arms and limbs

Prosecution counsel asked the witness about amputations that took place in Kono, those that the witness testified about during the morning session. The witness reiterated her testimony that Sam Bockcarie gave orders to Komba Gbundehma that  civilian arms and limbs should be amputated since they were the ones taking information to ECOMOG soldiers. The witness said that once the amputations were started, it was announced on SLBS radio. Upon hearing the announcement, Bockarie told Gbundehma to cease the operation since the whole world had already known that such operation had been launched. He said that they had already got the desired effect of the operation. The witness said she heard all these while monitoring the radio and that Alice Pyne, who was radio operator for Gbundehma also told her.

Operation Spare No Soul

Prosecution asked the witness whether she knew anything about “Operation Spere No Soul.” The witness explained that this was an operation launched before “Operation Fiti-Fatta”and that it was launched after the death of former Nigerian President Late Gen. Sani Abacha. The witness said that once Abacha was dead, Bockarie told RUF commanders that the moral of the ECOMOG soldiers would be very low and so they should lauch an operation and kill all of them. The witness said she was told that during the operation, civilians were killed on sight and those who were not killed had their arms or limbs amputated. She said this operation was launched in the Kono axis.

Meeting to Attack Kono

The witness testified about the meeting in which the attack on Kono was planned. At the said meeting, the witness said that Eddie Kanneh, Morris Kallon, Issa Sesay, Abu Keita, Senegalese, CO. Isaac and many others were present. Asked about Abu Keita and Senegalese, the witness said that these two were Liberian fighters. She said that about 40-50 Liberian fighters also came to Buedu during the meeting. The witness said that after the meeting, Bockarie called a formation where he addressed all that they were going to attack Kono. The witness said Bockarie gave orders that after Kono, they should advance to Kabala, and then to Freetown. She said Bockarie supplied enough arms and ammunition for this operation. The witness said that the Liberian fighters were answerable to Keita and Bockarie. She said the fighters left with Senegalese to attack Kono.

January 6, 1999 Invasion of Freetown

The witness said that she was in Buedu when the January 6 invassion of Freetown took place. The witness said that while in Buedu, Bockarie was monitoring the movement of Gullit and others, who were leading that invading forces into Freetown. She said that Brig. Mannie and Bockarie were in constant radio communication as the troops moved.

Defense made an application for an objection to be heard in closed/private session. Court went into private session until lunch time.