Morning Session: Cross-Examination of Witness TF1-585 Continues

9:30am: Court resumed and defense counsel Morris Anyah continued the cross-examination of Witness TF1-585 in open session. During his cross-examination of the witness, defense counsel focussed on issues relating to moneys given to the witness by WVS, meetings held in Buedu in which the witness testified that Liberians were present, the January 1999 invasion of Freetown, and Sam Bockarie’s departure to Liberia.

Moneys Given to the witness by WVS

Defense counsel sought to establish the amount of money that was given to the witness by WVS and what pupose the money served. The witness agreed that WVS indeed provided her with money by such moneys were for medical purposes, lost wages, transportation, child care, etc. During said questioning, it was established that the witness is employed and earns Le. 250,000 per month. Quantifying the moneys provided to her by WVS and the various purposes for which said moneys were provided, it was established that for a period of ten months, the witness revceived Le. 20, 866, 440.

Meetings Held in Buedu in 1998

The witness explained that there were about three different meetings held in Buedu in 1998. She said that in one or some of these meetings, Abu Keita and Senegalese were present. The witness could not say which of the three meetings these men attended.  She agreed with defense counsel that the first meeting was to facilitate a good relationship between the RUF and AFRC.

Defense counsel asked the witness a few questions, to which she responded that she couldnt answer as she needed more medical attention. Judge Lussick raised concerns about the medical attention she received yesterday and a report from the doctor that the witness was ok. The witness responded that when she was taken to the hospital, no tests were done to determine what was wrong with her but that she was just given some panadol tablets to take. She requested that the court take a break to allow her to get some rest before she can continue her testimony. The court was adjourned for 30 minutes.

When court resumed, defense counsel continued his line of questioning about the presence of Keita and Senegalese at the meeting(s) in Buedu. In response to questions about statements made by the witness to OTP about the the relationship that Keita and Senegalese had with the RUF, the witness said that since it has taken a long time, she could no longer remember.

Defense counsel asked the witness about her testimony regarding the presence of 40-50 Liberians when the Kono/Freetown attacks were planned. The witness insisted that the said fighters were Liberians. Defense counsel suggested that they could have been Liberians who had stayed in Sierra Leone for sometime. The witness insisted they were from Liberia. Defense counsel asked the witness about Gen. Bopleh, commander of the STF, who were originally ULIMO fighters, made their way into the APC and then NPRC. Defense counsel asked about the involvement of the STF in the invasion of Freetown. The witness said she could not confirm this. Defense asked the witness whether she knew that the most senior RUF members who entered Freetown with Gullit in 1999 were radio operators, King Perry and Alfred Brown. The witness agreed with counsel on this.

Sam Bockarie’s Departure to Liberia

Defense counsel asked the witness about the circumstances surrounding the departure of Sam Bockarie from the RUF in Sierra Leone to Liberia. Counsel asked the witness about her testimony that Bockarie had come with truck loads of materials prior to his departure to Liberia. The witness said that when the first two trucks arrived, Bockarie did not know he had to leave for Liberia but that when he knew he was leaving, the remaining three trucks were returned to Liberia.

Court adjourned for mid-morning break.