3rd Session: Examination in Chief of Komba Sumana Continues and Concludes

The Hague

October 6, 2008

Attack on Kabala

After the attack on Mongo Bendugu, Sumana and the others returned to Kurubonla. After about a week Commander Five-Five decided to move up to Freetown with his men. It was now the dry season. SAJ Musa and others decided to attack Kabala. Sumana and Wallace did participate in this attack. In Kabala the rebels attacked ECOMOG. ECOMOG soldiers spoke the Oga language. The attack was not successful for the rebels, so they moved to Koinadugu.

Incident between Superman and SAJ Musa

SAJ Musa shot one of Superman’s men. There was fighting between Superman and his bodyguards and SAJ Musa and his bodyguards. SAJ Musa and his men left for Freetown, leaving Superman in command in Koinadugu and Borpleh was deputy commander. Sumana knew brigadier Mani who stayed in Koinadugu with Superman.

Freetown and Makeni

After about a week SAJ Musa had radio communications with Superman, saying he would follow Five-Five to Freetown and said that Superman and the others should go to Makeni. After three weeks all of the rebels, including the witness, left for Makeni using bush paths with Superman in command. Before reaching Makeni they attacked other villages, burning houses in which the witness also participated. Sumana did this together with “Blood”. Sumana was a bodyguard to Blood, who had to carry the radio communications equipment. There came a radio message for Superman from General Issa: Issa was advancing towards Magburaka and would be coming to Makeni. Issa wanted Superman to go to Makeni as well. They agreed on a password: Fitti-Fatta, so all their men could know each other. ECOMOG was defending Makeni and the attack lasted two days. The rebels won the battle and captured everything. Wallace was shot in his leg. The civilians who were left in Makeni were shot to death. Sumana stayed with Wallace, looking after his leg and did not move around much, but he heard about killings and rape. The witness then was reunited with his elder brother Sahr and heard from him that his other brother called E-boy had been killed. Sahr had come to Makeni with General Issa. SAJ Mussa had been shot. Superman had received a message by radio from Five-Five that he needed reinforcement for Freetown. Two trucks with rebels, including a friend called Rubber-Rubber, went ahead to Freetown. When Rubber-Rubber came back he told the witness that they went to Freetown but were stopped at Waterloo. The witness was in a truck that went to Lunsar and the rebels dislodged ECOMOG from Lunsar. In Makeni Issa and Superman were fighting each other. Rambo, who was with Issa was killed by Superman in this fight. Subsequently a local medicine man, Pa Demba, from the RUF, mediated between Superman and Issa.

Disarmament and UNAMSIL

Wallace, Borpleh and some others went to Freetown to surrender and disarm, but the witness did not join them. Sumana’s gun had already been taken away from him by other rebels who refused to disarm. One day Sumana heard gunshots, the rebels had captured UNAMSIL’s. Sumana saw the UNAMSIL’s again later in Teko Barracks, when he was searching for his elder brother.

Reunited with family and amputations

Eventually Komba Sumana was reunited with his family. The family had lost two members: Komba’s sister Kumba and his brother E-boy had been killed and their bodies have never been found. Komba’s father had his right arm amputated, his left arm was only hacked, the cutlass used for this was dull and the amputation failed. His father can still use his left arm, but not well. The amputation took place in Koidu Town. After the amputation the rebels told Komba’s father to go to president Kabbah and ask him for another arm upon which the rebels directed the father to where ECOMOG soldiers were located. He was taken to the Connaught Hospital in Freetown where he was treated.

Effect on present life

When asked what effect these events have had on the present life situation of Komba Sumana and his family, Sumana answered that his father can not work and support the family. Sahr and Komba work hard to provide for the family. Both have not had sufficient schooling and cannot read and write. They work so the younger ones can go to school and support the family for their daily needs.

The Prosecution has no further questions.

At 4.30 p.m. Court is adjourned until tomorrow 9.30 a.m. when Komba Sumana will be cross-examined by Lead Defense Counsel Courtenay Griffiths.