Prosecution Completes Examination of Witness TF1-585 in Closed Session.Cross-Examination of Witness Commences in Open Session

11:30am: When court resumed after the mid-morning break, prosecution counsel Mr. Mohamed Bangura completed the examination of Witness TF1-585 in closed session. When court resumed in open session,defense counsel Mr. Morris Anyah commenced the cross-examination of the witness. The witness continued her testimony with voice and facial distortion.

Radio Communications

Defense counsel focussed his cross-examination of the witness on clarifying certain things the witness had said during her examination-in-chief about radio communications that took place between Benjamin Yeaten in Liberia and Sam Bockarie in Sierra Leone.

Defense counsel asked the witness to clarify her statement about radio communications from Benjamin Yeaten’s radio operators when they said “our father wants to talk to your father.” Defense asked the witness to tell the court who exactly was being referred to as “our father.” The witness explained that when the radio operators said so, they were referring to Taylor. The witness referenced her earlier testimony when she said that Yeaten told Bockarie to get on to his satelite phone as Taylor wanted to talk to him.

Defense counsel sought to elicit information on the role of Memunatu Deen as a radio operator. The witness explained that Memunatu Deen was an RUF radio operator that was based in Monrovia. Asked about what Memunatu’s call sing/code was, the witness said she cannot tell what her exact call sign was but that on some occassions, she used to communicate using Yeaten’s radio, which was known as Base One. When asked whether Memunatu was a radio operator for Jungle, the witness said she couldn’t tell.

Court then adjourned for lunch.