Mid-Morning Session: Cross-Examination of Witness TF1-045 Augustine Sama Mallah Continues

12:00pm: Court resumed after mid-morning break and defense counsel Mr. Anyah continued the cross-examination of Witness TF1-045 Augustine Sama Mallah. Part of this session was heard in closed/private session. When court resumed in open session, defense counsel asked the witness about the presence of RUF commanders in Tongo as stated by a previous witness and made reference to statements made in the witness’s previous testimony in the AFRC trial.

Inconsistency with Testimony of Previous Witness

Defense counsel referenced the testimony of a previous prosecution witness that Amara Salia Peleto was present in Tongo in 1997 together with Major Gweh. Witness Augustine Mallah stated that while Major Gweh was in Tongo in 1997, Peleto was not there at that time. He said that in 1997, both AFRC and RUF were in control of mining activities in Tongo and that when the RUF had exclusive control of mining activities after Issa Sesay became interim leader of the RUF, Peleto was assigned as mining commander to Tongo. The witness said that when Major Gweh was in Tongo, Capt. Yamao Kati was the mining commander in Tongo. He said that Major Gweh was assingned there to mine for Sam Bockarie. Defense counsel asked the witness how possible it was for Yamao Kati, a Captain to be more senior to Gweh, a Major. The witness explained that when Capt. Yamao Kati was commander in Tongo, Gweh was a Lieutenant at that time. He said it was only later that Gweh was promoted to the position of Major. The witness therefore disagreed with the previous witness that Peleto and Gweh were in Tongo at the same time.

Counsel also referenced the witness’s previous testimony in the AFRC trial about being promoted by Sankoh while he was in Nigeria. The witness explained that Sankoh sent the list of promotions to Bockarie who issued the promotions to various commanders including the witness.

Court adjourned for lunch break.