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In Video, Lubanga Denies Using Child Soldiers

In an unedited video interview shown in court on Wednesday, defendant Thomas Lubanga denied using child soldiers to fight in his militia.

In the video, Lubanga is shown speaking with an unidentified British journalist. Lubanga alleges that it was the Ugandan army who “armed some children” in various militia groups in the Ituri region, not the Union of Congolese Patriots [UPC].

Nevertheless, he said that “now people are saying the UPC has child soldiers.”

The prosecution did not provide a date for the interview, but it appears to have taken place after June 2003 at Lubanga’s home in the town of Bunia.

Later in the segment, the British journalist accompanies Lubanga to a large gathering outside Bunia. The journalist spots a small boy in military fatigue pants with a rifle slung over his shoulder and tells his cameraman that “officially, the UPC doesn’t employ child soldiers.” He then estimates the soldier’s age at about 11 or 12 years-old.

The prosecution’s unnamed Congolese witness, who also testified on Monday and Tuesday, confirmed that all the soldiers featured in the video clip were from the UPC.

The witness was present at the event depicted in the video, but his role in the UPC was not disclosed for security reasons.

This is the third consecutive day that the prosecution has focused primarily on video evidence while questioning the same anonymous witness.

The defense will begin a cross examination of the witness on Thursday morning.


  1. I think it is a great achievement that the ICC is dealing with its first case. As an Israeli seeking justice, I hope to live to see some of the politicians in my country facing the same tribunal due to violations of human rights in the occuoied territories and south Lebanon.

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