Court Adjourned For A Second Day

The trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor was adjourned for a second day in a row today as lead prosecution counsel Ms. Brenda Hollis was not in court to continue the cross-examination of Mr. Taylor. The proceedings could therefore not continue in her absence. Justice Julia Sebutinde, who fell ill and for whose absence proceedings were adjourned yesterday also could not recover from her illness and was absent in court today.

The cross-examination of Mr. Taylor continues tomorrow.


  1. Chase them crazy
    Chase those crazy bold head.

    Did Ms Hollis recieved a phone call for A BIG BIG BIG JOB?


  2. Ms. Hollis

    do you need more time to rearrage and reconsolidate your fake documents? GOD LORD ALMIGHTY, WHICH WAY SHOULD WE TURN? UNBELIEVABLE.

    1. Dang! I predicted that because of her blunder last week with that letter she won’t cross examine on Monday, but I didn’t think it was going to make her sick too…She messed up last week. I

      So does anyone believe that she is really ill or restrategizing?

      1. bnker,

        I didn’t and still don’t believe she is actually ill.

        These people continue to practice a try and error method on the former President of the Republic of Liberia, President Ghankay Taylor.

      2. Bnker,
        Stop pretending. You know you got idea of what happened to brenda. Are you trying to pick somebody mouth??? My brother just tell where you saw brenda going, doing or planing.

  3. Brenda Hollis
    This lady is up for another trick again. Why didn’t she appear in court today??? This is a nocall no show. I hope she knows that as a fomer military personell, we expect a high level of discipline. No call, no shows are totally, totally unacceptable.. periode!!!!! Now , I want to know from Alpha please sir, what was Brenda’s excuse today? Why she did not appear in court? Thanks Alpha


    To all.

    If you have interest in knowing how arms and ammunitions actually were sent to Sierra Leone, this website could help in that regards. It provides a graphic picture of the deals and transactions.

    It is just a simple click away. Just drag your mouse to the site above and click.

    For those who have seen and not read this website, if you have interest, you can also see it.

    Many thanks again to our Sierra Leonean brother, Chez Winakabs, who is the origin of this site being accessible to all readers on this website.

    1. Jose,
      Thanks for providing the link and I hope those who are anti Taylor not trying to understand the secret behind this trial will have a open mind not for Mr. Taylor but to better understand root cause of the war in Sierra Leone!

      We have said over and over again that Sierra Leoneans are responsible for their but some seems not to agree but to hold someone else! In that link, Kabbah sold the people of Sierra Leone by signing a contract in which Sierra Leone will pay $200,000,000.00 to diamond company for sending $10,000,000.00 to get him back in power from Guinea with help of Nigerain and Guinean Soldiers.

      Due to Kabbah actions, part of Sierra Leone is now under controlled of Guinean Troops. The town of Yanka is under Guinea controlled and have refused to withdraw her troops from that area of Sirrra Leone.

      President Kabbah did signed a contract with the Guinean Government to used the entry point of yanka in Sierra Leone for the transfered of weapons which fell in the hands of the RUF at the time.
      I can’t wait for this to come out in court!

    2. Jose,
      Great information! I am not surprised that foreign countries or corporate interest were involved in the war in SL as were Liberia. The Executive Outcome originally was founded in South Africa. Their executives were members of the South African military and foot soldiers were from all over mainly the southern region though. They probably moved to Canada when they were band in South Africa. Several years ago, there was a coup in Equatorial Guinea, the members of that military who staged the coup were former members of Executive Outcome and they relinquished power after meeting with their former commander who requested that they return power to the president.

      But corporate involvement in wars are nothing new. I remember while doing my undergrad, I met this gentle who married a lady from Chile. He informed me that he met the CEOs of the companies who sponsored the military take over in that country (years after the takeover). When he found out I was from Liberia, he asked which company sponsored your (1980) coup? He explained that several military takeover are financed by companies. There was a movie called, “The Dogs of War” it is believed to be based on Liberia. Infact that movie was band by the Doe adm. In it, a goverment for a fake country called “Sangaro” was overthrown. Somethings that were give aways. For example, when they group was leaving to overthrow the president of Sangaro, they said stopping in Sierra Leone and the last stop is Monrovia. Also, one of them was killed too…”the unknown soldier”, possibly? This is my conspiracy theory!

      But, good information!

      1. Bnker,

        Why are you avoiding the crux of this revelation from the video. It is not the involvement of foreign companies in regime changes in Africa that is of importance to this trial. The importation of arms(2,500 pieces of AK47 and 35 tons of arms and ammunition) admist a UN embargo, with the knowledge and support of Kabbah. Yet Taylor is being tried for the same thing.

        But if you will read the testimonies fo Mr. Taylor, you will find that he covered this issue. In fact it was prosecution that disclosed this document to the defense. And Mr. Taylor covered the involvement of executive outcome, sandline and the mortgaging of the diamond field by kabbah.

        what will be of great value is for this video to surface in court on the defense behalf. It will seal the case for the defense.

        Since this video was released by Winakab, most advocates of the prosecution’s theory have avoided commenting on it.

        As we were misled into believing that it was ecomog that removed the jaunta, so are we being misled about the complicity of Taylor. But that is what the trial is about.

        1. Andrew,
          Let me tell you something . Bnker has looked at the video. But you know what, he will never want to state the facts he saw. Only because he’s embarrased. This guy is a wolf in sheep clothing..

      1. I think the video was good….while I always suspected “contracting firms” involvement in SL, this is nothing new, they are used in Iraq, if my recollection is correct, approximately 30% of all forces in Iraq are contractors. In fact Tim Spicer is there also. While I find the video informative…..the key here is “timeline”. Greenburg and Buckingham and later Tim Spicer involvement were all after the time frame in question for this trial. Yet, I am not dismissing the report. The trial is based on the early 1990’s.

        For those who want to hear more about Tim Spicer…here is a link from a former CIA agent. You may google him also.

        1. Bnker,

          There you go, stating that the trial is based on the early 1990’s. And you claim that the executive outcome/sandline intervention was post trial timeframe. No brother. The arms embargo were meant to suffocate the junta of Johnny Paul Kromah, therefore your claim is inaccurate. Secondly, the intervention led to the restoration of Kabbah governoment to power, therefore it could not have been beyond the timeframe of this trial, that began late 1996.

          It is not common for some individuals to provide rational rather than admitting the obvious. Kabbah violated the UN embargo, and this was known to the prosecution yet they refused to implicate Kabbah. It is not strange however.

      2. Grebo,

        thanks for the flattery. Just joking. Grebo Pekin, these people have no case against this guy and they know it.

    3. Jose, you just give me the big scare.

      OOOWWWW!!!!! with all these information why is Taylor being head responsible for ARMS and AMMUNITIONS in Sierra Leone?

      How can Mr Taylor defence team have access to these information?

  5. Alpha, did Ms. Hollis give any reason this time why she failed to show up to work at the normal working hours?

    Ms. Hollis, what is your excuse again this time?

    Where is Ms. Hollis?

    When will she ever come back to work?

    1. Jose,
      Mr. Mohamed Bangura who made appearance for the prosecution this morning informed the judges that Ms. Hollis was indisposed, meaning, she was ill and therefore could not make it to court.

      1. Ha ha ha…….STEEL meets STEEL, STEEL jerks.

        I say Ms. Hollis take all the time you need…..Mr. Taylor is NOT a pull or push over.

  6. Are you guy trying to play delay tectaties on the proceding of Mr. Taylor.He is criminal. let he die
    Has you know that mr. Taylor had did lot of killing in Liberia and in Sirra Leone for diemond bussess. Therefore let Mr. Taylor be hange let the whole world see it or hear it. MS. Hollis who responsible do her job, and let the whole world be please let Sirra Leone, and Liberian people know. MR. Charles Taylor can’t be free. He is to kill the same way he kill all these people let hem die too.

  7. Mr Taylor is a criminal he kill lot of people so he need to be kill or hange he can’t go free. Therefore this messege to MS Hollis, and processing group. Let Taylor be finish.

  8. I don’t know, I do have a funning feeling that she is considering to quite. I am not sure if she can do that at this point. I was wondering, what will be the outcome of this case if she was to do that?

  9. Teage,

    did you find that site helpful? I mean the website that was provided by our Sierra Leonean brother Chez Winakabs and reposted by me.

  10. Hi all,

    I have been reading comments on this site which I think are very much important to outsiders who does not know about the wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Comments from both ends for, and against Mr. Taylor are intresting and I think I must join to share my view as a Liberian. Hands up for all of you that have make site a better place to be. With God above, I will come back soon.


    Jensen Kortu

  11. Dear God,

    May these people never see peace until Mr. Taylor is set free. Please confuse is enemies and bring them down to his feet as you did in Liberia during the war days when many factions were found to fight against him, but later cease fire and salute him as President of the republic of Mama Liberia. This is my prayer in Jesus’ name: Amen!


    Harris K Johnson

  12. Educated people are smart and crafty and so is Ms Hollis. Fellows, the only excuse she her Co’s can find now to enable them put their house in order. That is why she has decided to take sick and that is nature any living being will have to consider such excuse.

  13. Ms Hollis,

    Yes, you can never have it both ways, meaning you can not eat your cake it have it. Oh my God, ‘water done pass garee’’. You got to show us some proof now or simply apologize to Mr. Taylor and the misinformed people of Sierra Leone that you and your masters make to believe all these years that Mr. Taylor is responsible for all the nonsense melted against them by their own sons and daughters. We fought, but our hands and legs are stay with us unlike those of our poor brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone. This clearly shows that our civil war was a different one. Let me remand you that a good general knows when to retreat for the safety of his/her troops. I think it about time that you back off.


    Harris K Johnson

  14. Jose God will richly bless you for this site posted for someone like me to see. What why are we so wicked to ourselves? Fallah, Big Joe, Ms Teage, Sansee, Eagle eyes, John Thompson, Brave I beg you guys in Jesus name please watch this site that Jose and see how the Sierra Leoneans sold their own brith rights for power. After that you all will learn from it. Wait why is it that the persecutors wasting lot of time on Liberia? As I said before your first impression goes a long way. From the day the persecutors started what they show you (not us who knew they have no proof), you knew it was a weak beginning. What the world want to see is what they the persecutors make you to believe in such as the links of supports. how that bank account came into being, the proof of the trucks load of weapon from white flower, the pregnant woman grave, part or parts of Taylor house or the tunnel under Taylor house where the Weapon are kept, copy of the contract to be in charge of the RUF and many other you guys know the crime. It seem to me that Taylor is under the same direct examinations he had with his defend team. Fallah, Big Joe, John Thompson Big Joe, Sansee, Brave, Ms Teage you guys please got to that site and watch it and you will know in dept. Good day

    1. Leoroy,

      The site is informative….but it does not address the time under consideration by the prosecution. I think individuals like Tim Spicer should be prosecuted, but frankly, governments need them. Until recently contractors were not held under the same standards are troops. At some point they could torture (interrogate), and use what is called excessive force without punity. So when the dirty job is needed and western nations want to keep themselve clean (sorta), they use the dirt balls—contractors!

      1. bnker,
        the video addressed the time frame under consideration. Stop misrepresenting the facts on purpose. The timeline of the restoration of President kabbah back to power, falls under the period Mr. Taylor has been held liable for. President Taylor is being held responsible since November 1996 up to the time he left power in 2003. On the other end, President kabbah was deposed aroud 1998. Now bnker, the video you and I saw, vividly narrated how kabbah turned over the diamond mines of Sierra Leone in return of his restoration to power. It also revealed how arms and ammunitions were sent to Sierra Leone. It certainly informed the world of the quantities and types of warlike weapons that were sent. Not only that, it elaborated however, how much cash was invested and how much was the return. About 10,000,000.00 was invested and 200,000,000.00 returns. So bnker, what more do you need BNKER?

        On that note, how can you tell us that the video did not address the time under consideration? bnker, I don’t know your game plans here. However, if you have the intent to deceive through negligence, culpable ineeficiency, and deliberat denial, you will always be exposed by the facts.

        Try again.

  15. Frist of all , I will have to admit that this new prosecutor is better than Ms. Brenda Hollis, although, he, at times seem to be employing Hollism. But I do not understand how he expect for Mr. Taylor to proved a negative. I thought the burden of proof lies with the prosecution but this guy is asking Taylor to shown documents that he did this and that.

    What kind of prosecution is that court engaging into? How can you ask an accused person to prove that he did not commit a crime? This is a different kind of political drama we are witnessing in this case. But on the whole, Coujohn is more strategic than Ms. Brenda Hollis. I think he is making the prosecution cross more interesting than what we saw in the past weeks.

  16. LEOROY DENNIS, I will say to you what I said to other guys, if you believe that the govt of sierra leone bought arms and said to the ecomog and sandlines go and kill civilians, then I know you are just as dishonest.

    The truth is that govt. of sierra leone has all the right to hire/buy arms to defend the integrity of that country. No one will charge a country leader with crimes against humanity for buying arms, legal or illegal. It is the use of those arms (legal or otherwise) that warrants such charges(s). Sierra Leone diamonds were/are not the property of Taylor/Liberia and he had no right getting involve in that area.

    But as I said the judges will decide, whether he go free or not. This videos is no revalation becuase as evident by individuals in the video, they are not hidding anything, whereas we know taylor is hidding things things. Deny knowing people etc.

    1. Eagle eye,

      you sound like Mr. Stephen Rapp. However, in the case of Sierra Leone, those illegal arms and ammunitions that were sent against the UN Resolution, ended up in the hands of the Kamajor, RUF, AFRC, and other places that eventually anihilated the people. Bear in mind now, the field commander of the Kamajor and others that used those weapon for the intended purpose were found guilty by the SCSL.

      Eagle eye, where have you seen in a war that arms and amminitions which are the major component of war, not used to killed or destroyed lives and properties? The bogus talking point Mr. Rapp left with you guys continues to be regurgitated by you in a nauseating manner.

    2. Eagle Eyes,
      If you thing those illegal companies that brought arms to sierraleone were right , then why are you on this site making noise behind Taylor? Do you know that Taylor had the rights to protect liberia from you sierraleonean thieves by all means too???

  17. If the west can informed the world that Saddam in Iraqi has weapon of mass destruction, than invade that country. Why can they placed their burden of guilt on Mr Taylor as they enrich themselves, with the diamonds from Sierra Leone?

    Sierra Leone has one of the world richest nature mineral, but yet Sierra Leone is one of the poorest in West Africa.

    Britain being in that country sense it’s independence from Britain, what happens to all the diamonds that was taken? will Britain give back to Sierra Leone through the united nation a development package?


  18. I said it before and i will say it again : Tejan Kabbah is an internatinal war criminal and a crook not charles Taylor !!!!

  19. What a day in court it was……atleast for the first time, the prosecutor showed something in the line CROSS EXAMINATION but failed to lay a HARD PUNCH…..

    Score reads Mr. Taylor 7 vs Prosecutor 0!!. Someone asked me how do I grade the match….well, after the dust is settled, Mr. Taylor is still left standing with only SWEAT coming down his cheeks….of course the prosecutors got in few jabs but some under hooks and a combination of left right made the prosecutors to back back running out the clock in between rounds.

  20. With all fairness, the new prosecutor that crossing President Taylor seems to be by far better than Ms. Hollis. At least, he was able to talk about some of the charges against President Taylor directly involving Sierra Leone. However, one of his problems, is this mind game and putting words in Mr. mouth.
    If he can just stop this mind games with Taylor who understands his game plan, we will all be watching an interesting trial.

  21. The new Prosecution today did show a little fight. The prosecutor did make thing exciting. But as Ms. Hollis it the evidences the prosecution presented is what has them at loose end. The prosecutor ask Mr. Taylor for documents that they had aasccess to and should have present them in their presention to the court. That tell you the defense is looking pretty good at this time. Trying to trick Mr Taylor in to changing his testimony is not going to work.

  22. Hollis had run away and the case has not start yet. The new one was trying to play some tricks today but Taylor kept remaining him of it before answering his questions. Fallah Big Joe, Ms Teage, Sansee, Brave, John Thompson, and my right hand man Vaa, hope you guys have view the site provided by Jose. The new leader of the persecutors trying to go to what we all been waiting for but he was very shock for what he got today. Did you guys notice today that the defend team were smiling when Taylor was answering, this show to me that he is on track.

    1. Leoroy Dennis,

      How many times will the prosecutor change to another prosecutor, to another prosecutor, and one more pair, and another one, and one more prosecutor? First however, it was David Crane, than Stephen Rapp, than Brenda Hollis, than Nicholas Koumjian and who else?Oh! I know. Strategy.

      Is this a strategy again?

      Well, Leoroy, there we have it. These people have no case on this innocent man. for them to say it, they are telling us it is a strategy.

  23. Guys,

    if you have means of recording the video provided on how Sierra Leone got arms and ammunitions and all of the deals, transactions and etc, I will strongly encourage you to do so.

  24. Leoroy Dennis,
    Which proof do you ready need in order to be convinced that the RUF was taken direct directive from Taylor?

  25. Big Joe we need the proof of the bank account from the blood Diamond sold, how these weapon were shipped to Sierra Leone, a signed document by the former leader of the RUF to Taylor that he is in charge for this date forward, the road leading to the tunnel under his white flower residence where weapons were kept, the pregnant woman grave in his yard, that mazah talked about, the proof that he ordered the death of Sam Bokaira etc. Big Joe you know the crimes you guys got against him I just name few so you can add the rest and help the persecutors with the proof. That the proof we are talking about.

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