Prosecution and Defense Make Joint Application for Adjournment of Court. Trial Resumes on Wednesday November 5, 2008, with the Testimony of TF1-579

Monday November 3, 2008.

10:00am: The trial of Charles Taylor resumed in open session, presided over by Justice Teresa Doherty. Ms. Brenda Hollis and Ms. Maja Dimitrova were present for the prosecution and Mr. Courtenay Griffiths and Silas Chekera for the defense. Mr. Taylor was also present in court.

Justice Doherty noted that there was no witness in court. Prosecution counsel Ms. Hollis responded that there was an order to hear the testimonies of Witnesses TF1-168 and 579 but that due to issues with personal schedule, Witness TF1-168 was unable to travel to The Hague to testify today. Witness TF1-579, she said, was present in The Hague but that a few security issues needed to be cleared in order for him to testify. She noted that TF1-168 will be ready to testify in the week of November 17, 2008. In the case of TF1-579, Ms. Hollis said that prosecution had told defense counsel to confer with Mr. Taylor and based on his response, it will be determined how they will proceed.

Defense counsel Courtenay Griffiths, in his response stated that he had not had the time to speak with Mr. Taylor on said issue but wanted to ask for a five minutes break in order to confer with him. He said that after said consultation, a joint application will be made by both Prosecution and Defense. Court took a short break.

When court resumed after a few minutes, defense counsel Mr. Griffiths informed the court that his team was aware of the problems faced by the prosecution with regards the witness in question and that based on talks with Mr. Taylor, it is suggested that there be no sittings for the whole week and that the trial should resume on Monday next week. He said that his team will also ask the prosecution to provide them with a list of all the remaining witnesses so that they can better plan on how to handle them.

When asked for her response, prosecution counsel Ms. Hollis said that they were in agreement with defense counsel and that they have agreed to providing a list of witnesses on a two weeks basis, based on those who are left to testify. She also stated that they will make sure that all witness related problems were solved before hand.

After confering with the other judges, Justice Teresa Doherty stated that since TF1-579 was present in the country, it will make sense to hear his testimony this week. She ruled that court be adjourned till Wednesday November 5, 2008, and that Witness TF1-579 be made to testify on that day.

Court adjourned to resume on Wednesday.`