Morning Session: 83rd Prosecution Witness (Expert) TF1-358 Commences His Testimony With Voice and Facial Distortion

10:00am; Court resumed and prosecution counsel Mr. Mohamed Bangura led the 83rd prosecution witness in evidence. The witness, a medical practitioner testified as an expert in human anatomy, injuries suffered from the application of force to human body, medical intervention for injuries to human body, long term impact of injuries and emotional consequences of significant injury.

In his evidence, the witness testified about the nature of injuries suffered during the conflict in Sierra Leone and more particularly rebel attacks on Freetown. He spoke extensively about injuries caused by fireamrs, the application of force by objects, and sexual violence, including the emotional and long term effects on the patients.

A hige part of the witness’s testimony during the morning session was heard in private/closed session as questions asked could have disclosed the witness’s identity if heard in public. When court resumed in open session, the witness testified about the various institutions he ran during the rebel attacks in Freetown, which provided medical attention for persons injured by fighting forces.  The witness gave a description of the chaotic medical situation that existed in Freetown after the overthrow of President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah in May 1997. He said that the major medical institutions were overcrowded and overwhelmed with patients suffering from various wounds. He said that the patients were divided into categories of those dying upon arrival, those with acute emergency situations, and those with light wounds. He described to the court the various wounds sustained by patients he treated in 1997. According to the witness, in addition to treating patients for various injuries that were sustained, the institutions he ran also provided counselling services to victimes especially those who suffered from sexual violence.

Court adjourned for mid-morning break.