Defense Concludes Cross-Examination of Witness TF1-585

2:30pm: Defense counsel Morris Anyah continued and concluded the cross-examination of Witness TF1-585. Defense counsel asked the witness several questions about the death of Sam Bockarie, transportation of arms from Taylor’s residence to Yeaten’s and the witness’s testimony that Taylor promoted Bockarie to the rank of Brig. General.

Death of Sam Bockarie

Defense counsel asked the witness whether he received any information about how Sam Bockarie was killed. The witness responded that she has no idea how Bockarie was killed. Defense counsel referenced Moses Blah’s testimony that Bockarie was strangled  to death and that this took place in 2003. The witness responded that she has no idea how Bockarie was killed and that as far as she can say, Bockarie was killed in 2002. When asked who among Bockarie’s family members were killed, the witness said they included Bockarie’s mother, his wife, his children, brother-in-law and his brother.

Defense counsel asked the witness why she has only now mentioned that there were Liberians among the fighters that went to Ivory Coast with Sam Bockarie. Defense referenced witness’s earlier statement to prosecution that Bockarie went to Ivory Coast in 2002 and was there for one yeat. She was also quoted as having said that RUF members who were recruited into the ATU constituted Bockarie’s fighters that he took to Ivory Coast. The witness responded that those RUF members who went with Bockarie had already been integrated into the Liberian society by being recruited into the ATU. She explained further that when they all returned to Liberia, they were taken to Nimba County. From there, they were taken in groups and loaded into trucks and driven away. Those taken away were never seen again, the witness said. Defense counsel suggested to the witness that Taylor and Yeaten did not provide fighters to go to Ivory Coast. The witness disagreed.  The witness said that when she went to Ivory Coast, she met Liberians there.

Movement of Arms from White Flower to Benjamin Yeaten’s House

Defense counsel asked the witness about her testimony that Alpha Jalloh, Jungle’s driver had told her arms were moved from Taylor’s residence at White Flower, loaded in trucks, moved to Yeaten’s house before being transported to Buedu. When asked what the distance between Taylor’s residence and Yeaten’s was, the witness said that the distance was less that five minutes walk. She also stated that the arsm were loaded into pick-up vehicles and not trucks. Defense counsel asked how necessary it was for arms to be loaded at Taylor’s residence, then in less than five minutes, unloaded and then reloaded into other vehicles before being taken to Buedu. The witness responded that the pick-up vehicles could not travel to Buedu and so they had to be taken in trucks.

Court then went into closed session as defense counsel wanted to ask questions that could disclose the witness’s identity.

When court resumed in open session, defense counsel asked the witness about the position that she said Taylor promoted Bockarie to. The witness explained that it was Bockarie who came from Liberia with a uniform and a rank, that Taylor had promoted him. When asked about the difference between Major General, Brig. General, Lieutenant General, etc, the witness responded that she does not know. Defense counsel further asked about the difference between 1, 2, 3,4,5 Star General. She again responded that she does not know.

Defense ended the cross-examination of the witness


Prosecution counsel Mohamed Bangura re-examined the witness but most of the questions were raised in private session due to security reasons for the witness. When court resumed in open session, Mr. Bangura asked the witness about radio communications between Brig. Mannie and Sam Bockarie prior to the death of SAJ Musa. The witness responded that prior to Musa’s death, Bockarie did not communicate with both Musa and Gullit but he did communicate with Brig. Mannie. She said that after Musa’s death, Bockarie started communicating with Gullit as well.

This concluded the testimony of the witness.