Taylor Did Not Have Any Contact With RUF Leader Foday Sankoh After May 1992, He Says

Despite allegations that Charles Taylor backed and controlled Sierra Leone’s rebel group during the country’s 11-year conflict, the former Liberian president today said this allegation could not be true because he did not have any contact with top rebel leader Foday Sankoh after May 1992.

“I never talked to Foday Sankoh after May 1992. I only saw him again in 1999,” Mr. Taylor said during his testimony today.

Mr. Taylor was responding to the evidence of Revolutionary United Front (RUF) radio operator Dauda A. Fornie (alias DAF), who in his December 2008 testimony said that as radio operator for the RUF, he facilitated communication between RUF leader Mr. Sankoh and Mr. Taylor, during which time Mr. Taylor sent arms and ammunition for use by RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor dismissed the witness’s evidence as lies.

“O Boy, I swear. It is so big a lie. I’ll just be repeating myself that it’s a lie and I don’t want to sound like a broken record,” Mr. Taylor said.

In his December 2008 testimony, Witness Fornie told the court that while he served as radio operator for Mr. Sankoh, he contacted Mr. Taylor’s radio operator regularly with messages for Mr. Taylor. The witness said that every morning, he would contact Mr. Taylor’s radio station called Tree Top to know if there was any information for Mr. Sankoh from Mr. Taylor. He said that around mid 1993, Mr. Sankoh used to instruct him to contact Mr. Taylor’s station Tree Top with messages for Mr. Taylor to send weapons for the RUF.

Mr. Taylor today dismissed the witness’s assertions as “total nonsense.”

“There was no official contact between Mr. Sankoh and me or my defense minister,” he added.

Mr. Taylor explained that it is possible for Mr. Sankoh to have been in touch with some of his (Sankoh’s) “Special Forces” colleagues who were part of Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), and with whom Mr. Sankoh might have undergone training in Libya. Any such contact, Mr. Taylor said, was not within his knowledge and he would have acted to stop it if he had known about it.

“If I had known that any senior operator was in contact with Sankoh, he would have been removed and punished,” he told the judges.

Witness Fornie said in his December 2008 testimony that as radio operator, he would monitor the movement of weapons from Mr. Sankoh’s base in Gbangha until they reached RUF territory. He said that when the weapons arrived, Mr. Sankoh will tell him to contact Mr. Taylor’s Tree Top station and inform Mr. Taylor that the weapons had arrived. He said that sometime in 1993, he heard Mr. Sankoh and Mr. Taylor talking directly on a VHF radio.

“That is a direct lie,” Mr. Taylor said today as a dismissed the witness’s testimony.

Mr. Taylor also dismissed the witness’s testimony that in late 1997, when the RUF and members of the Sierra Leone Army joined forces to establish the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC)–a junta regime that overthrew the government of president Ahmed Tejan Kabbah in May 1997–two members of the RUF and AFRC merger, Memunatu Deen and Fonte Kanu, traveled to Liberia and returned with loads of arms and ammunition.

“It is not true. Late 1997, AFRC is in power and I am at the infancy of my government. There was no material that will come from Liberia and go to anybody,” Mr. Taylor responded.

Witness Fornie in his 2008 testimony also told the judges that in February 1998, he traveled with RUF Commander Sam Bockarie to Monrovia, during which he used head of Mr. Taylor’s Special Security Service (SSS) Benjamin Yeaten’s radio to monitor the forceful removal of the AFRC from power by West African peacekeepers in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor also dismissed this aspect of the witness’s testimony as a lie.

“Total false, erroneous. It is misleading. I don’t know how they put this thing together. Bockarie does not come to Liberia in February 1998. He came in September 1998 upon my invitation,” Mr. Taylor explained.

Also in his 2008 testimony, Witness Fornie said that Mr. Taylor was like the Commander in Chief of the RUF rebels and the RUF leadership would consult Mr. Taylor before taking any major decisions. According to the witness, when Mr. Sankoh was arrested first from 1997 to 1999 and then in May 2000, Mr. Taylor was effectively the leader of the RUF.

Mr. Taylor dismissed this evidence, saying “It is not true that I am running the RUF at anytime. Foday Sankoh remained in full control of his organization.”

The witness further said that after the signing of the peace agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone and the RUF in 1999, RUF commander Mr. Bockarie insisted on consulting Mr. Taylor before disarming his fighters, contrary to instructions from the RUF leader Mr. Sankoh that all RUF fighters should be disarmed. Mr. Taylor today called this assertion “impossible.”

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues on Tuesday. There will be no hearings on Monday due to the observance of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan in The Hague.


  1. Unless the goal of this defense NOW is to put witnesses against witnesses about RUF CONTACT with Mr. Taylor, I think she has beaten this horse to death….MOVE ON to other parts of the case.

    Evidences in court has proven the FACTS from fiction.

    1. Noko4,
      I tend to agree with you but you know, the defence has to address every testimony that has to do with Mr Taylor or else the run the risk of the prosecution claiming later that the defence did not challenge some aspects of their case.

  2. I really don’t understand what this witness (Dauda Fornie) was trying to say here. He testified that in May of 1997 when AFRC overthrew President Kabbah government, Memunatu Deen and Fonte Kanu traveled to Liberia and returned with loads of arms and ammunition. Does that mean that Mr. Taylor was the one who supply the weapons?
    Someone help me here! let us not forget, during May of 1997, ULIMO still controled all of Lofa, Bomi, Cape Mont and part of Bong and Montserrado county as well. ECOMOG did control the Liberian Air space and they were deployed at all entry point of Liberia, how did the AFRC guys get the weapons from Monrovia to Sierra Leone?
    He also said that in 1993 Mr. Taylor was sending weapons to Sierra Leone and he ( Dauda Fornie ) did monitor the transfered of the weapons until they got to Sierra Leone. Again NPFL was not in control of the western region of Liberia since Late 1991 instead it was ULIMO. So how was these weapons getting through ULIMO control areas? I think the prosecution need to call on the former ULIMO leader ( Kromah ) to answer some of these questions for the ICC.

    1. Jacone,
      And he was put on the stand….the prosecutors didn’t bother to atleast UNDERSTAND the conditions on the ground but rather wanted to score POINTS. Even witness Sherrif, who was an INSIDER to Mr. Taylor, told this court that ULIMO controlled the western border of Liberia, does one need a ROCKET BRAIN to understand the map of Liberia??

      The Status Report told us the time period he testified about that RUF was getting arms from ULIMO, isn’t that the FACT needed?? You see Jacone, the prosecutors were playing HIDE and SEEK and it got them in a web. If they had studied that report MOST of the lies we heard from their witnesses would have been answer. She knew about this report but NEVER introduced it into evidence….why???

      I am under the thought that a prosecutor is to USE FACT that helps exonerate a defendant but in this case, it’s the opposite.

      1. Noko, Helen, Jocone, King Gray,

        Please go to the sept 16 post and scroll down to read Boima Kamara post as we requested. It is explosive. Fallah, I encourage to read that post and revert with your view.

        The only advice that I have for Boima is that do not reveal or disclose any documents here or contents of document. Your post is sufficient. You have have links you can make those available. There is legal ramifications on disclosures. We do not know what those could be. But do not release any documents.

        1. Did Boima accuse a highly decorated prosecutor of witness tampering? If he doesn’t have hard evidences, I’m pretty positive he just committed a crime (crime against Reputation???). He should consult a lawyer before making allegations of this caliber. I would love to see this “case closing evidences”.

      2. Gentlemen, think about this; how the heck will an experience lawer like Stephen Rapp use a man like Vanmuyan Sheriff who was dead crazy; I mean stone crazy, picking paper in the street like any mormal crazyman in monrovia town during the periode under review as a witness in this kind of very high profile case. Where are the people of sierraleone?? Why don’t you guys rise against this whole prosecution team and take them to this day time witch they are playing?? Now fellow sierraleoneans pray tell e , which part of this world have you ever, ever, seen a crazy man standing as a witness in a legal matter like this, even if it was just a case for a stolen chicken. When are you people going to make your voices heard???? What are you waiting for??? You guys are being abused, your integritity is at stake.. rise..rise.. rise up brothers and sisters.. take them court…..

  3. The persecution team is LOST, they have giving up. They are setting around watching QC Griffith AKA Perry Mason skillfully tearing apart what they once thought was a good case. The persecution team reminds me of Michael Jordan when he used to play basketball. His opponents froze on the court and watched him do his thing because he was Sooooo good! I was astonished on Tuesday when Ms Hollis raised an objection when Perry Mason referred to a defense protected witness by his identification number TF…something. His name was never mentioned. She argued that by stating the protected witness number his identity will be unmasked. Tracey please tells me how in the World anyone would be able to identify a protected witness by his number, considering the fact that you have over fifty plus protected witnesses. Anyway, the Judges sustained. The bottom line, the persecution has frozen and they are witching Perry Mason do his thing! They don’t know what and whatnot to object to.

    1. Hi Big B — unfortunately I do not know the exact context of the objection you refer to on protected witnesses. Let me talk to Alpha who has been watching all the daily proceedings and see if he can help us understand this exchange you note.

      1. Hi tracey,

        The court president usually says, in private session the proceedings will be seen and not heard; at that point who is statement in refrecence to?

    2. Big B, Yes i indeed remember that this was the case. That was because they were going to discuss aspects of the witness’s testimony, which, if combined with his TF number, the judges thought, will make him known to the public. In fact certain aspects of Mr. Taylor’s response to the witness’s testimony were heard in closed session. I remember that the particular witness testified mostly in closed session, and on occasions when he testified in open, he testified using voice and image distortion. The judges will always look at the slightest thing that will affect the witness’s protective measures and then rule along that line. For certain witness, just the mention of the front lines that they occupied at specific times will cause the court to move into closed session or redact aspects of their testimonies. I hope this explanation helps. Feel free to let me know if we need to further discuss these protective measures.

  4. I think the ULIMO was long driven out of Sierra Leone before the military junta in 1997.If General 24 and Colonel Beaplu could be living by now,they would be sound witnesses to testify that the ULIMO was never again in Sierra Leone in 1997.The unit was asked out of the country following a joint military operation in Nomo Farma in late 1993 headed by Captain Gbon Kelekeh.

    Remember,Taylor’s election on July 19 and innauguration on August 2,1997 coincided almost sharply with heightened mayhem in Sierra Leone.As a war monger,he must have extended helping hands to the junta.Additionally,his defense minister,Daniel Chea and the late Sam Bockarie often visited the VOA-1 camp in Brewerville in 2001 with money and bags of rice trying to lure away youths into fighting not only in Sierra Leone but at two fronts opened in Guinea and the Ivory Coast.Be happy that Taylor is out of the Mano River Union Basin

    1. Vaa,
      Why didn’t you go testify in the Hague?? No Vaa, evidence in this court shows that area in Liberia was controlled by ECOMOG as a training base for the Kamajo around that time. There was where ECOMOG send Liberians and Sierra Leoneans to go fight in Sierra Leone to kick out the AFRC/RUF out of power. Mr Taylor has produced DOCUMENTS to that area and the activity.

      We come in here and just throw WORDS out there without understanding what has been said in court…..if you’re NEW or Johnny Come Late to this case, I advise during your spare time, READ SOME OF THE OLDER TRANSCRIPTS.

  5. Tracey,

    Thanks for all the good works this medium is doing in providing the up-to-the-minute info about the happenings in the Hague. My only problem is that I live and work at Cuttington University in central Liberia. As such I only have access to the updates when you have already posted them to my box. I really love to be a part of the debate on the trial that’s so active between the guys but I’m always late as theirs are already posted by the time I have accesses to them. How can you help me?

    1. Hi Sankolo,

      We would love you to join the debate whenever you can. Can you please help me better understand the challenges you have in posting your comments so I can best find a way to help — are you saying that you are getting the updates only by email, and not accessing the website directly, and that is what is causing the delay for accessing the commentary by other readers? Let me know and we can try to see if we can find some solution that would be helpful.


  6. Vaa Alie Mansaray,
    Let me correct you for God sake, the Junta overthrew Kabbah Government in May of 1997. Now my question to you is, was Taylor elected President of Liberia in May of 1997? If you don’t know the answer then let me help you; the election that brought Taylor to the Presidency was held on July 19,1997. Now at that time, ULIMO was in control of the Liberian- Sierra Leonean border as well as the Liberian- Guinean border. So are you telling me that general Vamoyan Sherrif was lying when he testified that ULIMO controlled the border with Sierra Leone and Liberia until election in 1997? If infact he is lying then he wouldn’t help the prosecution at all as a witness.
    No one told you ULIMO was still in Sierra Leone in 1997, instead we’re saying ULIMO was in controled of the Liberia side of the border with Sierra Leone up to the July 19,1997 election . Infact, ULIMO and RUF had a partnership at one point and it was stated in the salute report of Bockarie to Mr. Sankoh. With that partnership, don’t you think RUF was getting weapons through ULIMO? Remember there were two ULIMO groups- ULIMO Johnson and ULIMO Kromah. Now ULIMO J controlled the Bomi and Cape Mont side of the Sierra Leonean Border up to Bong Mine and Kakata.
    And ULIMO-K controlled the Lofa county areas up to the Guinean- Liberian border, Bopolu, Smith Camp down to Lofa bridge area connecting to the Sierra Leonean border. As well as Senoyeah in Lower Bong County. NPFL was able to fight ULIMO J out of Kakata, Bong mine and Todee during the April 6, 2006 war in Monrovia. How can this witness ( Dauda Fornie ) say that in May of 1997, some AFRC personnels traveled to Liberia and brought loads of arms and ammunition subject that it was Taylor who sent it?
    The only way arms from Liberia could have gone to Sierra leone by land, it has to go through ULIMO control areas and that also tell us that Taylor couldn’t have been one to sent those loads of weapons. If those weaponds were going by Air, then it has to be COMMOG who transported them for Mr. Taylor.
    Next, from 1997 to 2001, how many years is that? When did LURD and MODEL started fighting Mr. Taylor Government? If Taylor was recruiting people to fight, does that means that he was recruiting for RUF when infact he had LURD and MODEL fighting him? If it were you, what were you going to do? Do you know that ECOMMOG were training people in Liberia to fight in Sierra Leone?
    There are documentation that came out in this trial proving that as well. Because of this, Mr. Taylor asked ECOMOG to leave Liberia. You may want to know how I got to know; I got to know from the letters Mr. Taylor wrote to the Chairman of ECOWAS which was presented in the court room at the ICC. Is this a witness who testimony you can consider as the truth? Common my brother!!!!!!!! This is complete JOKE!

  7. Jocone, do not mind Alie Mansaray because HATE will not slove our problem. The HATRED against this one man will not liberate Liberia from the darkness of bad leadership and such HATRED will not provide help to the people of SL. It is about time that we be HONEST to ourselves and wish the best for ourselves instead of this death-drive impluses for self-destruction.

    The destruction of both SL and Lib was based on the exploitation of our natural resources and now that those big multinational corporations have puppet leaders in charge, we are no more hearing about human rights violations and bad government. Just imagine if Charles Taylor was president of Liberia and refused to implement the TRC report, we would be hearing the worst statements from the socalled international human rights groups condemning the government of Liberia.

    But now that we have Madam Ellen Johnson who is in the pockets of multinational corporations we are hearing a different story about the Liberian people taking responsibility for themselves. I hope the international community and the socalled human rights groups will stick with such position tommorrow when the Liberia people decides to take other actions in their own interests, against the Ellen Johnson government. I hope tommorrow we will not hear the socalled international community interfering in the internal affairs of Liberia, and I hope they will continue to allow the Liberian people to decide for themselves. Because the last time the Liberia people decided and voted for Mr. Taylor they rejected our decision. I hope they would accept the Liberian people decision when we vote Ellen out of office because it is a well known fact that Ellen is very unpopular amongst ordinary people in Liberia.

    1. King Gray — I would be very interested to read any analyses that have been done on the content and recommendations contained in the Liberian TRC report. Can you, or any other reader, point me in the direction of any good analyses that I can read? What have human rights groups been saying about the TRC process and report in Liberia?

      1. Tracey,
        ZERO!!! From the get go, that Report has been DEAD UPON ARRIVAL!!!.

        I too have ISSUES with it in term of been BIAS and VIOLATING the Constitution of Liberia. Moreso, international friends of Pres. Johnson-Sirleaf in HIGH PLACES have started a PR campiagn to DISCREDIT it. By the way, that Report bans Pres. Johnson-Sirleaf for 30 years for part taking in politics.

        Here is one issue……Sundaygar Dearboy was signaled out for doing A KILLING and he is on the list of those to be prosecuted; meanwhile, Butt Naked who told the TRC that he killed over 20,000 Liberians is left of the list. WHY??? According to the members on the Committee, she SHOWED sorrow.

        On the constitutional side, this TRC is also asking Liberians to be BAN from travelling outside of Liberia when Article 13b of the Constitution says otherwise….

        Article 13

        b) Every Liberian citizen shall have the right to leave and to enter Liberia at any time. Liberian citizens and non Liberian residents may be extradited to a foreign country for prosecution of a criminal offense in accordance with the provisions of an extradition treaty or other reciprocal international agreements in force. Non Liberian residents may be expelled from the Republic of Liberia for cause.

        From my understanding of the MANDATE of the TRC, she was to gather INFORMS and pass them on to the Executive and Legislative Branches for ACTION, instead, she played the THREE DEGREES….the judge, the prosecutor and the jury.

        1. Thanks Noko4 — it sounds like there is some degree of disillusionment among people commenting here, both with the content of the TRC report as well as how the issues have been dealt with at the political level.

          So what do you think happens from here for any push to set up an independent court to prosecute for crimes committed during the conflict in Liberia? Is that effort also “dead upon arrival” or are there still possibilities?


        2. Tracey,
          There will be NO SPECIAL COURT for Liberia as long as Ellen is alive. She is the DARLING of the West….She told us she gave Mr. Taylor $10 thousand dollars to kick off his war….how can we prosecutor Mr Taylor for his deeds in Liberia and excuse her??? Will that be JUSTICE??? Not in my book.

          Just In case that MAGIC happens that the UN is pushing for a court, the members of the LEG of Liberia will have to vote…..some up for prosecution are members of that body and have already told Liberia where they stand. Some have learned the behavior of Pres. Kabbah of Sierra Leone, where he was the ONLY man with the VOICE and PEN.

          If I had my will, ALL those that went before the TRC should be brought into court and let’s settle the dust.

  8. Most people posting replies on behalf of Charles Taylor are all his supported who in one-way or the other benefited from the blood of our people. We know who you people are and we are not surprised at some of the comments coming you people. Say or write anything you want, at the end right will surely prevail over wrong. No judge in his/her right mind is going to allow Taylor to set foot on the African soil ever. He has committed enough damage to the African Children.

    In 1992 Charles lunched Operations Otopus. In 1993 his men were still in control of the entire Western part of Liberia; especially Lofa County. ULIMO J or K was never in control of Lofa in 1993; the county was controled by taylor and his men. You are welcome to post your lies to dispute the facts as usual.

    1. Sunshine

      What planet are you on? Were you in Liberia in 1993 or are you just speculating? If you were not there then pray ask someone who was there and stop making assumptions.

      So when we as patriotic Africans and Liberians voice our views in the interest of justice then you term it as support for Taylor? That is a very naive and imature approach. We are here perpetrating true justice and if you want to call it support for Taylor then that is your subjective view. I however consider us to be a new breed of Patriots who are seeking that justice and fairness be done to All regardless of how powerful or small they are.

      If people like Martin Luther king, and Malcom X others did not speak out against racism in the US you as a black man would probbly still be using a seperate toilet from the white man.

      We happen to be pilgrims in our quest for the equality of man and the equal dispensation of true justice and not one motivated by political persuasion.

    2. Sunshine,
      your accusation of people who have seen the fact in this case, and reveiling it as being surpporters of taylor is baseless, unfounded and is rejected by all peacelovers who are seeking justice in this saga. I suggest you search your facts before making such remark. All we are doing is advocating fair play. Indict all of the major players of that west africa region conflict that pop out during the incursion of rebels in that area, if there should be. No vendictive indictment like what taylor is going through. JUSTICE MUST BE DONE ALL MEN… HELLO!!!.. Wake up sleeping RIP -VAN-WINKLE..

  9. My dear friend Tracey,

    Please don’t think about what the so-called Liberian right groups and their international partners are saying about the recommendations of the TRC. These right groups, except the group called the FORUM FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF WAR CRIME, are supported by the Americans. They will not speak in support of the TRC Reports for fear that they will lose bread on their tables. All of these so called right groups were organized and sponsored to fight against Mr. Taylor, who the west considered as an enemy to their desire to steal the resources of Africa. You will be surprised to note that senators have placed a stay order on the TRC Reports simply because some of their colleagues including Madam President, are listed as war and economic criminals. But let me assure you that the battle is not over until it is over. The Americans will not always take us for a ride like they did to our grand mothers and fathers. No, those are gone. CHANGE is finally here. CHANGE for America and CHANGE for everywhere.

    Harris Kortu Johnson

    1. Hi there Harris — thanks, as always, for your perspective. It’s interesting. I wonder if others on this site agree with your opinion of the TRC report and the human rights groups who have commented on it in Liberia?

      1. Tracey, Harris is factually correct. These days, since Ellen came to power, human rights activities in Liberia is almost non-existence. Like Harris said, it is only the ‘Forum For The Establishment for War Crimes’ that have been vocal on this issue. The Forum leader, Mr. Mulbah Morlu, on many occassion has been arrested, brutalized, and imprisoned by the Ellen government. The FORUM meetings have been disrupted and members brutalized by the Ellen’s government security forces but we hear no noise about these things in the international press.

        If such actions had occured under Charles Taylor, the whole world would be made to know that the Taylor government was abusing the leadership for the Forum and Liberians. These socalled human rights groups in Liberia are all finance by these very international groups that faciliated this case against Mr. Taylor. So the leadership of Liberia’s human rights groups know that if they go against the wishes of their financial sponsors they will lose their relevance. Already, the United States government position on the TRC is that the Liberian people should decide for themselves.

        Well, I do not object to the US position because I believe it is time for Liberians to decide their own destiny but my hope is that they will not undermine the Liberian people’s decision in the future when we VOTE Ellen out of office. We do not want CHEATIING like what happened in the 2005 election that brought Ellen Johnson , a multi-national corporate agent, to power in Liberia.

        1. Thanks King Gray — that is really interesting. I’m particularly intrigued in your description of what has happened to Mr. Mulbah – and that you say it has not appeared in the international press. Are there Liberian press reports or human rights reports that you or other readers can recommend that can help me to understand more of the details of the dynamic around the TRC discussions?

        2. Tracey, King Gray, Helen, Noko4 and the rest,

          Please allow me to add a little more. A former official of the disbanded Army Forces of Liberia, in person of Col. Wolo Nagbe, was arrested and flogged by state security forces during a peaceful demonstration in Monrovia. The worse of all Col. Nagbe has going missing since his last arrest and no human right group ever tries to question this government on the where about of this man. In a related incident a member of the newly trained Army Forces of Liberia got shot and killed during what defense officials called training excise. But up to date the Ministry of National Defense has failed to give detail report of the young solider death to family members. Again these so-called right groups have never said a word. Had it been Mr. Taylor administration, Human Rights Watch International, and their Liberian puppets, the JPC, would have waged one of the strongest media wars of our time. In order to silence Col. Nagbe, this government and its American partners secretly granted him an American visa. Nagbe is now in the United States as we speak. So you see, all of these rights groups are all agents of the west.

      2. Tracy,
        I have a problem with some of the people protesting the implementation of the TRC report. These same people Alhaji Kromah, Prince Johnson, Ellen Sirleaf et al is that they felt it was okay for Charles Taylor to face war crimes charges. Now that it may be their turn they are against it.

        1. Aki,

          I will NOT put my hope on that TRC…..infact, there will be NO court as long as Ellen is alive!!!!!

      3. Tracey,
        Yes and yes….infact let’s look at the Julu’s plot case. The gov’t of Liberia FABRICATED a case to arrest a citizen thru one of her argents….that argent, Mr Dorbor, who was the STAR WITNESS refused to testify and told the court he was PAID to lie.

        Here’s the funny part, the gov’t then turned around and charged Mr. Dorbor with treason, NEVER EVER given his rights under the constitution. When his wifey went looking for him, she was told, he is in WITNESS PROTECTIVE CUSTODY PROGRAM by the Liberia gov’t. Ha ha ha ha….while in this Program, according to Mr. Dorbor, his testicles were boiled….yes cooked while in custody.

        He was taken to a clinic for medical attention…..oh yes, the nurse that treatment his wound testified that she saw sore on his private part but AMAZILY that clinic was broken into when the judge requested that the medical report be presented in court.

        Not a SOUND from any HUMAN RIGHTS group in Liberia….some of those righters are presently in the gov’t……STRANGE???

  10. Let me break it down for you, Ladies and Gentlemen: “I never talked with Foday Sankoh after May 1992. I only saw him again in 1999.” Taylor said during his testimoy on September 17th. Now let us call this period ; THE SILENT YEARS! But then listen to what the witness, a radio operator for Sankoh, had to say “that every morning he would contact Mr. Taylor’s radio station called Tree Top to know if there was any information for Mr.Sankoh for Mr. Taylor…..that around mid 1993, Mr. Sankoh used to instruck him to contact Mr. Taylor’s station Tree Top with messages for Mr.Taylor to send weapons for RUF.” Now we should be very keen on events during this period, I’ve named, The Silent Years and see how taylor is going to catch himself in the web of lies and decptions! This is how you catch a thief! Mind you, taylor is very clever and he knows that we are laying in wait so he will attempt to use such phrases like,’ not to my knowledge’ or ‘i would have punished anyone caught communicating with such and such” You see, we are not fools here taylor. You are surrounded by forces that you never knew existed..because I get my inspirations from the suffering voices from beyond when I write about you!

    1. Fallah,
      Onething I have observe is that you seemed to be a big talker who goes around trying to preach theories with the intent to win favores; You need to really come up with substantial clues to make justifications of some of what you are saying; I am surprised that you called your self an educated person and following a guy calling a radio operator who is giving fairy tale in a legal case. Fallah,” if and only if”, (a mathematician would say), you think you should believe this guy, why dont you ask your self, where is the radio? is it lost, what are the specs.. of the communication system such prouncements were made? Where are some of the datas that have been down loaded from the hard drive of some of these equipmets ( radios ) that are being talked about? My brother why don’t you critique your own taught alittle bit? Didn’t you do critical thinking in college ? OH MY GOD….!!! JESUS CHRIST!!! Remember we are in the age where technologically any infrmation can be gotten, especially in this kind of high profile case..

    2. Fallar,
      I do not think you understand Mr Taylors testimony about what that prosecution witness called TREETOP. for your information Mr Taylor said his radio room DURING THE NPFL DAYS was never called Treetop but BUTTERFLY, is radio operator was also called Butterfly. Treetop was the radio room at the Defence Ministry which is totally different from Mr Taylors personal radio room called Butterfly. see the Sept. 16th Transcript for more information.

      So that witness testimony directly contradicts Mr Taylors own account of events.

  11. J. Fallah Menjor, stop offering us your illusions. We are dealing with facts and you feeding on false conjectures without any relevance to logical concepts. You cannot claimed on the one hand that Mr. Taylor was so a clever tricker and at the same time make illogical statements that Mr. Taylor would be so foolish knowing fully well at the time that the UN and other international bodies were already accusing him of supporting war in SL. And you want us to believe that Taylor would be so foolish to engage in such open unprotected communication with a common radio operator.

    Stop such wishful thinking because it does not make any sense, and no rational person will engage in such foolish communication strategy to feed sensitive security information over open radio communication. Hogwash! So if the information was for Sankoh, why did this witness not discussed about his interaction with Sankoh except the Taylor’s part. This witness’ testimony was simply an attempt to link Mr. Taylor to a crime.

  12. Exactly so king gray, the witness is testifying to what took place as a radio operator, which, thus, places taylor in jeopardy about lying in the witness stand again and again after taking oath to tell the truth and nothing but the truth! All we want here is to prove that taylor’s hand was constantly in the internal affairs of Sierra Leone, and thus being a big player in the conflicts and murders that took place during 11 years in Sierra Leone! Besides, taylor, himself is going to hang himself in his own deceptive narations eventually. This is no’ illusions’ Gray..I am positive about what I am saying here. As for what some of you are saying about Ellen Johnson Govt, I want to say this to you; be thankful because had it not been for her able governance,you and your country would have turned into Somalia because of the lawlessness taylor left you in!

    1. j fallah menjor,
      If Sierra Leoneans want to know who is responsible for their war. All they have to do is look in the mirror.

  13. There we go again supporting Charles Taylor like he has done so much for Liberia. All he did was lie distroy the country. Like I always tell my friends, this is not about Sierra Leone. Everyone in the West including the U.S. and Great Britain know Taylor didn’t do anything in Sierra Leone, he’s only on trial because he started the destabilization of the region, first is Liberia, then Sierra Leone, next its Guinea or Ivory Coast. If the West doesn’t make an example of Taylor every single power hungry man will think he can start his own “so called” war to liberate the people, liberate what people you mean kill the people should I say because know one was liberated in Liberia, all the war did was destroy the country. First its Taylor, then Prince Johnson, they all want to liberate, please get that out of here no one is stupid. And for you people in Liberia who keep supporting Taylor its sad that you can’t open your lies to see, oh I forgot there is nothing in Liberia to see except the trash on every street. Did Taylor get you running water, electricity, or even rebuild the old bridge. And you wonder why the people who were lucky to leave Liberia does not want to return. People need to hold their leaders and government accountable for their actions

      1. Aki,
        I thought he was the former basketball coach of Georgetown, Coach John Thompson….

        Maybe if he is paying attention, he would know the STRUGGLES Mr. Taylor went thru….FORGIVE HIM.

  14. Hey guys, apologies, I meant to say Arms Forces, not Army Forces. Sorry yah!


    Harris K Johnson

  15. Noko4 & Jorne,
    One good thing about us Liberian we quick to say kill then later regret. For most of us we have not learned a thing, but we know everything.
    King Gray most Liberians will NEVER decide for them self, the reason most of us are Poppets.
    Vaa, are you one of the ulimo soldier or RUF? demmm

  16. Hi Tracey
    sorry I have not commented for a while I been out of the UK.
    I’ll still like to sent you the chocolate, bouquet of flowers and to Alpha a battle of wine.
    Just to say thanks for the good work.

    1. Welcome back, 4 ur eyes only – good to have you back and joining the debate again.

      I’m sure Alpha won’t mind if I speak on his behalf too in saying thank you for the kind words – the thought of the chocolate, flowers and wine is a lovely one!


    2. Ur eyes only,
      Please, let this thing stay right at the web site; you liberians boys are brave; no flowers and stuff and stuff.. she said she’s married.

  17. John Thomson,
    what’s your point of argument here?
    If you know that Mr. Taylor should not be tried by SLSC, because he is not guilty for any crime that Mr. Rapp place on him, but should be tried because he is a Liberian or Charles Taylor is that not double standard?
    The Sierra Leonean protected their president, but Liberians must see her president goes to court in Sierra Leone for crimes he did not committed.

    1. Eyes,
      For the LOVE OF MONEY!!!!

      Pres. Johnson-Sirleaf was promised 57 millions dollars by the US. She came in to put the promise into reality, but after she addressed the US Congress, Rep. Royce told her point blame…..ASK FOR TAYLOR OR LESS GO HOME FOR THERE WILL BE NO MONEY. The rest is his tory.

      What was the agreement to got Mr. Taylor out of Liberia and how was he to be return to Liberia??? Pres. Sirleaf or whoever was the President of Liberia was to PETITION the people of Liberia thru their representatives…..meaning the president was to send a request to be voted on by the LEG, but instead Pres. Johnson-Sirleaf took upon herself to request his return….without INFORMING the people representatives until the days he was in the air.

      According to the of Ellen own words in her book, she didn’t want any African troops at the airport upon his arrival and didn’t want him spending a minute on the soil of Liberia. AMAZING!!!. Here ‘s a the former President, a citizen and NOT given him CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS as prescribed under the LAWS and CONSTITUTION.

  18. Sunshine,
    I don’t think you understand the issue at hand what we are saying here. Not everyone are posting here are supporters of Mr. Taylor but what many of us are saying is that the evidences presented in the court room by the prosecutors does not support their case against Mr. Taylor.
    For example, one of the prosecution’s witnesses testified that in 1997 they were getting arms and ammunition from white flower ( Mr. Taylor house ) and shipping them for RUF in Sierra Leone.
    Now in 1997 were there any where in Liberia called white Flower? One of them also testified that during the fall of Gbanga in 1994, Charles Taylor order reinforcement from RUF in Sierra Leone to recaptured Gbanga from ULIMO K, CRC and LPC. In your own mind, do you think and believed that such reinforcements came from Sierra Leone when ULIMO infact controlled the route from Sierra Leone to Gbanga? So is this witness saying that General Vamoyan Sherrif lied by testifying that since late 1991 they ( ULIMO) controlled all of Lofa, Bomi, Cape Mount and Liberian- Sierra Leonean border? I can tell you that ULIMO was in controlled of Lofa in 1993 and that infact ULIMO came from Guinea to capture Lofa.
    ULIMO was also trained in Guinea and Air lifted to Monrovia, this was one of the reasons why Mr. Taylor said he was going to attack Monrovia since ULIMO was leaving Monrovia to attack him and this was in 1992.
    Since you say NPFL was in controlled of Western Liberia, why didn’t the NPFL used Bomi way as part of launching point for Operation Octopus on Monrovia in 1992? Why NPFL only used Mount Barclay, white plane and Robertfield high as launching point for Octopus on Monrovia? The reason is that ULIMO was in controlled of Western Liberia. Thanks for saying that Vamoyan Sherrif Lied to the prosecution when he testified for them that ULIMO he was fighting for controlled western Liberia and the border of Sierra Leone from late 1991 to 1997. So when did ULIMO capture Lofa?
    In April of 1992, ULIMO was in Lofa and I am not telling you they say, I was there. I used to travel from Kelaymai and crossed the ST. Paul River , go through Deukee to Henry Town in lower Lofa into Waisuwah and then to Lofa bridge.
    So I know what I am talking about. I used to buy country rice from the Market in Bong and pay people to transport it to waisuwah for sale. I do speak mandingo, Kpelle and vai but I am Kpelle by tribe so that’s what help me while going to ULIMO control area at that time.

    Mr. Taylor will be convicted on these evidences that has been presented in this court only because the trail will not be fair, as the result, Justice will not be done! In returned, other countries will not agree to sent other Leaders to face prosecutions for their wrong doing.

  19. Again let me say this to you Rumors Mongers; This trial is not about Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and therefore leave her name out of this rubbish. You all seem to sound so patriotic about your love to your country, Liberia, and yet do not seem to care about its future, when you bite the very hand that feeds you! This is why I wonder sometimes about some of you posters educational backgrounds or experience about the injustices your peoples have suffered at the hands of greedy leadership. If you can stand up for taylor who killed you ma and you pa, then why not for Ellen,who raised you ma and you pa from near deaths and lawlessness your generation have come to embrace as way of life! Let me suggest this to you taylor ex-fighters, go to Somalia as a mercenary soldiers since you like that way of life! Most of you do not deserve Liberian Citizenships in the first place! I am very sincere about this! So guys, respect the Leadership of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, or ask for political assylum in Somalia!

  20. I am sorry I couldnt reply earlier to some criticisms from my former post. But I was only referring to the commentary of Noko and others when I said “NPFL peanut gallery”. But what is interesting here is this. Noko and others keep repeating ad nauseum there was no real evidence offerred. Yet if you read actual transcripts of radio operators and others, this assertion doesnt stand. WhenAccused was presented with Dauda Fornie evidence, he almost seemed defeated. That evidence was detailed and was NOT impeached. I think defense spent 23 hours crossing him to no avail. But if you keep repeating “no real evidence” I guess some on here would actually believe you since it does take a lot to read transcripts. And another thing which is amazing…this idea that Accused actually working for peace? Helen, Noko – who were the first people crititicizing Taylor for his actions in sub region. It wasnt US, wanst UK, wasnt some western conspiracy…..it was fellow Africans. So stop this nonsense that he was some victim of west. It trivilaizes the real sufferring of so many in the region. If west had ignored the situation, they would also have been accused of being hypocritical. I am guessing you think also that west or world at large should just ignore Darfur? I mean what do you want. No one is excusing the terrible history of the west in Africa and I would be first to love to see even today’s economic exploiters on the dock – many of whom are western. But that is not relevant to whether Taylor is guilty or not. Finally….you think Kabbah knew that Bockarie was coming to see Taylor and went to Burkina Faso? You really think that? That would be funny if the consequences of those meetings and trips werent so tragic for the people of Sierra Leone.

    1. Bundu,
      I am waiting to see CREDITABLE EVIDENCE…..pictures, essays or documents. I believe this witness produced a log book…..If I am correct, there was NOT a message he logged in from Mr. Taylor or to Mr. Taylor….but we are believe he send messages???

      If I was to give CREDIT to his words, then I will say perhaps he got the dates or time frame mixed up….he might be talking about ’91 and 92, to which Mr. Taylor has told this court he was in contact with RUF. Now I hope you’re following this case and NOT just looking at the case.

      I don’t know who were the FIRST to criticize but from what have been presented in court, it looks like the BIG TWO were there ones…..putting out LIES and NEGATIVE PRs. Did any of the Presidents on ECOWAS cry FOUL??? If so who??? Even Pres. Kabbah was in touch with Mr. Taylor regularly. Even the witnesses presented in this court didn’t know a DAMN THANG as to why he was doing things he was which leads me to ask you….given that he has produced DOCUMENTS to back up his words, that in need whatever he was doing was AGREED upon by ECOWAS and the UN. What is your take on that??

      Did you read the MANDATE of this court and the CHARGES??? If not, please do I beg to truly understand my stand.

    2. Bundu,
      If Kabbah did know Bockarie was going to Burkina Faso what could he have done about it should be your question. Is there a problem with Bockarie being sent for by Blaise Capore who was the chairman of the
      AU at that time. You write as if Taylor fought the war against himself that is why so much destruction went on. The destruction came from the war by all sides inluding ECOMOG.

    3. Bundu,

      Let us accept that america and england disliked Taylor for his war efforts in the
      sub-region. Why did they start another war supplying lurd, model with to undermine an elected government? They and Taylor did the same thing. If Taylor should be punished so should they.

    4. Bundu, your timely response could not have made any difference to the huge influx of posts in reaction to your post. Just imagin, all of the time it took you to respond, you are still misquoting your own quote. However, if for some reason you could not have remembered your previous quote, it you have served you better to read over your previous post before posting. It would have also saved you this embarrassment. This was your original quote dated on September 13, 2009 at 2:42 pm “The commentary section should change its title to the NPFL propeganda gallery” and not “NPFL peanut gallery.” By the way, what’s up with this peanut business? Where are you coming from with this peanut thing? Bundu, take your time and re-read your two post and tell me if it was an honest mistake or you intentionally meant to mislead and deceived the audience.

  21. Fallah,
    Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was the one who started Recruiting people from Nimba through Harris Nuawan long before Charles Taylor came into the picture. Do you remember Ellen Johnson Sirleaf interview on the BBC FOCUS ON AFRICA in July of 1990, when she order Charles Taylor to level Monrovia to the ground?
    In that interview, did you remember her telling Charles Taylor and the NPFL to only leave the Mansion standing and they were going to rebuild monrovia? Don’t you think it takes the over all leader of the NPFL to make such a statement?
    By ordering Charles Taylor and the NPFL to Level Monrovia and leave the mansion standing, don’t you think Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was the real leader of the NPFL? If Mr. Taylor was to listen to the order from his boss lady, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf what you think would have happened to the million of people living in Monrovia at that time? Ellen Johnson Sirleaf committed crimes against the Liberia as well as Taylor and other war lords.

    Just because a man killed my pa and my ma it doesn’t mean that he should face trail for other people doing! The people of Sierra Leone killed their own people and allow those who are responsible served as their God while looking for Justice outside. If Mr. Taylor is responsible for what happened in Sierra Leone then Ellen Johnson Sirleaf share that responsibilities with Mr. Taylor since she was his Seniour commander in the NPFL.

    1. Jocone,
      Just to add to what you are saying, I personally saw Ellen Johnson Sirleaf when came to see the NPFL force in GBORPLAY NIMBA COUNTY. CUZ I was there too. There is no way that she will ever distance her self because she has gotten what she wanted. TO BE PRESIDENT!!!!

  22. Bundu, you stay on this site and hit back to educate these taylor fans about justice and the future of Liberia! Remind them each time about what this trial is all about! Tell them it is about taylors crimes against humanity, sexual slavery, rapes, and murders taylor subjected their mothers, sisters, nieces undergo just for his personal goals and few lowly subjects that frequent this intellectual site! I am with you..remember this! Don’t you see how the come at you each time for speaking up for the victims of Sierra Leone murders committed with arm support of taylor?They are serious as you see their frequent posting thinking this is a matter of poll! By doing so we may be able to persuad them in seeing the truth about this mass murdered, taylor! They feed on eachothers’ posting like vultures! Don’t let them get away with this..they all seem to continue to dream about days they were in power and eating human….! They know what it is so no need going there now!

    1. Dear readers,

      Just a quick reminder of our one main rule for this site: to focus on the issues raised by the trial and not on each other. Of course, and understandably, this trial provokes a lot of intense emotions. But please let’s speak with each other, but not aim our emotions at each other. At least on this site, can we try to channel the emotions raised by this trial into a constructive debate about the ideas and issues surrounding the trial itself?

      Thanks to all for your understanding, and looking forward to our continued conversation together.


    2. Fallah, you and Bundu, who suppose to tell the other to stay on this site? There is no record of Bundu threatening to quit from this site as of now. But, there are overwhelming evidence of you threatening to quit. in fact, you quitted. It was Tracey who encouraged you to continue posting. However Fallah, are you the new commander in chief for Bundu now? Why are you giving this man a direct instruction? You and Bundu combined will not put a square inch scratch mark to the solid foundation of truth and honesty that true lovers of freedom continue to demonstrate on this website overwhelmingly.

    1. Hi J Fallah Menjor
      Thanks for your note and for your understanding. I do look forward to our continued conversations – your contributions and perspectives on the trial always liven up the debate on the site.

  23. I am a bit confuse here when it comes to NOKO4,JOCONE,AKI, KING GRAY etc. Do you guys want justice or just think Taylor should not be in the Hague?. If you think Taylkor should not be in the Hague, then you are in minority on this one, because there are enough evidence for him to be there.Secondly, the prosecution is not losing the case if you analyse the charges against Taylor. Yes no doubt Taylor was expected to denied the charges, that was expected. So far that is all he has done but not provided any substanial eveidence to vindicate himself. Everyone is stuck on this salute report. A doc which did not mentioned taylor as the smoking gun. The truth is it is not, yes it part of the evidence. Documentary evidence in cases like this could span thousands even tens of thousands,which will be used to create a good picture of what really happend and who is culprable and once this is done, Taylor will realise the game is up and he is going down for a long time.
    Taylor has said on several occasion that maybe some NPFL special forces were working with the ruf but not to his knowledge. Well, if the period mentioned is four months, then maybe. But these allegation were around for almost ten years while taylor headed both the npfl and npp and during this period not a single liberian serving personnel was disciplined, dismiss and punish in anyway. Put simply, these allegations were never investigated. Every international body in the world accuse, Liberia and particularly Taylor during this period, atrocities in sierra leone were widely reported in Liberian local media, international media and a Liberian embassy did operate in Sierra Leone. So pledging ignorance is really not going to help him. TAYLOR YOU WANTED TO BE A PRESIDENT AND YOU DID AS A RESULT YOU SHOULD KNOW THE BUK STOP WITH YOU. EVERYONE IN YOUR EMPLOYMENT ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY UNLESS WHEN YOU TAKE ACTION AGAINST THEM.
    And to those who believe there should be a war crimes court for liberia, I think your ideas are good. I hope you’d done this in 1998 or 1999, when Taylor was president. Of course you couldn’t because Taylor will be one of the accuse. Liberians need peace and will decide on how a war crimes court is setup and not done purely because people want to settle scores.
    May I also add that if a war crime court was formulated for Liberia today, the president Madam Sirleaf will not be indicted. Simply because she did not commit any crimes against humanity. So for those who think Liberia should have War crimes court purely to settle score with the President will be disappointed. There are people in liberia who had indeed commited very terrible crimes and this need addressing. Liberia should not encourage impunity in any form or shape but we will not be drag into settling scores.

    1. Eagle Eyes

      I am saying that Mr Taylor should not be in the Hague aqnd I stand by that word. That is because in the first place the prosecution should have done their due deligence to know that some of the issues they are relying on as so called linkage and evidence were totally flawed and illogical from the onset. They used witnesses who told of places that did not exist of people passing through routes that were inaccessible, of meetings held with individuals who were in the custody of the Italian government. etc.

      For the level of attention they give to this case they should have ensured that the case was air tight. This whole concept of changing the rules of evidence and culpability in order to assure a conviction shows that there is an ulterior motive of theose who organise this whole process.

      As to the issue of the leader being responsible for the actions of his men then we should have Tejan Kabbah on the stand as Hinga Norman was one of his leutenants. Why did the buck not stop with him but they said that he was unaware of what went on and thus was not culpable for the crimes committed by the COMAJORS? Is this not selective justice?

      As for impunity in Liberia, of course Sirleaf should be indicted for crimes committed in Liberia. She was just as much guilty as Taylor or Kromah or any other rebel leader during the civil war. Do you think because she was not physically in the country so she is immuned from guilt? Well that is very untrue. She was in a command position. Now this is not dissimilar to what to what you said regarding Mr Taylor. Infact Sirleaf is by far more culpable as she is on record ordering the flattening of Monrovia.

      Don’t let your hatred for Taylor cloud your views. There is no adequate evidence to convict this man. If the international community want to maintain any modicum of respect or credibility they will do the right thing and acquit him.

      1. Eagle Eyes,
        I was going to respond to your post above. However HELEN in her response has covered all I would have said.

      2. Right Helen,

        Moreso, the convulation of lies. Assume the prosecution leading evidence that UN Helicopter transported arms for Taylor and the RUF, is that not preposterous?

        But Mr. Griffiths will be here and we will ask him if he intends to find the pilots, the flight coordinators and the manifests for those flights. If he produces those evidences and debunk the prosecution, then by extension there are other fabrications. We are not responsible to differentiate the truth from non-truth. We set him free because there should be no non-truth in the prosecution’s case.

      3. As always Helen, good and awesome post. You dealt with Eagal-eye disproportionally. I enjoyed you. Eagle-eye thought throwing little jabs here and there was not going to meet stiff resistance. You are wrooooonggggg Eagle.

    2. Eyes,
      Thanks for the SOFT BALL….a HOME RUN!!!

      Now off the bat, HELL YES I wanted him brought to justice and THANK GOD finally, he is facing his deeds relating to Sierra Leone….that said, let’s look at the environment been played out….AGREED??

      We both will agree that Mr. Taylor was NEVER EVER physically in Sierra Leone and therefore cannot be directly involved to any of the charges, right??? RIGHT!. So then we asked WHY is he in the Hague??? Oh well, there is something called THE LINK but where is the link if I should ask you Eyes?? Yes the LINKAGE Eyes??? I haven’t seen it YET and I don’t believe I will EVER see it in my lifetime based on the MANDATE of this court under scoring the word within the MANDATE….”SERIOUS”.

      To start, we’re told Mr. Taylor CREATED RUF, he was the GODFATHER but guess what Eyes, few weeks ago, for the FIRST TIME in this world, a RUF MANIFESTO was shown to the world!!!. A document I may add that was in the hands of the prosecutors; why wasn’t this told to the world that RUF was long existing before Mr. Taylor even dream of starting his crusade in Liberia?? To me, that broke a PIECE OF THE LINK.

      Move on, again another document in the hands of the prosecutors, the RUF STATUE REPORT of ’94; that report in my view solved the WHOLE issue about THE LINK between Mr. Taylor and RUF. It told us that indeed a relationship did exist between Mr. Sankoh and Mr. Taylor but that relationship ended in early ’92. We’ve in evidence WORDS of Mr. Taylor and some witnesses SUPPORTING that thought. So if him been in the Hague is due to his LINKAGE and we have in evidence from the man who ran RUF and one of her MOST senior members telling us…LINK ENDED, WHY IS HE IN COURT?
      Oh I forgot, we’re seeking JUSTICE; I believe that report broke THE LINK period.

      How are we seeking JUSTICE Eyes??? By throwing in the kitchen sink along with the bath tub?? Is that TRUE JUSTICE or JUNGLE JUSTICE??? Some will say what’s about those 91 witnesses, they all cannot be lieing…..I agree, they all cannot be lieing. But the MAJORITY are lieing and their testimonies are critical to this case. And NO I don’t aspect them to remember ALL things in details but atleast give SOLID FACTS.

      Look at the bulk of the prosecutors evidences……HEARSAYS. Yes HEARSAYS. And we accept them to be FACTUAL FACTS?? Don’t get me wrong, there are some HEARSAYS that are of VALUE but that’s NOT the case in this case……we see or hear of TWO, THIRD, FOURTH and some FIFTH persons transmitters. Is that fair to Mr. Taylor??? How will you DISPROVE such NONSENSE if you’re in his shoes??? None of those witnesses with the TWO, THIRD and so on has had those that told them the tale brought in to VALIDATE their words….and we are to accept their words.

      Here’s one on the LINKAGE….a witness told the court that someone told someone who told him that RUF and Mr. Taylor signed a pact. Maybe TRUE but we don’t see any document to tell us WHAT time frame this pact was signed. Could it be this HEARSAY is about the relationship in the early ‘ 90?? If so, YES according to Mr. Taylor’s words and it ended in the early ’90s but if this pact is at another period??? Where is the FACT to back it up….no other witness has alluded to such but a document by Mr. Sam Bockerie called RUF STATUE REPORT told us it ended in early ’90’s. Now if you listen to the prosecutors, there was a relationship beyond ’94 but no FACTUAL FACT.

      Are you following me Eyes??? Continue on, Liberians were fighting in Sierra Leone, they were send by Mr. Taylor….part of the UN PANEL REPORT plus words of some of the witnesses. But again what we’re NOT told…..the Sierra Leone gov’t was part of the reason why some Liberians were fighting in Liberia according to Pres. Kabbah’s words at the TRC. Plus, ECOMOG was training Liberians and Sierra Leoneans in Liberia to go fight in Freetown. Did the prosecutors know of this???? YES!!!

      We know the culture between the two nations…..families trees run deep with no boundaries. The only way you and can tell a Liberian from a Sierra Leoneon is by TALKING. So do we blame Mr. Taylor if a relative decided to help another relative on the other side?? We blame him to Liberians wanting to be warriors??? Fair??? Not in my book when there has NOT been a witness to tell us, HE SEND ME.

      Then come DIAMONDS……the precious stone that truly all my days in Liberia meant less as compare to gold. How many Liberians in this room really care about DIAMOND RING as compare to a GOLD CHAIN??? Does Liberia have diamonds….yes according to what I saw in this court. So we are back to WHY??? If Mr. Taylor during the war years had atleast 80% of the country under his reign and when he became President had controll of all the riches in Liberia, why will be digging in another country?? Secondly, we had of a JAR full of diamonds….where is this JAR??? Mr. Taylor said he was NEVER EVER given diamond by anyone from Sierra Leone, some witnesses said they saw it but don’t know where it is but the prosecutors have linked that MISSING JAR to Mr. Taylor without a single thread of evidence. How could that be possible???

      Well the answer is simple; an INSIDER, Mr. Sherrif, of Mr. Taylor’s cycle told this court he saw Sam Bockerie with a JAR of diamond when he came to see Mr. Taylor. Secondly, the UN PANEL discovered a series of email and in the messages, a CHARLES was mentioned….without finding out who is this CHARLES, the conclusion was it had to be Mr. Charles Taylor. Even a General assigned to the UN force in Sierra Leone told us that ECOMOG was involved in the diamond business. Gambia, a none diamond producing country, had the LARGEST sale on the int’l market during the Sierra Leone war, so wasn’t the leader questioned by UN or these prosecutors to know WHY???

      Lastly but not least, the collections of the various evidences….MISSING EVIDENCES, EVIDENCES NOT PROPERLY MARKED, MISSING LOG BOOKS etc etc. And we spend MILLIONS to have an AIR TIGHT case…..really??

      Now that I have given you the NUTSHELL of this case, what do you think is WRONG here?? I say this is a case that does not meet COMMON SENSE of going beyond the prosecutors’ offices. If this case was in the US, the DA would have thrown it out….CASE CLOSE.

      On the issue with Liberia getting her court, I will say it SHOUTING, it won’t happen!!! Ellen will NOT have the LONE SAY in bringing said court to Liberia. Plus, some that are decision makers are amongst the very person the court will be hauling in. Will they want to sign their death sentence?? Plus, major players are left off. JUSTICE???

    3. Eagle-eye,
      Did you say nobody was punished in the NPFL for supporting the RUF? I think you hjave gotten your facts wrong. Please read the transcript of 14th to 16th Sept, 2009 you will find out that atleast 3 NPFL Special Foces were arrested, investigated and put on trial and eventually executed for coniving with the RUF in SL to overthrow Mr Taylor.

  24. You know if people would only follow the trial instead of talking abt wat charles taylor did in liberia, we would all come to an understanding… People, this trial is NOT I repeat NOT about anything that hapened in Liberia… Pls dnt mention Taylor wrong doings in Liberia… When that time comes, we all wil speak out but for now please keep the comments relating to the trial and its mandate…


  25. Thank you John. I reiterate your point to soem here who keep refering to the things in Liberia. THIS TRIAL IS ABOUT SIERRA LEONE.


  26. Jocone, let me ask you this one question about your continue assertion that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was Boss for taylor and therefore bears full responsibility also: If your assumption is correct, then it should follow that both taylor and Ellen ran on the same ticket in 1996 presidential election, but if this is false premise, to begin with, then why did Ellen flee Liberia for her life? You were probably very young to remember this but if you read or research this, you will not waste your time on this site coming with such conclusion, Jacone. Had you asked me about taylors promises to liberate Liberians from the tarrany of sgt doe back in 1989, I would have correctly told you 80% that he seemed as a better person! However, it did not take long for rational individuals to realize that taylor did not mean any good for the people or Liberia. Especially when taylor started displaying victims skulls along routes of captured territories and eyeing neighboring states to pay his rebels with looted goods and etc..since they had looted everything in Liberia through operation ” pay yourself” which later became popular in Sierra Leone since taylor knew it worked before! So Jocone continue your service in the US Military and prepare yourself to one day help your Motherland, Liberia..This is what I say to my own son too.

    1. Fallah Menjor, it is about time that you refrain from insults, curse words and name calling. I personally appreciate your move of not engaging in any of the incendiary comments as usual. However, I disagree with your post especially when you said if Ellen was President Taylor’s boss, they both would have run on one ticket in the 1996 presidential election. A point of corretion. The elcetion was held July 19, 1997 and not 1996. Secondly, they both wanted political power. However, only one person could have been elected by the Liberian people. The people chose President Taylor over Ellen. Anothing thing, Ellen didn’t run away during President Taylor administration as you want us to believe. She left Liberia at her own volition and return when ever she pleased. I remembered vividly an interview she had with the BBC in 1998. She was asked if she was not afraid for her life in going back to Liberia since Taylor was president. Quote; he is not stupid enough to put his hands on me, end of quote. Fallah, we know President Taylor does have time to waste on Ellen and the other opposition parties. His paramount concern was the WEST. And it is the WEST that is prosecuting him in the name of justice today. As the matter of fact, he even used to called opposition leaders girls wearing skirts. Taylor enjoyed his great popularity from the people and up to now he’s still the most popular politician in Liberia . Last fallah, the only chance President Sirleaf had over Taylor, she took advantage of it and turned him over unilaterally.

    2. Fallah,
      The answer is simple……Mr. Taylor told this court their relationship ended in ’94 I believe….so therefore, they were NOT a team to be on the same ticket.

      Another OPERATION??? Listen to the others Fallah, this is NOT what he did in Liberia but Sierra Leone eventhough you and the prosecutors want to link the two.

  27. John and Helen,
    The reason why these people continue to mention things about what charles taylor did in Liberia instead of Sierra Leone is that they have come to reason that charles taylor should not be held accountable for crimes comitted in Sierra Leone. Just forget about them.

  28. I will start first with Helen, your reason for Taylor not ben in the hague is not a legal want but emotional. Taylor is not guilty unless that is what you think. So to say he should not be there because in your view the case is not water tight is a misconcenption of legality. The Judges having view the case accpets he should be there and so do I. That does not mean he is guilty but he has questions to answer.
    Second, part regarding Madam Sirleaf, again your view more of an emotional one than fact or legal arguement. Don’t forget, the reason for the fallout between Taylor, NPFL and Madam Sirleaf and other on one hand is because did what he wanted without there control and consult, so tying her to taylor’s alledges crimes by association is unllikely to succeed. By the war fighting a war does not make one guilty of war crimes but rather your conduct of the war itself. I will like to see court in Liberia but I am almost certain Madam Sirleaf if indict will walk free. Of course he role in conflict needs to be properly documented for the liberian people to be aware of what she did.

    Regarding culprability, you just said Hinga Norman, said Kabbah was not aware but that is not same for Taylor. We have seen people in services testifying that he indeed was involve. Even his VP president did not vindicate him. Now to accept someone to be your deputy, you must have certain amount of trust and surely Taylor did with Blah and he did not tell the world that my president is innocent of these charges. He did not say Taylor was guility but by sitting on the fence put taylor in much difficult position.

    To NOKO4, of course taylor was not physically in S/L but senior member of the RUF frequent Liberia, especially in Taylor’s control areas. That in it self is not a crime, however, it shows connection. I don’t believe there is any documents which states Taylor created RUF. What I have seen is that he did support the RUF and it alledges that he did indeed control the ruf by enlarge. This is what the prosecution is trying to establish. To say the prosecution case is hearsay is a simplicity of the case. There have been many witnesses, none of which have been discredited by defence enough for their evidence to be baseless. To say the case is base on hearsay is misleading. There have ruf, afrc,npfl, and govt witnesses, many of whom had senior positions. To dismiss their testimony as hearsay is misleading and trivial.
    I will not hang onto this status report, which did not mention taylor in 1994. That is a single report right at the begining of the conflict. unless, we can see a yearly report right up to 2001, you are walking on thin ice.
    As for liberians fighting in S/L, this is not what the case about. It is about Taylor’s relationship with RUF and those who participated in it. The question is not whether or not liberians fought in S/L. It is about Taylor showing he did/did not send people,arms,supplies etc to sierra leone in exchange for diamonds or participated in joint enterprise from which he benefited and had good scope of influence.
    It does not matter who else sent fighter to S/L. Taylor has to answer for the charges against him and if a future charges are levied against others then they will have to answer to that.

    I strongly, believe Taylor did indeed get diamonds from Sierra Leone and by the way the case is not over yet. IF Taylor is not guility, he will walk but to say the evidence produce so far amounts to hearsay is misleading and simplist in description. It also discredit the judges and legal expert who have sat on this case and indeed agreed in totality that Taylor must answer all charges levied against him, hence the refusal of motion of acquittal. That does not mean he is guilty but it shows there are evidence which he needs to counter. By saying i was setup, don’t know, somebody did it too is not going to help him.

    1. Eagle-eye, you are drowning much faster than you can swallow water. Your response to Helen, Noko4, and others is the most blantant display of moral and legal hypocrisy. Your response is so weak and contradictory that anybody can dismantle and demolish it within a split second and that just exactly what I’m doing to your post. In this case, you are serving as a faulty pressure relief valve with limited pressure per square inch(psi) than it can handle on an electic water heater and any other heater. And as the result, you are more of a problem than serving as an alternative solution. Firstly, I concurred with Helen that President Taylor should not be in the Hague. The process that was used to have this innocent man in the Hague was illegal to begin with. There is no legal document or at least UN resolution that grants the indictment and subsequent arrest of a sitting president of a sovereign nation prior to the Taylor episode. I challeng you to provide that UN Resolution. Besides, national laws take precedent over any other laws. Where in the Liberian constitution that says a sitting president can be indicted, handcuffed, arrested, and turned over to face trial in Sierra Leone or other foreign country? Where is it in any UN document that states another country’s president can demand a duly elected president of a small or big country to resign and leave his homeland? Where in the Liberian constitution that says the president of the Repulic of Liberia be it former or current or any other citizen should be subjected to hybrid laws. Eagle-eye, everything is all expofacto law in order to get this one man.
      Speaking about President Sirleaf and the establishment of War Crimes Court in Liberia, you are petrified about Ellen being in the “slammer.” I find it highly evasive of you who are holding President Taylor’s feet to the fire for crimes committed even though he was never in sierra Leone. But on the other hand you are telling us if War Crimes Court was to be brought to Liberia, Ellen will not be indicted. Eagle-eye, you are just too clever by half. You are one of those people who jumps first and looks later or who shoots first and asks question later. However, we have not gotten to the establishment of a War crimes Court yet in Liberia and Ellen has already been indicted by the TRC. It has been recommended that she is banned from politics for thirty years and not to even contest the next general presidential election slated for October, 2011. Besides, Ellen has a track record of subversive activities. Nonetheless, Ellen was indicted, tried and convicted by President Doe’s government in the early 80s for treason. However, she was pardoned by the president. Again, during the 1983 Nimba raid, she was involved again. While awaiting trial for wanting to overthrow the government, she escaped the country through Grand Bassa County. The guy that helped her escaped eventually committed suicide for fear of the far reaching and irreversible consequencies from the government. Again, in 1985 Thomas quiwonkpa invasion, according to her, she was aware. But it was Harry Greaves and others that were collecting money in Philadelphia, Pa. USA for the operation. Now let’s look at the big picture, President Charles Ghankay Taylor incursion. According to her, she was part of the NPFL, she visited Taylor in Boutou, Nimba county, Liberia. She gave him ten thousand dollars. They had a meeting at a hotel in Paris France. Eagle-eye, I don’t want to bore my readers with lots of facts on President Sirleaf. However, do you think Ellen can survive?

    2. Eyes,
      Let’s STOP going in cycle…..Mr. Taylor told this court backed up by RUF Statue Report and other witnesses there was a RELATIONSHIP….a time frame established; I cannot CREATE any of another RELATIONSHIP….can you??? If so, provide the FACTS to back up your HEARSAY.

      I told you some HEARSAYs are acceptable but when it becomes John told Sally, Sally told Jack, Jack told Jill and Jill told me and the prosecutors DO NOT bring in Sally, Jack or/and Jill to back up your words, then how do we know this HEARSAY is a FACT??? This is the HEARSAY I have issue with and if you’ve followed this case when the prosecutors were questioning her witnesses…….90% gave us this kind of testimonies.

      If there were any other REPORTS, believe you mean, it would have been produced in this court…..there ain’t NONE!! So therefore, we will have accept the Statue Report as a BIBLE and a critical PROOF in this case.

      Who send Liberians into Sierra Leone??? On record in this court, Taylor told us he did early ’90s but he ended such activity in early ’90s. Did ALL those men come back when he recalled them??? I, you plus others DO NOT KNOW. Again Eyes, Pres. Kabbah told us Liberians were fighting along side with the SL Army; ECOMOG trained Liberians to go into SL to go fight and some Liberians decided own their own to be warriors. So in REALITY, we cannot blame him when there many CHIEFS in this theater. No witness has told us HE SEND ME.

      We all can BELIEVE what we want to BELIEVE but we have to judge this case on the MERITS of the EVIDENCES. To date, we have yet to see a FACTUAL FACT of diamond been associated with Mr. Taylor; the closest is THIS JAR. This court have searched under every rocks but we are still wating to see something. So again, how do we judge that part of the BLOOD DIAMOND issue??

      Have you follow a trial and the workings of the court……with this case been on the HOT SEAT, only GOD would have DISMISSED it after the prosecutors have rested. I personally felt the prosecutors didn’t PROVE anything to continue, but on the second thought, I am glad the judges allowed it to continue.

      Eyes please STOP playing DEVIL ADVOCATE……

    3. Eagle-eye,
      I think you have a distorted view of the rulling of the court on the motion of acquital. the court in arriving at its decision, refrained from going into the credibility or otherwise of the evidence against Mr Taylor they simply said evidence has been presented to justify an answer by Mr Taylor to the charges against him. Remember there are 11 counts to which he is answering. the most contentious on the joint criminal enterprise he is alleged to have entered into with the RUF in perpetrating the crimes in SL.

      A review of the ruling of the court on the motion of acquital will help you to come to a better understanding of the position of the court at this stage. Also I think a review of the ruling of the court on the Issa Sessay and Morris Kallon case can also provide an insight to colpability with the regard to JCE.

  29. Eagle-eye(returns),

    I believe that I am inclined to commend you for the contents of this post. You have opinions and you articulated them. But above all you tended to be objective. This most welcome. I believe that others who are oppose to the acquittal of Taylor should appreciate this contribution and the presentation of you arguments.

    Said that, taylor is being charged with terrorism among others for planning, aiding and abetting atrocities. So far, no first hand evidence has abounded to the effect that Taylor was or participated in a meeting or discussions to commit said acts. What has been presented claims that Taylor was overheard or information was revealed by third parties.

    Another issue is that of the Norman. It was Rapp, the former prosecutor who claimed that he was not convinced that Kabbah was aware of CDF’s atrocities.

  30. Hey

    The Reason we say that this case is not about Sierra Lone is that from our understanding the normal and ethical procedural that a prosecutor used to draw up this indictment was ignore in all aspect.
    One how did the prosecutor come to the conclusion that Mr.Taylor bears the Greatest responsibility for Crimes committed in Sierra Leone.

    If they claims that it came from testimonies of the Sierra Lone T.R.C then why wasn’t those testimonies presented in this court.

    The reason am speaking like this because i feel you guys understand how indictment are drawn up Fallah, Bundu ,Eagle-eye, you have to have a lead. So where did they get the LEAD that Mr.Taylor bears the Greatest Responsibility WHERE???

    If you say form the media i would say anything can be said in the media.

    Now our contention is that the prosecutor presented 91 witnesses and half of them were victims few were expert and the rest were linkage which were the most important witness. Now expert witnesses testimonies are used to clarified and cannot be used for the acquittal or conviction of the accuse.

    Amongst these linkages witnesses were high profile once LIKE Isaac Mongor, Moses Blah& DAF.
    During cross by the defense none of the guys link Mr.Taylor to any of those crime in the indictment
    For Issac Mongor , I remember alpha or Treacy had to put up a Title Caption “Have the prosecutor damage Mongor Testimonies” because most of the information in his testimonies were added by the prosecutor so if these people had all the information and if Mongor was telling the truth why Eagle-eye, Fallah, Bundu My Educated Liberian Friends just used your common Sense Not the Dr. own to understand this why did they add to the witnesses testimonies WHY???? is this the new style of prosecution?? Please tell us highly educated people

    This court prosecuted AFRC and RUF fighters for war crimes strangely none of them have given evidence that their primary sponsor was Mr.Taylor so these are what we look at and draw up our conclusion.

    Eagle-eye, Fallah, Bundu it is customary now amongst Ellen Johnson supporter like you guys that when ever people try to point out ills in Liberia and to speak freely about Mr.Taylor you guys try to Insult them and call them rebels and supporter of Mr. Taylor or CDC and uneducated WHY?????.

    Even Pres Sirleaf get so confuse and embarrass when ever she sees picture of former president Taylor WHY??

    Let me give you and instance in Jan of 2008 the office for Charles Taylor trial erected a portrait of Mr.Taylor at its 20th Street head office madam Sirleaf held a press conference in which she said that the Liberian people should not mind that it was just a few supported of Charles Taylor still hanging his picture up hours litter 2 unmarked car drove to the office and wasted paint on the portrait. The office erected another one the next day that evening it was attack again. Question is this a free society???? and i want everybody view on this.

    Last Month the former Lands Mines & Energy Minister died and because he work with Charles Taylor she did not attend his funeral two he was not giving a state funeral three instead of the Government sponsoring the funeral as it is a normal procedure she decided to give a personnel contribution this was return to her bye the family with remarks Good WHY?????

    Don’t boast about light because it is no where to be found if this site had a place to post picture i would have up loaded Monrovia night picture.


  31. I just thought to make this point regarding an issue raised in trial concerning Mr. Taylor giving a non-Liberian a Liberian diplomatic passport and appointment to act in Liberia’s interests. I know we have already addressed this issue but there is a story that appear today on the FrontPageAfrica News site quoting a letter from President Ellen Johnson’s United States lawyer:

    “…You should know that, having reviewed extensive materials from all sides, it is my considered opinion that Ibrahim Zakhem, whom I have never met or spoken with, provided consistent, loyal and valuable service to successive Liberian government for many years and should be commended, not condemned for his efforts………Vacant Lots: Soon after his appointment as Honorary Consul General in 1989..”

    The point here is a non-Liberian, I guess an Italian national was appointed in 1989 to served as Liberia cousul to Kenya. You can read the full story at FrontPageAfrica which exposes President Ellen Johnson direct involvement in another one of those usual corruption deals


  32. This comes in response to my good friends and dear supporters of gankay taylor; I think you guys should take your grievances to the GRIEVANCE COMMITEE and stop whinning on this site about Ellen Johnson Sirleaf not attending funeral services for taylor’s former minister or portrait of taylor being defaced! Are you guys really serious here?
    Why should taylor’s portrait hang anywhere on government property in Liberia? You taylor’s boys can hang them in your homes and burn incense to it if you like. For me I am focused on his criminal activities commited to Humanity and lies he continued to invent in this trial and that is what this trial is about! Please fine issues of substance to discuss and not this gabbage about recognition to your chief..taylor is not coming back as your president..remember chucky? That’s what taylor is facing for crimes againt Humanity!

  33. Well, I must start with Jose first. yes, Jose Int. law take precedent of national laws in many cases around human right violation, especially if the nation in question cannot prosecute the accuse. So yes, Taylor’s indictment was above board and legal, even his lawers know that.

    Yes, the president was added to the list of individuals who were recommended to be banned. Just been able to publish such a list is good for liberia’s democracy. This would have been impossible, if not suicidal in the past. Back to your point, She was never added to the section of those responsible for crimes against humanity and been involve in attempts to remove a govt is not a crime against humanity, of course it is against national laws.

    Zobon, i have and will never insult anyone because they support/speak on behave of taylor. What I want for people to understand is that Taylor was not an Idle by stander who was drag into this whole mess through no fault of his own. Taylor is where he is because he brought it on himself. By the way, I am not holding Taylor’s feet to the fire, he did that all himself. The issue of indictment has already been dealt with and Taylor know it was legal and above board. He can either defend himself or try to blame everyone else. This trial is not about Ulimo,Ecomog or LURD. It is about Taylor and his participation in what the prosection term as “joint criminal enterprise” with ruf/afrc. Unless he can successfully defend himself, he will likely spend long time in prison.

    Regarding Taylor’s poster been vandalised, i think that is despicable and indeed what we need in Liberia is open society where people can voice their opinon. As for the govt performance, that will be up to the electorate come 2011. I believe the govt agenda for this term has been good. Bringing a broken country from the brink of paralysis must be commend and I think she has done an excellent job cleaning up Liberia’s image in the region and international. Domestically, she and great deal of fine liberians are working for peace and consolidating the peace will cement the foundation for whoever wins the next election, so for me whatever the result of 2011 is, Madam Sirleaf has done hersef proud.

  34. Eagle-eye ( returns)
    I don’t know what you mean by this trial is not about ULIMO, ECOMOG OR LURD. When you have generals from ULIMO testifying in this case known fully well that, they were the one supplying weapons to RUF from 1992 to August 1997 at which time Taylor became President.

    If this was in your shoes, wouldn’t tell this very court that you didn’t supply Arms and ammunitions due to the fact that you didn’t control with Sierra Leone from from 1992 to 1997? On the issue of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, do you think she’s clean in this crimes against humanity?

    If you say been involve in the attempts to remove a government is not a crimes against humanity, how about the lost of hundreds of thousands of lives in the process?

    Her order to Mr. Taylor to level Monrovia that was holding abuot one million people in July of 1990 and leave only mansion standing serve to as someone who never committed crimes against humanity? We all agree that this trial is not about Liberia in part but it’s impossible to have Liberia completely out of it. The facts is, Liberian have been accused of commiting crimes inSierra Leone.
    One may say, it’s only Charles Taylor who has been accused. We all know very well it wasn’t possible for Taylor to continue supplying weapons to RUF when he was already accused of such before; moreover, fighting two different rebels gourps in Liberia while his government had arms embargo on her. Even the great United States is having it difficult to supply her military what it need to fight the two wars she’s fighting now. So to think and say that this trial is all about Sierra Leone is a little off balance!

  35. Tracey,
    I need your HELP; there is a BAN LIST of Liberians and I have been wondering HOW was this list formated…..in the other words, the PROCESS. I’ve noticed that some that were ON are now OFF…..HOW DOES NO GETS OFF??? And is it ILLEGAL to punish someone without a CHARGE?? It seems like this is what the UN is doing….I thought the UN was to seek the LIBERTY OF ALL??

    The UN has over the years submitted a list of Liberians to have their properties seize and be prosecuted without providing FACTUAL EVIDENCES by Liberia. To start, Liberia has NO CHARGES and even if she wanted to CREATE or INVENT a charge or FOLLOW the UN Resolution due to her Constitution, she can’t.

    Article 21
    a) No person shall be made subject to any law or punishment which was not in effect at the time of commission of an offense, nor shall the Legislature enact any bill of attainder or ex post facto law .

    b) No person shall be subject to search or seizure of his person or property, whether on a criminal charge or for any other purpose, unless upon warrant lawfully issued upon probable cause supported by a solemn oath or affirmation, specifically identifying the person or place to be searched and stating the object of the search; provided, however, that a search or seizure shall be permissible without a search warrant where the arresting authorities act during the commission of a crime or in hot pursuit of a person who has committed a crime.

    So given the Liberia CANNOT, why they cannot be prosecuted by the UN for JUSTICE SAKE or be taken off this list given that Liberia has NO rights to bring them in court or seize their properties without a CHARGE. Pres. Johnson-Sirleaf tried the front, back and side doors to have the LEG pass a LAW violating the very Constitution she promised to uphold and on each try, it was met DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

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