1. I actually believe taylor when he said he gave the money so they could go shopping because isn’t that what one or two of the prosecution witnesses testified that that’ s what he gave them the money for and that’s what they did with it. I could have sworn there was at least one witness that testified that he gave them money to go shopping.

    Plus… is 2000 dollars enough money to buy arms and ammo? I ask because i’m just a regular American following this case. I don’t know how far U.S dollars go in Liberia and SL. If i was a juror i couldn’t convict this man because he himself with the evidence that’s being presented is dismantling the prosecutions whole case.

    1. Yes, Mack that was what one of the witnesses said. Anyway, my regret for Griffin’s illness. I wish him speedy recovery. He has been a good seeker of justice and have shown real compassion for true justice.

    2. Mack,
      I think your point is well taken. Remember though this is more a political trial so although the evidence is lacking he might still be found guilty. I am hoping the Judges make their decision based on the evidence or lack of it.

      1. Aki,

        And let the church say “Amen”. You hit the nail on the head. This trail is political in nature. If the prosecutors say nothing and just point their fingers at CT; he will be sentenced. There were already prejudices as a result of the trail. As I predicted, CT will be found guilty by association; meaning because he is associated with his own name, Charles McArthur Taylor. There is already existing biased and for some, seeing CT vulnerable and in pain is victory–darn Sadists.

    3. Besides, Mack, did Mr. Taylor need Bockarie to wander around with money that was intended to buy arms. How was Mr. Taylor acquiring his arms before encountering Bockarie? We all are aware that the illicit purchase of arms to funnel rebel warfare cannot be carried out in such a loose and careless manner. Mr. Taylor is more sensible than that.

  2. This trial is a sad period in judicial history. LOOK! THE SPECIAL COURT DOES NOT HAVE A CASE AND DID NOT DO THEIR DUE DELIGENCE TO EXECUTE ONE PROPERLY EITHER…ABSOLUTELY NO CASE! I, like many think that CT might be guilty, but based on the evidence and the sloppy work by the prosecutor, he should go free. I know there are many who disagrees and will disagree with me based on biased, and personal empathy and pains, we were all victims of CT in Liberia, yet this circus in the Hague has everything…The big tent (the court room), Clowns (the prosecutors) and, of course weird characters (some of the witness, like Zig Zag). What is a circus without the audience; we all are (audience)

  3. Since we are on a close day, I want to express my appreaciation to Mr. Alpha Sesay for his incisive commentary although i might not agree with all of his commentary but he has really been doing a great job. Please, Apha, try to do your best and be very objective in the interest of justice. Present these commentaries base on the evidences that are offer in the court and not for sensationalism for mere publicity.

    Thank you

    1. Hey to Alpha defense, he has done an exceptional job. If you go out there a read other sites that are reporting on the trail, this site in my opinion is the best…good job Sesay.

    2. King Gray, Alpha Sesay has expressed his perception about President Taylor in the past and it was not favorable to him. However, now is the time for redemption and the moment of truth. He can either be on the side of the truth or continue to collect his paycheck as usual. As he watches the trial, he sees President Taylor differently. He had an interview and he sees President differently. He should not be afraid of saying what he thinks.

  4. Just from a legal stand point Courtenay Griffiths is brilliant. If they convict C.T. based on what is happening in the court room this court will loose all credibility. Pls. don’t set a precedence of tarnishing the international legal system, which will have even worse (maybe not as gruesome) consequences in the future.

    CT you are definitely lucky that you have got such a good legal team to back you up, however, being as intelligent as you are how can you live with yourself knowing that in your country such atrocities took place while you were the president.

    Courtenay Griffiths may get you out of this one but you know how you closed your eyes to atrocities when you could definitely had the power to stop this. I know you talk about African Unity however if you respected your (African) people deep down the atrocities would have been limited. Instead you considered those (African) not as privileged in both in intellect and education ‘ bush men’ and are perishable as they would not have met your standards, and their life are not as valuable. It is this attitude of the powerful leaders within Africa that will ensure that African Unity will be based on power hungry and egotistical individuals.

    CT with your intellectual capability you could definitely have made your country a better place if that was your primary motive, as it was NOT I am not sorry to see one of the brightest leaders in Africa waking down the plank.

    Courtenay Griffiths, I admire your dedication to provide the best legal defence possible. I hope that you can in the future also help in any way possible your African brothers, knowing that you have done your job (legal) well if CT is set free, however providing a sigh of relief to many others like him in the future.

    A friend from India.

    1. JG,
      You make some good points. Please remember the problem that Charles Taylor had as president was that from ” day one” the western countries did not accept him. If he had gotten half the support from the West that our current president Ellen Sirleaf has gotten things would have been better for Liberia under his leadership. Concerning the atrocities be reminded 90% of atrocities committed were done by all warring factions not just him alone.

      1. Aki,

        Let me interject here a bit, it is true that Taylor didn’t get the support from the international community as this administration. There are two things that we have to keep in mind, one, he was not trustworthy, and second, he didn’t know the ropes or have a team of people who knew the proper channels to use. Unlike this administration, international and institutional connections is at the core of this administration’s relative success. Yea, it helps when the super powers like you too though.

    2. JG, with all due respect, what atrocities are you talking about he committed while he was president? By the way, I will not agree that President Taylor is lucky as you have suggested to have a good defense team. The reason while he’s winning is because of the truth that he is telling and the truth will set him free.

      1. Jose

        Thanks for joining. I think I would differ with you and my friend JG a bit. Taylor’s lawyer is a good lawyer; so is the prosecuting team (even though they have failed thus far to present themselves as competent). I don’t think Taylor is actually winning, the prosecution is defeating themselves. They planned for the victory not the challenges. The prosecution thought they had a “slam dunk” case. I honestly don’t think the prosecution can genuinely win–without political influence.

  5. Unless the prosecutors can show a BANG BANG during cross, I really don’t see how this court in sought of TRUE JUSTICE based on her MANDATE can convict!!! It will be travesty to be found GUILTY on what the prosecutors has displayed.

  6. Hey Mr Griffiths

    I wish you a speedy recovery. I also pray that you and your family be O.K .
    Keep up the good work.


  7. Get well please Courtney, I like to see a brilliant blackman exercising his mental capacity. Watch DEVAUL pATRICK, BARRACK OBAMA,GENERAL COLLIN POWELL ..etc. Africa will live again.. God BLESS you brothers.

    1. JG, I understand where you are coming from. However, it is not Noko5 that is making it a racial issue. Instead, it is the other way around. For example: where is President Taylor’s trial being held? Is it Africa, Europe, or America? The answer is Europe. How many WHITES are on the DEFENSE TEAM? NONE. How many WHITES are on the PROSECUTION TEAM? All but at least one. Who financing this trial? is it BLACK COUNTRIES OR WHITE COUNTRIES?The answer is obvious, WHITE COUNTRIES. What race is Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George W. Bush? Just guess. What race is David Crane the first prosecutor for the court and the man that read the unsealing of the indictment against President taylor.? JL, don’t play games with these white people. A hint to the wise is quite sufficient.

      1. Charles Taylor asked for the trial to be moved out of SL. He felt he would get a better fair trial in Europe.

        1. Mel, where are you getting that news from that President Taylor asked the court “to be moved out of SL”? Do you think the court will even honor President Taylor request on the venue of the case? Look Mel, the court asked the Security Council to have the trial removed from Sierra leone to that of the Hague for “SECURITY REASON.” They feared that hosting the trial in Sierra leone had the potential of creating instability in the Sub-Region and the request was granted. Today the trial is being held in the Hague. The trial being held in the Hague is not at the request of President Taylor.

        2. Mel,
          Sorry you are mistaken. Charles Taylor wanted the trial held in Sierra Leone so we in Africans could have easier access to the trial. Concerning Jose comment about no whites being on the Defense team. Terry Munyard is white and he does an excellent job.

  8. Fellow Africans, especially Liberians, let us prayer fervently, because, the Holy Bible says, the prayer of a righteous man availed much, whatsoever you feel about Mr. Taylor, prayer that God Almighty open your mind and understanding to understand the whole issue concerning his trial. For me, I’m getting afraid for the direction this case is taking, there will not be free and fair judgment. My fear come from these four points: (1) The revelations and testamonies presented by the presecutions during their presentation is completely different to the revelations and testamonies of Mr. Taylor, (2) The UN and stronger Nations like USA and Great Britain will not want to bow down to a single person like Mr. Taylor, and so, if he wins this case or not, I personally feel that he will be putted to prison at their will and pleasure, (3) The Special Court has given a definite time for the case final judgment whether the case is finish or not, and (3) This is the reason prison compound has being built in Great Britain for Mr. Taylor before the final verdict in the case. Africian brothers, let us open our eyes and be watchful.

  9. My brother, you know what? give a man his flowers while he’s alive. I don’t know why some of us africans like to remain cowards. when the white man does any good and gets praised, nobody complains why a white man is being praised , it is all accepted and announced with P&D. As long as my brothers are doing well I feel proud to say it regardless. Do it guys, the time has come for us to proof once again that we got heads on our shoulders. Africa oh yea!!! oh yea.

  10. Has anyone actually read the entire prosecutiion testimony in this trial? If so, how could you possibly hope Charles Taylor is found innocent and allowed to return to Liberia? Charles Taylor is guilty of ordering murders, rapes, executions, and destoying the lives of many, many children in both Liberia and Sierra Leone, all for blood diamond money. He is a pathological liar. Generations to come will still be tainted by his crimes. Even if, by some chance, he is allowed to go free, his soul will rot in hell.

    1. GLS,
      If you want to praise paid prosecution witnesses that have already been discredited by the first defense witness. Then I suggest you are not after justice but only revenge.

    2. GLS,

      Some of us are not saying that CT is guilty. If I am not mistaken many of us believe that he might have committed these crimes; however as a result of prosecutorial greed, inexperience and irresponsible information gathering, the case is not solid. There are even rumors of bribe. Many people don’t like the acts of CT (me included), but it still does not mean that we should allow our biased outweigh our ability to think rationally. You asked the question, “has anyone actually read the entire prosecution testimony in this trail?” My question to you is same, have you? And if so, what portions are you using and what evidence that you have encountered that will render an clear guilty verdict? It is indisputable and frankly, illiterate to ignore that there were untold suffering both in Liberia and S.L.,still materiality is absent in the case.

      GLS, for a second, erase any ill-feelings toward the individual and the acts perpetrated in Liberia and allegedly in Sierra Leone. Do you logically without all reasonable doubt know (based on evidences) he is guilty (remember based on evidence presented)?

    3. GLS,
      Maybe you have NOT follow or read the prosecutors takes…..but the core group(PROS and CONS) have……the even those that want he find GUILTY are shaking their heads….WHY??? Because up til today dates, nothing sticking!!! I mean the prosecutors threw in the kitchen sink plus the tub with the baby in it…..and I still cannot see WHY he was even charged….

  11. i agree with most of you guys.i hope mr griffiths can be well soon that he will deal with all the questions that they already had on mind to ask taylor.that guy is a good lawyer.by the time he is through i know the case will be cut cuz rapp and his people got nothing to ask again.
    i hope the judges will base their verdict on the evidence in court and not because of the many lies they are telling on one man.

  12. Tracy Gurd & Alpha Sesay,

    You two are doing a very good job keeping us updated about the trial. One problem is that your posting of the trial events are a day late. On the original Charlestaylortrial.org website posting were done the same day. Please see if this can worked out.

    1. Dear Aki,

      Thanks for your note. As you know, we have recently switched our reporting style and it sometimes takes a little while to get our daily updates ready and posted. We do try to post every day on the same day as the trial’s action, but it is late in Europe and West Africa by the time the posts are up. Sorry to keep you waiting — we are trying our best to get them up as quickly as possible. We appreciate your eagerness to read them!

      Glad you and others continue to engage with the posts – the discussions amongst our readers is one of the most interesting elements of the site.



  13. Hi to all;
    I am a liberian doing research in the interior of liberia. I have come to realized that the liberians in the interior are very much concerned about their former leader been tried.
    Personally, as i have followed this trial, I am becomming to feel confident that history will be made soon by the ruling of the judges clearly setting mr. taylor free of all the charges. the confident is based on the smart manner in which the defense and the witness are destroying the prosecution legally in court.

    1. Johnny,

      The trial is a comedy club, really. It’s painful to most lawyer who have dedicated their lives fight for equality to read this forum and see that the ICC has lost most of its credibility (I would have said “all it credibility”, but we have to leave them something to hold on to). Because of the political nature of the trail, CT is not coming out of this thing. I mentioned in one of my threads, the poor man is guilty by “association” not association with the RUF, but the name of “Charles McArthur Taylor”. I also suggested if the prosecution provided no evidence (oops, they have not) and just pointed their finger at him (as they are now) he would be found guilty.

  14. Johnny, for me, I’m all over the world. Less than a week and the half, I will be moving from where I’m to another location. I will believe your posting. Tell your people of Liberia, that their former president will soon be joining them back home in Liberia. The prosecution has no case on this innocent man.

  15. Thanks my Great men of the Globe, my opinion concerning Mr Taylor in this redicle apprihension is, I would like the Jordge and the presecutor with the entire world who monitors Crime against humanity and couruption to use this beast called Charles Taylor, as an exmple to the entire African leaders riching to Sudan Congo Rwanda and uganda to the rest of them that poses a threat to humanity and consider that, there is no God who can take a ravenge to their Evil and heatles inhuman act, infact exacute him Sir, mr taylor has put atlist a million to the motherles or world of no return till the end of time, therefore he deserve hanging as saddam Hussein was excuted. i have not to sorry about my letter even though i am rong by saying this in poblic but that comes the trueth, what would it profit our leaders to gain the hool treasure of our father land yet we have no feature, was it not thesame in power that Your Excellency Barak Obama was that Ms Cliton after her trial and Effort to win Obama unfutunatly she failed yet Obama called her to join him in his Goverment, what does this siginifies ,, Peace ,progress, Feature, and God fearing and understanding and respect for life that every body will go one day, Immaging that as rich as liberia and sierelone that produces the largest of Gold and Diamond, yet they have no light either water no road and they have become one of the porest country in African. please Gordge this Man and Execute him. so help me God.

  16. Sir could it be that the Western worlds are the master mander of our porverty and hunger yet, they use political ways to post he who is not capeble to be a leader for the benefit of Oil in the country or Gold or those minerals resucces in our country to beautify their Nation and consider us Black who are subject to suffer and smiling, Please if this is the cost i Pray that God With his infinity mercy shall touch you people one by one to tamper mercy and justice to the people of the world, for Example when our X Military President Gen,Sani Abacha, who use Switzerland Bank as his Father Property bank. Please are we not in thesame Africa where His Excellency Murma Gadafi of Libya, i Love you so much you will Live forever, he ruled his people or he lead them with due benefits Road Water Houses Car and whatsoever you think to help life but no body should enterrupt his Governace, GREAT you are Your Excllency Mumah Gadafi.

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