Mid-Morning Session: Examination of Witness Dauda Fornie Continues

Wednesday December 3, 2008.

12:00am: Count resumed and prosecution counsel Mr. Santora continued the examination of former RUF signal commander Dauda Fornie, aka DAF.

The witness testified about radio communications between Sam Bockarie in Buedu and Taylor and Yeaten in Monrovia and the transfer of arms from Monrovia to Buedu.

Radio Communications and Transfer of Arms and Ammunition

The witness testified that Bockarie communicated with Yeaten and Taylor in Monrovia on a regular basis. The witness said that sometimes, he would receive messages on radio that Yeaten wanted to speak with Bockarie and that sometimes Bockarie would ask him to communicate messages to Yeaten. He said that sometimes, Bockarie would make requests for Taylor to supply the RUF certain materials. He said the requests would be made through Yeaten and that Yeaten would normally say that he needs to consult Taylor first for approval on the supply of any materials. He said that all arms and ammunition supplied to the RUF from Monrovia were taken from Taylor’s residence at White Flower. The witness said that he served as a communication link between Taylor and Bockarie. He said that he also travelled with Bockarie to Monrovia when he took diamonds to Taylor. According to the witness, Bockarie would consult Taylor regularly on RUF operations in Sierra Leone. He said that even when Sankoh declared a ceasefire in Sierra Leone, Bockarie had to consult Taylor before implementing the order.

January 6, 1999 Invasion of Freetown

The witness testified that during the January 6, 1999 invasion of Freetown, Bockarie received advice from Yeaten in Liberia. He said that Yeaten adviced Bockarie that important personalities captured in Freetown such as former Sierra Leonean president J.S Momoh, were to be moved to safety zones. He said that when ECOMOG pushed the RUF/AFRC out of Freetown, Bockarie ordered the rebels to commit mayhem and desctruction when retreating. Counsel asked that a BBC interview with Issa Sesay be played in court.  The witness said that this interview took place after the January 1999 invasion of Freetown. In the said interview, Issa said that the combined forces of RUF and AFRC had entered Freetown and had overthrown the government of Sierra Leone. Issa also said that he was speaking to the BBC from statehouse in Freetown. According to the witness, orders for the amputation of civilians and the bruning of houses were given by Sam Bockarie.

Court adjourned for lunch break.