Taylor Says He Did Not Order The Execution Of Sierra Leonean Rebel Commander “Mosquito”; Was A Peacemaker

Former Liberian President, Charles Taylor, took to the witness stand again today after a three week judicial break, denying allegations that he ordered the execution of  a key Sierra Leonean rebel commander, Sam Bockarie, during his neighboring country’s vicious civil war. Mr. Taylor is on trial in The Hague for his alleged role in war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious crimes committed by rebel forces in Sierra Leone.

“The last person on this planet that I wanted killed was Sam Bockarie. I did not order him killed,” Mr. Taylor told the Special Court for Sierra Leone judges today.

Mr. Taylor was responding to the testimony of a prosecution witness who in her September 2008 testimony said that Revolutionary United Front (RUF) commander Sam Bockarie (alias “Mosquito”) was executed in Liberia while returning from Ivory Coast in 2003 on the orders of Mr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor denied the witness’ claim.

“I never wanted him [Bockarie] dead. I liked him as a son. I never gave such an order that Bockarie should be killed,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor dismissed as “nonsense” the witness’ assertion that he ordered the execution of Mr. Bockarie to silence him, given Mr. Bockarie’s level of knowlege about Mr. Taylor’s relationship with the RUF.

“That is nonsense. Who knows more than Issa Sesay or all those RUF commanders on trial at the Special Court? What did Bockarie know that the other senior RUF officers did not know?” Mr. Taylor asked.

Mr. Taylor explained that Mr. Bockarie was killed in a cross-fire with Liberian goverment troops who had tried to stop him (Bockarie) from entering into Liberia with armed men from Ivory Coast. Mr. Taylor denied claims that he sent Mr. Bockarie with a group of fighters to attack Ivory Coast. He referred to Ivory Coast as a friendly country against which he would not have ordered any attacks.

Mr. Taylor was responding in part to the 2008 testimony of a former Sierra Leonean member of Mr. Taylor’s Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU), Jabati Jaward. Mr. Jaward had testified that he was among those sent by Mr. Taylor to Ivory Coast under Mr. Bockarie’s command. Mr. Taylor denied Mr. Jaward’s claim, arguing that the Sierra Leonean members of the ATU decided they no longer wanted to be part of the Unit and decided to travel to different places, including Ivory Coast. Mr. Taylor explained that because they had left the country and launched attacks in Ivory Coast, he (Taylor) gave orders to his soldiers that Mr. Bockarie and his troops must be disarmed before they would be allowed to enter Liberia.

Mr. Taylor said that he personally sent his Vice President, Moses Blah, to travel to the border and put the situation under control. Mr. Taylor said he asked Mr. Blah to ensure that Mr. Bockarie was disarmed and personally brought to Mr. Taylor in Liberia. When Mr. Bockarie and his allied fighters refused to be disarmed, Mr. Bockarie was killed in an exchange of fire, Mr. Taylor said.

“I was very hurt when Blah told me that Bockarie was killed. I sent Blah there because I did not want that boy killed,” Mr. Taylor said. “Blah lied here to say that he was just in the area when Bockarie was killed. I sent him there.”

Mr. Blah testified as a Prosecution witness in Mr. Taylor’s case in 2008 and discussed, among other things, Sam Bockarie’s death.  Indeed, the circumstances surrounding the death of Mr. Bockarie have been controversial throughout the trial. Several prosecution witnesses have testified that Mr. Bockarie was killed on the orders of Mr. Taylor, but accounts of how Mr. Bockarie died have differed among the witnesses.

Meanwhile, as his testimony continued today, Mr. Taylor again returned to a consistent theme throughout his time on the witness stand: that he was a peacemaker in Sierra Leone and acted with the knowledge, consent and backing of other West African leaders in his dealings with Sierra Leonean rebels.  This theme emerged today when Mr. Taylor returned to the issue of Mr. Bockarie’s relocation to Liberia in 1999, after he (Bockarie) had fallen out with RUF leader, Foday Sankoh. 

In responding to Prosecution witness testimony that Mr. Bockarie’s relocation was at Mr. Taylor’s invitation, Mr. Taylor countered that he did not act alone.  Instead, he said  Mr. Bockarie’s relocation was a collective decision by West African leaders who considered Mr. Bockarie’s continued presence in Sierra Leone a hinderance to the country’s peace process. 

“Bockarie was invited by me after consultations with other African leaders. It was decided by ECOWAS [Economic Community of West African States],” he said.

Mr. Taylor also denied allegations that he ordered RUF rebels to fight Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) rebels in Voinjama, Liberia in 1998.

“There were no instructions or knowlege on my part of RUF being called into Liberia to fight,” he said.

Mr. Taylor is on trial for 11 counts of war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious violations of international humanitarian law.  He is responding to allegations that he was involved in a joint criminal enterprise with RUF rebels to wage war in Sierra Leone, and had control over RUF activities, including the crimes the group committed. The prosecution also alleges that Mr. Taylor provided aid and support to RUF rebels in Sierra Leone through the supply of arms and ammunition in return for the country’s diamonds. Mr. Taylor has denied these allegations. He is  testifying as a witness in his own defense.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. Okay, let’s get this straight; taylor agrees he sent Blah to make sure this ‘Boy’ Backerie did not get killed,but at the same token, taylor says Moses Blah lied that he was just around the area when Backerie returned from Ivory Coast, armed to the teeth with thugs, refuses to disarm, and then is killed in the the process! Who is lying here?
    Gentlmen, I told you charlie is like a broken clock that never tells the correct time of the day! Thank you also, taylor, for your admission under oath, that Backerie broke away from the ATU unit before heading to the Ivory Coast. This to me ties you to his were abouts and was not just an accident waiting to happen that this young man and his entire family were wiped off the face of the earth! I rest my case!

    1. Fallah,
      You have come again with this attitude of yours in which you just post comments without fully understanding the underlying issues.

      Look let me tell you if you had read Moses Blah’s testimony well before drawing these conclusions of yours, you would have arrived at a different conclusion. Moses Blah said in his testimony by and large that accidentally he was involved in every step of the way in the activities leading up to the death of Sam Bockarie. Mr Taylor is now making it clear that Moses Blah was lying and it was not by accident that Moses Blah was involved. it was because he was sent there by Mr Taylor. What would you do if you were in Taylor’s shoes at the time? Allow a group of trained fighters to enter your territory without disarming? this cannot be accepted anywhere in the world why should Taylor’s case be different? have you attempted to enter the USA with even a single bullet before? you know what would happen to you if you try it why should Liberia be any different?

      And let me remind you that Sam Bockarie died before there was any form of indictment against Mr Taylor unless you are incinuating that he is God and can know of something yet to happen many months in the future, I do not know the point you are trying to make.

      We all know that Moses Blah lied in his testimony and I repeat he is the greatest traitor in the universe. by the way I do not see how his testimony helps the prosecution in anyway.

    2. Fallah,

      What have you to say about the so-called Sky 1 RUF HF radio station that was allegedly established and controlled by RUF in RIA, or have I destroyed one your of millions lies against Mr. Taylor? I promise to give full account of Backerie death with Blah involvement if you amit defeat on this site. Trust me old head.


      Harris K Johnson

    3. Fallah memjor, do you really understand the issue at bay? Did you follow Blah’s testimonies? If you do replay Blahs testimony in your mind and compare that with what Former President Taylor is saying and let us know. This site is no place for histy conclusion base on hatred.

  2. Will Africa remain “No Longer at Ease”?
    “Opposition attacks Ivory Coast Poll
    Winnie Mandela Faces Fraud Trail
    Africa Union Replace Dictators’ Club
    Nigerian Woman Fights Stoning
    Huge Challenge for Africa Union”

    Members of the prosecution, can you please join your leading advocate, Mr. Rapp and address the questions below?

    Mr. Rapp, who created (a) LURD, (b) MODEL, ( c ) gave Guinea control of Liberia Air Space, (d) is the architect to Guinea junta government to exploit that country’s virgin natural resources while these created junta killed and rape civil women, children and scapegoats?

    Mr. Rapp, what is you and your team’s perceptions of “Corporate Warrior: (Cornell Studies,2003), The Rise of the Practiced Military Industry ? What happens when you sit with your family in the comfort and peace of your Western home at the expense of Africa’s chaos?

    Liberian Human Rights Watch, where are you– opportunist and positions seekers?
    Have any of you read the above mention book of Mr. Singer?
    The young man “provides the first account of the military services industry and its broader implications. The privatization of warfare allows startling new capabilities and efficiencies in the ways that war is carried out. At the same time, however, Singer finds that the entrance of the profit motive onto the battlefield raises a series of troubling questions–for democracy, for ethics, for management, for human rights, and for national security“

    Does Mr. Taylor have rights?

    Is he going to be another dead president of Liberia / dead hero?

    Mr. Rapp and members of the neo-colonial dream team, Mr. Charles Taylor case is “flimsy and contradictory”. There is no real case to answer. Charles Taylor is a victim of an elaborate political conspiracy with the British and American headed by Mr. Rapp spoiling for a fight with a new thinker of Pan-Africanism in the face of neo-colonist that continue the eliminations of Pan- African’s sons and daughters before Taylor that had a bold response for a bold challenge.

    Mr. Rapp, do you know that in about 133 years, Mr. Taylor is the president with the heart to revisit every contract signed in Liberia, and ask that his people be fairly compensated that they too will benefit and love capitalism?

    Mr. Rapp, do you know that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who undermined S. Tolbert at Ministry of Finance, drove a Benz with her budget as assistant under the Executive Manson was never unhappy until now , despite the president signing every contract that your people pass across her desk that Taylor refused to sign?

    Mr. Rapp, do you know that your removal of Charles Taylor from Liberia turned Liberia into an animal farm, a den of arm robbery, and NGO-representatives that are stacking up every penny that claimed to be send to Liberia for development but is used for salaries and benefits?

    Mr. Rapp, Did you read Nkrumah, Kwame(1965), Neo-Colonialism, the Last Stage of imperialism?

    In 1965, President Nkrumah asked “Is there then no method of avoiding the inevitable world conflict occasioned by an international class war?”

    At this juncture, Mr. Nkrumah argued that “no one would suggest that if all the peoples of Africa combined to establish their unity their decision could be revoked by the forces of neo-colonialism. On the contrary, faced with a new situation, those who practice neo-colonialism would adjust themselves to this new balance of world forces in exactly the same way as the capitalist world has in the past adjusted itself to any other change in the balance of power“.

    In hind sight, he explicated that “the danger to world peace springs not from the action of those who seek to end neo-colonialism but from the inaction of those who allow it to continue“. Our so call human rights people and Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf needs to look at the vision of those under western plot only because of seeking the general good of their people and take an inventory view of their actions.

    For those Africans that cannot get the vision, president Nkrumah in his “Last Stage of imperialism” (Nkrumah, 1965) delineated that “in order to halt foreign interference in the affairs of developing countries it is necessary to study, understand, expose and actively combat neo-colonialism in whatever guise it may appear. For the methods of neo-colonialists are subtle and varied. They operate not only in the economic field, but also in the political, religious, ideological and cultural spheres“. This is Taylor’s quest.

    When Liberians hear their traditional friend say they have nothing to offer. How does that make them feel?

    What happens when you hear Nkrumah saying to you from the grave, “They operate not only in the economic field, but also in the political, religious, ideological and cultural spheres?”

  3. Noko4, noko5, Jose and all other true Justice members on this site, I wonder what does papy Fallah and his misinformed Friends have to say about Mr. Taylor testimony concerning the death of Sam Bockarie?

    I have said sometime ago that Sam Bockarie death wasn’t order by Mr. Taylor, instead he ( Sam Bockarie ) was order to be arrested if he should enter Liberia with arms from the Ivory Coast. While Liberian security personnels were trying to have him arrested, he open fire on them killing 17 men.
    At that point, they had nothing to do but to fight back and it was during that fire fight Bockarie got killed. Moreover, I said this long before Mr. Taylor could testify about the death of Sam Bockarie.

    And again I will tell your all the account of Mr. Blah is a complete lie because like I said before, a cousin of my COL morden war ( Sundayboy ), a full bird, was one of the commanders in charge of the units order to disarm and arrest Sam Bockarie if he should enter Liberia with arms from the Ivory Coast. He (Sundayboy) was shot by Bockarie himself on that day and he told me in April of 2009 while I was on R&R leave in liberia from Iraq and show me the mark on him.

    So,what effects does this testimony of Mr. Taylor have on that of Moses Blah who claim that Sam Bockarie was seeing with Yeaten shortly before his death?

    Now everyone have heard from the man himself ( Taylor ) that he order Sam Bockarie disarm and arrested if he should enter liberia with arms and he did sent Blah to put the situation under control at the border when the fighting was going on between Bockarie and Liberian security personnels.

    Now Fallah and the rest of the so-called prosecution guys, what do your think about Moses Blah testimony at this point? Is Mr. Blah still one of your star witnesses who testimony is nothing but the truth?

    Like I said before that, the fighting at the border wasn’t easy as I was told by people who was actually involved. I was also told that Mr. Blah recieved the body of Sam Bockarie in Ganta, Nimba County and Mr. Blah did not reach to the border as he was order to by Mr. Taylor.

    Don’t your think it’s time for your to investigate more than just concluding on testimonies that seems to be agianst Mr. Taylor and just go speeding with it without asking yourself some questions? Well guys, let’s wait to hear how J. Paul Kromah died, I think it will be next on list.

    Anyway,I will back again soon, I have a mission and SP is in few hours and I need to get my Soldiers ready for this mission………….. GOD BLESS AND PROTECT YOU MR. TAYLOR AND WE WILL OVER COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GHANGAY FOR PRESIDENT 2011!

    1. Jocone,
      Fallah and his misinformed friends have to say that it is lying Taylor words against a dead man words who will be the judge, you and I have formed an opinion about the situation you say he did not order the hit because he says he didn’t, I say Taylor ordererd it, because he sounds fishy and it sounds like something he will do. You or Taylor have no evidence to prove factually what Taylor said. Just like I do not have evidence to dispprove Taylors testimony, so we wait and see. When you get some substantial evidence to prove it, please feel free to share.

      -signed, Fallah miss-informed friends, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Prosecution witnesses giving conflicting accout of Bokarie’s death is nothing strange and new for most of us who’ve being following this trial. Notwithstanding, from the inception of the prosecution false case, the world knew that the case was inherently flawed, based upon the lack of due process, evidence gathering, and the total disregard of the rule of law. However, I’m sensing a big confusion and contradiction in the witnesses testimonies. Which one of these witnesses statement we should accept? Ladies and gentlemen, the prosecution witnesses are having a collective gaffe because they were not well coached, improperly trained, and well coordinated by their employer who is the prosecutors. There is no case here. Please leave this man alone.


  6. In any case, there are possibilities that some will say the truth and some will lie or be paid to lie. But the best testimony will have to come from the horses self mouth, like in the case of former president of Liberia, Charles G. Taylor. I want to comment on two important issues. One about Sam Bockaries’ death and the issue of attacking Ivory Coast. From the beginning of the testimonies of what I considered as heresays, Sam Bockarie was actually one of the main men of Charles Taylor and that he Sam was more than just a fighter to Mr Taylor, of which Mr Taylor himself accounted for. Now my question is, how would someone feel so good in killing a person like that? Ivory Coast, Mr taylor route was Ivory Coast, and only Ivory Coast as many including Mr Taylor himself stated. Now let someone answer this, will you deficate on a road that you use everyday to go on your farm? I don’t know why Taylor would have wage war on Ivory Coast if Ivory Coast was his only give-way to his struggle in Liberia. As Mr Taylor have given his time to speak out in this trial, lets us open our minds to listen to his counter reaction to what all the HERESAYS have said about him. I just hope that all of the diamond diggers at the ICC are listening very very well to what mr Taylor is saying as he is the key person in this case and to those that were told to say things against Mr Taylor. I also hope that the ICC is about to complete the documentation of the case involving Iraq.

  7. Jose, Noko 4 and 5, King Gray, and the list goes on. Many thanks to you guys for the information give us so far. You guys are all true sons of the soil. I want to make this clear to Africa and not just Liberian. Charles Taylor is one of the best Leaders we Liberians ever had. I don’t care how Fallah, Abu Kamara and the rest think. Jobcone you are great everthing you said about the death of Mosquito death are facts. Taylor said excatly the same thing. God Bless you brother. As For Amax you commented the last time and that short sighted Fallah said you should only read and not make comments on this site, you are great as well and God bless you. Who is this Mongor who claim that he talked with Taylor himself on a radio at that time? At the same time another witness came up and said there was no radio for the RUF by that time. I watched the trial today and all of the witnesses accounts were mixed up and this is really not leading them anywhere. The persecutors I mean,What a shame. I wish Rapp and Crane were still there so Taylor can make them look more stupid. Jose Noko 4 and 5, Helen, King Gray. John and not that( John Thompson who has the same idea of Fallah with the two masters and the first Liberian that got an American citizenship) God Bless you guys and I know Taylor will be free in time to come.

    1. Leoroy you need to consentrate on the trial for your chief and forget about fallah’s degrees here. Whether you like it or poke fun of me, I have them becaused I earned them,they will not be taken away because I disagree with leoroy, nono5,4,ajlay or harris on this site! I am proud of my citizenship of America, just as I am of my nationality of Liberia and of the great Kissi Tribe of West Africa. You do not have to agree with this! You just need to live it leoroy.
      You only make me disrobe the chief more if you keep being rude towards fallah on this site! Let’s talk about what matters here from now on, Leoroy.

      1. Fallah,

        Which chief you think that you can disrobe on this site? Beside, I have nothing to do with your many degrees and American citizenship. My 18 years old daughter is also an American citizen like many others, but that does not matter on this site please.

        Harris K Johnson

      2. Fallah,

        I do not dwell on triviality ok. What citizenship you desire is your right and I have no business meddling into that. OK. My issue here is your refusal to comment on the implication that our elders who manage their zoe bushes eat human beings while there. If you can make a straight forward comment on this issue so that we know where you stand, I would be most delighted, and clear as to who you are and what you stand for. Men should be fair minded and levelheaded. Men should concede when they err or admit when there is a wrong. So far we do not know where you stand on this issue. Are our elders cannibalists?

    2. Thanks for the kind words Leoroy.I wish you Gods blessings too. I also wish Gods Blessings to Fallah and rest. We shall all live and see Charlies’ next reign. We shall all be around and contribute our expertese to our belove country, (liberia). I hope we are disagreeing in principles to agree and be one in the finali.. Fallah, thank you this time for giving me your attention.. I appreciate it.

  8. Fallah,
    Again I am telling you that Moses Blah is the one who is lying here. Now let’s go back to what I said a Month or two ago concerning the death of Bockarie. I wasn’t there when Bockarie got killed but I was told by people including my own cousin COL Morden war (Sundayboy Davis ) who was an officer during the war, fighting for the NPFL told me in APRIL OF 2009 that he was involved in the fighting with Sam Bockarie at the border that led to his death.

    Infact, he was one of the commanders in charge of the units order by Mr. Taylor to have Bockarie arrested if he should ever step foot on the liberian soil with arms and that’s what Mr. Taylor said today. Moreso, I wrote this on this site long before Mr. Taylor could testify and he said just what I was told.
    Sundayboy told me also that the body of Bockarie was turned over to Moses Blah in Ganta; Ganta is not the Ivory Coast- Liberian border; moreover, Moses Blah testified that he saw Yeaten and Bockarie together shortly before Bockarie death which is not true and you now know at least from Mr. Taylor testimony today that Bockarie left Liberia for a while before returning with arms men.

    In this light, will you say Sundayboy is lying when what he told me was what Taylor said today?
    One witness testified that, Bockarie was on his way to overthrow Mr. Taylor government that’s why he was killed, another testified that Bockarie knew too much about Mr. Taylor; therfore, Mr. Taylor order him killed to destroyed evidances against he Mr. Taylor. Another one testified that Mr. Taylor sent Bockarie and his men to fight in the Ivory Coast. Which one of these stories we should believd ?

    My question to you FALLAH is, why will you killed someone whom you trust so mucn and have sent to carry out a mission for you and the mission is still on going? Where in this world does this actually make sense to you as educated as you claim to be papy Fallah?

    Just to let you know Fallah, Sundayboy is standing by and willing to testify and he also have pictures of the body of Bockarie with he Sundayboy on the pictures. I did say in my comment back then that, I didn’t want to say alot until we can come to that point of testimony.
    Those pictures might be coming out in this trial some times in the future.


  9. Ladies and Gentlement, I understance that all of you on this site want for justice to previle but one thing Iwant all of to know is that Mr. Taylor is a very dangerious and unpredictable person who don’t care about anybody but himself I can’t say that Mr. Taylor never order the murder Sam Burgerie I’m very sure that Taylor went the Ivory Coast revenge the Death of Gen. Gaye Rubel who was murder in late 2000 or the beginging of 2001 and it will not be suprising to for Taylor to order the killing Sam Burgarie because Sam Burgarie men murder the Ivoran rebel commander in Dannale in 2002 and the Ivoran rebel commander was the first cousin of Taylor SSS director Benjamam Yeaten and one thing I know very well about Taylor is he will killed
    anybody who will want to stand in his way. Some may ask who is this guy? All I’ll tell you I was in Taylor control area the “Greater Liberia” from 1990-94 so I did saw whole lots of Taylor tricks and so that justice will previle for all those innocent people who lost their lives during Taylor bruters fight for the Liberian presidences and let their soul rest in peace!!!

    1. Hi Noko5 — thanks for your note. Just to let you know I can’t post your note to another reader because it violates the policy for the site. Would you mind resubmitting and redirecting your comments on the trial issue you are raising? I’m happy to post your reformulated comment – apologies for the inconvenience.

    2. Joe, if you may recall on July 19,1997, President Taylor was voted for overwhemingly by over 75% of the total votes cast. Meaning, the Liberian people don’t see him as dangerous as you may want us to believe. You are just one member of the very few minority that advancing your own hidden agenda. Nice try though. By the way, he is not unpredictable. He says what he believes and what he will do. How can such a man be unpredictable?

  10. Ladies and Gentlemen on this site:
    I want to thank papay fallah for all his misleading information concerning the Taylor’s trial.
    Now that Taylor is on trial in the Hague, let papay fallah come to Liberia and use some of his pension money to develope Foyah and stop making empty noise.
    COME HOME(LIBERIA), papay fallah, foyah was destroyed by your brothers(Lurd) come and help to rebuild it.forget about Taylor, come and prove youself developemental skills you learned abroad.

  11. Hi Joe
    By the way what are you talking about here? Do you really understand what this case is all about? Or do you think you are the only person live in Greater Liberia during the the days of the NPFL? Which tricks are you talking about? Look this is not the place for you to just come and throw words. I am not the one to teach you but since you want to make comments here please read or get to know what the trial is all about before saying things. Since you claimed that Taylor order the killing of Bokarie I will like to ask you Joe this question. What prevented Taylor from killing Bokarie all of those times he spend in Liberia? Why should Taylor wait for his return from Ivory Coast before ordering his killing?

  12. Andrew,
    Thanks for the kinds words brother! We’re here to support true Justice for all and it is the right thing to do!

  13. Sam Bockarie was killed while trying to enter Liberia with a group of armed men from the Ivory Coast. There is a credible report that his wife, children, and other family members were also killed at the time of his death. Were these people also armed when they tried to enter Liberia?

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