“I Decided That I Will Leave Liberia For The Sake Of Peace,” Taylor Tells Special Court For Sierra Leone

Charles Taylor decided to leave the Liberian presidency for asylum in Nigeria because he wanted peace in his West African homeland, he today told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges in The Hague.

“I decided that I will leave for the sake of peace,” the accused former Liberian president said.

In August 2003, as rebel forces advanced on the Liberian capital Monrovia with an aim of unseating Mr. Taylor, the former president agreed to step-down as president. He left Liberia in August 2003 and relocated to Nigeria, where he lived until March 2006 when he was transferred to the custody of the Special Court for Sierra Leone. In his testimony today, Mr. Taylor explained the circumstances surrounding his departure from Liberia and the unsealing of the indictment against him by the Special Court’s Chief Prosecutor.

His concern for the suffering of the Liberian people caused by rebel forces was the motivating factor in his decision to step down from power, Mr. Taylor said today, which he announced to other West African leaders during peace talks in Ghana in 2003.

“I told them that if I am the problem in Liberia, I’ll go and tell the people that look, I will leave,” he said.

After giving this assurance in the office of the Ghanaian president, an announcement was made that the then Chief Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, David Crane, had issued an indictment against him.

“Everybody was upset. The meeting almost came to an end,” Mr. Taylor said.

The accused former president said that he still kept his word. “I promised them that I will still step down,” he said.

West African leaders assured Mr. Taylor that they would inform the United Nations Security Council that the indictment was “unacceptable” and that it would be “quashed,” he said.

“I was informed that the UN Security Council will meet and the indictment will not stand. It was based on that assurance that I got on the plane and returned to Liberia,” Mr. Taylor explained.

“Following my return to Liberia, between June and August, there are series of negotiations going on. Obasanjo [Nigerian president] finally comes to Liberia and he assures me that he had spoken to the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and they had assured him that the indictment will be quashed,” he said.

On the strength of this promise, Mr. Taylor said he left Liberia for Nigeria in August of 2003.

Mr. Taylor accused the United States of involvement in a covert plan with his former vice president Moses Blah to overthrow him while he was holding peace talks with West African leaders in Ghana. “My return to Monrovia that night destroyed the whole plan,” he said.

Asked by his defense counsel about his impression of the indictment, Mr. Taylor said that “my own point is that the issue of regime change had been put in place.”

In discussing the circumstances surrounding his indictment, Mr. Taylor reaffirmed a common position he has taken in the past: that his trial is “political” and “racist.”

These themes reemerged when Mr. Taylor and his defense counsel, Courtenay Griffiths, discussed the 2006 statement delivered before the United States House of Congress sub-committee on Africa by Mr. Crane.

Mr. Crane was quoted as telling US officials that “unsealing of the indictment was a deliberate plan on my part to publicly strip this war lord of his power by my signature. My intent was to humble him and humiliate him before his peers.”  Testimony further centered on Mr. Crane’s admission that he gave copies of Mr. Taylor’s indictment to US government officials two months before unsealing it. (Both of these statements by Mr. Crane had also been raised by Mr. Griffiths as part of his opening statement back in July).

In his response to Mr. Crane’s actions, Mr. Taylor today told the judges that “a decision had been taken for regime change in Liberia and this whole thing had been political, not legal. He was reporting to his bosses.”

Also in his testimony today, Mr. Taylor denied prosecution allegations that he had secret bank accounts in which huge amounts of money had been kept. He challenged the prosecution to release details of the accounts.

Mr. Taylor also told the court that he played an honest-broker role in securing the release of over 500 peacekeepers who were held hostage by Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Sierra Leone in 2000.

Mr. Taylor is accused of providing support to RUF rebels who waged an 11-year war on the government and people of Sierra Leone. It is alleged, among other things, that Mr. Taylor occupied a position of control over RUF rebels and that he could have prevented or punished rebel forces crimes against the people of Sierra Leone — including crimes of sexual violence, murder and recruitment of child soldiers. Mr. Taylor has denied all 11 charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious violations of international humanitarian law against him.

Mr. Taylor has been testifying as a witness in his own defense since July 14, 2009. He is expected to finish his direct-examination on Tuesday, after which the prosecution will start his cross-examination. During cross-examination, the prosecution is expected to challenge Mr. Taylor on the “accuracy, truthfulness and completeness” of his testimony.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. And we were told we are seeking JUSTICE. Who in a SOUND MIND will come to any other conclusion?? We on the other side told others in here……there is NO LINK; documents upon documents pointed the other; even the ones the prosecutors had pointed the other way…..but no no no, the MASTERS wanted to teach this African JUNGLE BOY some senses of behaviors.

    If I was sitting on the bench, I will call both teams in to call off this makeshift case….spend the rest of the money on the destitutes of Sierra Leone.

    1. Noko4,

      What were the contents of the document that the prosecution disclosed to the defense but did not present in evidence. I missed that part of the trial. I know that the court overruled a motion from the prosecution and allowed the evidence. So what was the document about, just give me a summary, please.

      1. Andrew,
        The State Dept DECLASSIFIED REPORT…….the details of Rev. Jackson trips, the RELEASED of the hostages etc etc. From back then, Mr. Taylor kept BEGGING for PROOFS…..in one of the passage, it was said that DOCUMENTS were found in Sankoh’s house after he was arrested and Mr. Taylor’s name was all over it…..WHERE IS THAT DOCUMENT??? Mr. Taylor asked Rev. Jackson about that. Who in the world will believe if such document existed we will NOT see it??? It was just another LIE.


    2. The indictment was all premeditated and a conspiracy. On 11/09/09 the defense introduced into evidence a document written by Mr Crane to the American ambassador in Sierra Leone and the Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Affairs that the only reason the sealed inducement was enforced during the time while Taylor was in Ghana on a peace talk was to have him arrested, humiliate and embarrassed him in front of his colleagues and to send a message to the other leaders. This sealed indictment was prepared two months prior Taylor going to Ghana for this LURD invasion peace talk, but America and GB were clandestinely planning on how and when to carry out their plans.

      The conspiracy theory by the American Embassy was to allow Moses Blah to seized power because Taylor would have been arrested and thrown into the lion’s dent. Moses was contacted by the American embassy to take over the country. Moses agreed but under one condition. The condition was Benjamin Yeaten had to be on board. At the time, Moses was the vice president but he had no control over the ATU. (Anti Terrorist Unit). Benjamin did. If Moses had tried to seize power without the consent of Benjamin, it would have been HELL on EARTH. Long story short Moses and the American contacted Benjamin. Benjamin said hell NO. “I will not betray my Chief”. Upon Taylor’s returned from Ghana, Benjamin told Taylor about the coup plot. Most was placed under house arrest.

      The CIA killed Dr. Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Kwame Nkrumah among others and Taylor would have been another one of their preys. It is sicken, it puts butterfly in my stomach for this monster Crank to brag about his signature will strip a sovereign Nation’s President off his power. “TOTAL NONSENSE”

  2. Allpha,

    I was thinking that this latest summary represented Charles Taylor’s testimony of November 9, 2009. Correct me, but It seems to carry the date of November 10, 2009. Maybe the change was due to the difference in time between our locations on the globe.

  3. Alpha,

    I had to abandon the trial of November 9 because I had attend to some business. But when I left it was at a junture where the court overruled a defense motion and permitted the admittance of evidence regarding some report from the Dutch or Belgian government. Mr. Griffiths was beginning a discussion on this document that was disclosed by the prosecution.

    My point is I was relying on the summary to know about that document, but apparently it was not included. The issue that there was a montion that was overruled and Mr. Taylor specifically mentioned the importance of the inclusion of this document, seem to register to me that it would have been included in the summary. I hope I am not asking for too much, because it is you discretion, but I was let down by not seeing it.

  4. Tracey,
    Thanks for the good work you are doing.
    I am finding it difficult following the trial because I don’t know when (in GMT) is the trial stream online. Please help me with this information.
    Thanks very much.

    Big Joe

    1. Hi Big Joe,

      Yes, of course! The live streaming starts at 10am in Amsterdam, so I think for you at GMT it will be 9am that you can start watching the streaming. Good luck and hope that helps.


  5. Noko4, Noko5, Andrew, Jose, Helen, My man King Gray & others strong advocates of true Justice on this blog,
    You know there is a saying that, what comes around, goes around and that if you do good, you’re doing it for yourself! The prosecution have created so many lies to the point that she doesn’t know how to handle it.

    How in this world you will have evidences that will give you an opportunity at least to better plan your case and fail to do such? Moreover, fail to talk about such evidence while you had the floor to do so or at least correct yourself? Is it that presenting such an evidence could have shown the world the real true as to who is responsible for what happened in Sierra Leone instead of Mr. Taylor?

    Papay Fallah and Aunty Teage, what are your take on the drama that’s taking place at this time in this trial? You can put your personal biases aside for a minute or two. I understand that the NPFL may have cause you some pain for which you’re holding against Mr. Taylor…. Incase you or a family member of yours were going through such a trial where evidences that show the true are heldback by the prosecutors, what would be your position on such a proceeding?

    I said before that the prosecution was misleading the court from the day Vamuyan Sheriff testify… Mr. Taylor told the Judges that the prosecution and her witnesses were misleading the court. Now the big one is, the DEFENSE told the court that the PROSECUTION is misleading the court by holding back evidence they should have introduce while presenting their case. JESUS CHIRST, WHY LORD?

    I do feel for the people of Sierra Leone who have lost so much but make to believed someone who didn’t live in their Country is responsible for their pain! But our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone have an opportunity and the power to bring those who are responsible for their pain to face them! No oursider can do it for your, instead, they can support you quest for Justice but not the wrong way as we’re see day by day in this trial!

    1. Jocone,
      They knew these evidences and the entire facts surrounding the. But could not bring them up because there will be serious,serious liabilities.

    2. Jocone, all peoples serving, and served in The world’s most power military, the US, I say, happy veteran’s day.

  6. Now it has been empirically clear in this court, the reason why Mr. David Crane the first prosecutor, said this inherently flawed court,” is not a perfect court.” However, one man signature like Mr. Crane has so much power to strip a sovereigne country’s president of his power that has been given to him by his people through elections. Do you realize your action has divided our country even more? Do you also realize that your approach has created an alignment of nations rooted in the cleavages of our nation? Do you know your narcissistic behavior has inflicted our country with potentially lethal dose of rediation and a dynamic bowl of gas with super heated plasm that is burning our people today? Liberians are viscerally saying your personal ambition and hatred for this innocent man does not amount to you bringing him to his knees in submission amongst his peers. After all, he was our president. Besides, your weak excuse of telling us that this court is not a “perfert court” is still weaselly. Mr. David Crane, did other African presidents ever ask you to make president Taylor humble among his peers, or you just did it because you wanted your singnature to be a moral arbiter which begins with bunch of lies that will eventually be a false legend?

    Ladies and gentlemen, America and Great Britian finger prints are all over this case against this innocent man. Judges, there you have it. Mr. Crane indictment is not based on facts about Sierra Leone, but rather making President Taylor humble amongst his peers. Not only that, but he wanted his signature to be the one that will humiliate and humble this innocent man.

    Finally before I go unto watching this trial, I will like to say this. America and Great Britian, you guys are the wolrd’s only two super powers. You have nothing to prove to anyone by abusing your powers. President Taylor is nobody to match you. Stop taking advantage of the littel guys in order to show the circumference of your muscles.

  7. What will critics say about Rev. Jesse Jackson, the US Special Envoy in the region at the time. For those of you who did not watch the trial on November 9, 2009, Rev. Jackson applauded and considered President Taylor actions of securing the release of the 500.00 UN hostages in Sierra Leone as a peacemaking. In fact, he called President Taylor a peacemaker and urged him to counter the rumors about his involvement in the Sierra Leonean mess. But President Taylor acknowledged and said to him, it is difficult, if you don’t have an insider in Washington D.C to help you. In fact, the US does not have any credible evidence of President Taylor involement. According to documents in the possession of the court, the US consider President Taylor involvement as rumors. Where is the evidence? Good Lord, which way should we turn?

  8. Tracey,
    sorry to trouble you, I cannot connect to the Special Court for Sierra Leone through the link on your web site: http://www.sc-sl.org/ Try for yourself, I am not blaming you, but maybe you can find out, whether they forgot to pay the bill or what else is going on.
    The reason I tried to access that site is, that I wanted to know about the composition of the court. On the ICC web site I got lost…

    1. Sumoh — you are never any trouble. Glad you raised this. I did try it and think it may be a problem with the Special Court’s website itself, as even when I try to go there independently of this site, I get the same page (which is not about the Special Court). Thanks for letting me know — I will alert the Court. Hopefully they will correct the problem soon.

    2. Sumoh,

      I read some post of yours where you anticipated possible scenarios were Taylor to return to power in Liberia. You mentioned that Liberia could be economically isolated or another phase of war could ensue.

      Now brother, if Taylor were to be set free and he decides to complete what he started and the Liberian people vote him into office, regardless of the consequence, that would be the decision of the Liberian people.

      Who are America or Britain to decide a regime change Liberia. Liberia is not a district in America or Britain. But we have sold ourselve cheap, so we should dance to the tune.

  9. My God,

    I feel like vomiting whenever I hear the name Crane. It would have been better, where this man die in his mother’s womb.


    Harris K Johnson

    1. Harris,
      you should be ashamed of yourself for invoking the name of our Lord and in the same breath wishing death on your enemy. THE WAR IS OVER! Learn about peace, find peace! Open your mind, Crane is a mere mortal, his intentions are not necessarily evil.

      1. Sumoh — just a gentle reminder that this site has a policy of focussing on the issues raised by the trial and not other readers. I know this trial provokes a lot of emotions in people, but if we can focus on teh substance emerging from the courtroom, we will, I am sure, have a spirited and engaging debate about the rule of law.

        1. Tracey,
          I fail to understand, why a response to a death wish for the former chief prosecutor results in a “reminder”, however the death wish itself passes your moderation without comment. This has resulted in a further death wish by the same poster further down, this time expressed towards a fellow forum member – again without comment from the moderator.

          1. Hi Sumoh,

            Thanks for your question. The policy on this site is that we have one rule: to focus on the issues coming out of the trial and not on other readers. Apart from thta, we want to promote free speech as part of the debate about the trial. Some of the posts may be offensive to some readers and some people may disagree with what we allow to go through, but we are trying to maintain that balance of ensuring free speech, while protecting the people who do comment or otherwise participate on the website from personal attacks. That line is not always easy to draw, and sometimes we may get it wrong, but I did want to explain our policy. If you think that the policy itself is wrong, I would value hearing your opinion. we will certainly take readers’ opinions into account when we review our policy on this site and how we implement it.

            Best, and thanks for raising the issue,

      2. Sumoh,
        What were his intension???? PEACE??? Really?? He and his BOSSES nothing in mind except ECONOMIC!!!!

        1. Noko4,

          Please, I was responding to Summon comment here. Have a nice day brother.

          Best regards

          Harris K Johnson

      3. I don’t care about what you think. I have put it the way I want, nothing less and nothing more. Read the Bible well, the Lord in his holiness swear evil people. War no war I hit David Crane.


        Harris K Johnson

    2. Harris K. Johnson,

      I can assure you that President Taylor will be acquitted based on the facts and evidences. Forget about Mr. David Crane; who is seeking false legendary status. Remember now, Mr. Crane is on notice for saying this is “not a perfect court.”

      1. Jose Rodriguez,

        May God bless and protect you in all that you do.

        Best Regards

        Harris K Johnson

  10. Hey Gentlemen:
    I am back!
    where is my good papay Fallah?

    Good to here from him.

    please listen papay, imagine someone leaving his office for the sake of us including you,fallah.
    I don’t see any fault on him,laeve this innocent man alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. with the little cross-examination of Taylor by that Lady (I guess she is now the leading prosecutor), TAylor is in for a long and difficult ride.

  12. Thanks Tracey.
    I did followed the trial and I am impress by that Lady ( I guess she is the leading Prosecutor). Her little cross-examination of Taylor shows that this case will more interesting than I expected.

    1. Big Joe,
      Stop the empty speculation. She tried to trick Taylor, but he had her right on the dot when the Judge intervened. This is not a yes and no trial. You saw Taylor make that clear.

        1. For the record, there is correlation between Big joe and Big B.

          Big B is a Nationalist, Freedom Fighter, Realist and a man who believes in Justice.

  13. Hey guys,

    I need help and no one has come to my rescue. I missed the section of the trial yesterday regarding the evidence that the defense sought to introduce but was challenged by the prosecution. I know the court allowed the evidence. but what was the summary of the evidence? someone help me, I am eager, jose, jocone, nokos, king gray, harris, sam, helen,…

    1. Andrew,

      it has to do with a Belgium intelligence report on the quantity of diamonds that was allegedly exported by Liberia. However, other countries such as Angola, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and Guinea were exporting diamonds through Kimberly Diamond Company in the name of Liberia. But when the sanction was imposed on liberia’s diamonds, the quantity of diamonds reduced dramatically. Therefore, all these countries had to do export diamonds in their own names instead of Liberia. As the result , the quantity of Liberia’s diamonds diminished considerably. Nothwithstanding, this is just a gist of the exihibit of the document. More to follow.

        1. Ms. Hollis tried tricking Taylor today with three questions, but got her answers. Taylor is no fool. Her assumption was to catch him in a lie This man should have become a lawyer. She knows Taylor is an educated man and no fool. I believe she’s having problem with Taylor’s choice of words when he made reference to informing George W. Bush of stepping down. We need more African leaders like Taylor. Stick it to America and Britain standing up, not lying down. Ms. Hollis came out like a bull dog or pit bull. This is not cock fighting. Bravo!

  14. Andrew,
    Sorry, I precisely don’t know, but this morning , I saw a prosecution lawyer challenge Mr. Taylor on some kind of intelligence report that was allegedly mentioned by him yesterday. It almost brought up an argument between both, but the Judge intervened.

    1. Guys,

      Dis Taylor complete his testimony today or more directly did Griffiths complete his direct examination of Taylor? As I understand the Defense was posing questions to Taylor, so has the cross-examination started yet?

      Tracey could you or Alpha please help us?

      1. Hi Andrew,

        Yes today Mr. Griffiths completed his direct examination of Mr. Taylor and Ms. Hollis started the cross-examination for the prosecution. So we are likely to see Ms. Hollis and her team test Mr. Taylor on his side of the story that he has presented so far in answer to the prosecution’s charges, to try to check for any inconsistencies or places where his testimony differs from their evidence that they presented, for probably a number of weeks to come (though nobody is sure how long the cross-examination will last).

        Andrew, I have put “my feet in cold water,” as you requested, for this question! I promise you I will try to keep them there to answer the other questions which you have rightly called me to task about! Glad I have you to keep me on track and apologies to all who have been waiting patiently for answers to your questions. Alas I have been travelling and had other deadlines which has kept me from answering and posting as regularly as I would like to — but it is never because I don’t want to continue the discussion with everyone. I will try hard to get more information to you in the coming days and weeks.

        Best, as always,

        1. Oh my Tracey,

          Guess what, you knocked me out of the ball park. I am cool, everything is under control, for I can imagine the enormity of your task, office duties and reports, external relations and correspondences admist screnning our elaborate literatures, so your feet would have to be cold water for days to come.laughter right.

          1. My dear Andrew – thank you for your constant understanding. I hope to repay you one day soon with answers to your questions! I am constantly delighted that you and others are so interested and engaged in this trial that you have questions. I just have to put myself in higher gear to keep up with all the excellent questions and get the answers you need!
            Very best,

          2. Hi Trace,

            Just a Reminder.

            When the court was in recess I told you to get all the rest you possibly could, because after the recess break it was going to be WAR. You ain’t seeing anything yet.

    2. For the records, Taylor was very clear on direct examination that the Belgium report was not an intelliegence report but rather information that is use to develop intelligence reports.

    1. Hi Noko5 — yes, happy to. It is because Mr. Taylor’s lawyers have decided that they have asked Mr. Taylor all the questions they consider necessary for him to present his side of story to the court to respond to the prosecution’s charges. We’ve now moved into the next phase, where the prosecution is trying to test Mr. Taylor’s evidence to see if there are inconsistencies, or other problems with the testimony he has given. To the extent that Mr. Taylor’s testimony is different from the allegations that the Prosecution has charged him with — and the case they presented over 13 months — they will want to take the opportunity to focus on those issues and try to get more clarity. In a sense, it is another way for the judges to be able to work out what is credible evidence, and what is not, though this process with not only Mr. Taylor, but with other witnesses as well (you may remember teh defense team had the same opportunity to test the evidence presented by the prosecution’s witnesses during its presentation of its case?) Mr. Taylor’s defense team will then have another opportunity to re-direct questions to Mr. Taylor after the prosecution has finished testing his evidence. But for the meantime, we are likely to see the prosecution asking questions of Mr. Taylor for a few weeks to come — though it is not clear how long their cross-examination will take at this point.

      Does that help?


  15. Taylor; I think that what you want to say about Crane’s testimony against you should not include the wording’political or racist’, rather this was a ‘covert operation’ against a ‘bandit’! You seem to have made a sensible decision to relocate to Nigeria in time because Bush was ready to BBQ you in your presidency chair! Had you not made that decision, I am sure you would be history today and we would not be giving you this second chance to tell the story! You know what happened to Doe,taylor.What you needed was street justice that you applied on many others that you murdered in cold blood! May your soul suffer in infinity!

    1. Fallah,

      President Taylor knows what kind of words to used on Mr. David Crane. By the way, who are you to instruct President Taylor to use such words like “covert operation”, instead of political or racial? After being in denial all these years of America and Great Britian motives of destroying this innocent man, you have been confronted with the facts, through documents in the possession of the court. You propabaly have nothing else to hide behind except the “old behind the house talk.” Fallah, why did it take you all these years to know that the demise of this innocent man was not by his people, but instead by western governments, like President George Bush America and Prime Minister Tony Blair Britian? Now you are telling us, Taylor should have said “covert operation” instead of political or racial.

      1. Jose, I am sure you understand what I said to your chief. I fear nothing from him nor his thugs! I speak exactly as it is whether you accept it or not! This is my opinion about this guy!

        1. Fallah is always disrespectful whenever he hears about Mr. Taylor. I’m sure he will go down in his earlier grave with all these disrespects and confused state of mind. From the way Fallah talks, it makes me feel that he is not an African. I challenge him to disclose his true identity like some of us have done on this site without fear.


          Harris K Johnson

        2. Fallah,
          where are you leading us again? where fear coming from? who mentioned fear, but you? However, we told you all along by us, that America and Great Britian are behind this whole fake case for resources and there is no case about President Taylor involvement in Sierra Leone’s mess. You denied it. Only to know on November 10, 2009 @ 8:44 PM, you said, “Bush was ready to BBQ him in his presidential chair.” Notwithstanding, do you sometimes understand and re-read your previous comments?

    2. Fallah, Papay Fallah,

      You are in total sleep! don’t talk about war. I believe the only dead animal you have seen will be those chiken and turkey that you sometimes buy from stop and shop or were ever.. infact on behalf of all the dead turkeys, I wish you happy thanks given

  16. Yes folks, I’m back the one you love to hate. Does anyone in this forum has a different opinion of the case or this is a Taylor support forum. Lets make it interesting, you know you have the right to speak your mind, Taylor thugs won’t break down your doors.

    Well, I will say this, Taylor is guity period, like it or not, he’s a disgraced to Liberia, what has he done for Liberia, no running water, no electricity, just bullets, guns, and dead people. Let him stay in that cell, what a loser.

    They need to get the rest of those so called liberators including Prince Johnson, you never know he might be next.

    Oh, I will be waiting for your bias response Taylor supporters.

    1. John Thompson — welcome back. Good to have you with us again and sharing your opinion.

    2. Wecome back John Thompson. You are back in time for the Prosecution’s cross.examining of gankay. I can’t wait to post my opinion each day! Welcome Brother!..jfallahmenjor

      1. Fallah,
        three days had passed since the cross began on November 9, 2009 and you have not posted your opinion every day as promised. However, I know why you have not posted every day. The prosecutions are asking for more time. They are not ready yet. What a way to go prosecutions; Fallah is waiting on you guys. Hurry up.

    3. John Thompson,

      With all the support the Ellen administration has received I still do not have public electricity and I live right here in Monrovia. Now how could you expect Mr. Taylor to have electricity, running water ( which was available to some parts of Monrovia) with him being attacked by terrorist funded by the United States and Great Britain? Oh I forget at the same time an arms and timber embargo as well.

    4. Thompson,
      I know you are calling us thugs in a good intepratation; I believe you are personally feeling our rigidity. Our sophistications and how steadfast we are in respect to justice. We need facts not fiction. Justice for all men , not some men. Taylor will walk as a free man again and become your elected president for the second time . BRAVO GHANKAY!!!!

  17. Look gentlemen/ladies, ” is there a place for a hopeless sinner who has hurt all mankind, just to save his soul”?. All I am saying is that the Taylor trial is political. The “not perfect court” is obliged to ensured transparency, free,fair trial so that other indicted war criminals like Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and Omar Bashir of Sudan may feel free to go and clear their names.Also remember that ” you do good, you do it for yourself, you do bad, you do it for yourself”. Pres. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, is running from TRC, but was ‘hot like coal pot seat for Taylor to go to the Hague’, how funny but the TRC report will catch up with her!!!! LONG LIVE CHARLES TAYLOR, LIBERIA’S TRUE LEADER!
    By the way what has the trial really done to bring real relief to the victims of Sierra Leone’s civil war? You see the Americans and Brits are so unjust that they required compensation from Qhadafi for Lockerbie but instead sent poor Taylor to the Hague. I see Taylor being set free one day. YOU GUYS GONNA HEAR 4RM ME A LOT CONCERNING THIS RACIST TRIAL, JUST STUMBLED ON THIS SITE,CIAO.

    1. Rasgasone,
      welcome brother. I know your opening quotes was from the legendary singer of Bob Marley and the wailers. I most often listen to Bob Marley reggae songs. however, keep on posting brother.

  18. Mr. Menjor
    you are right Charles Taylor murder thousands of people in cool blood he don’t desever the kind of justice he receiving he need to get the same jungle justice he applied on those that killed in cool blood.

    1. Poor Joe, I can see exactly what you have said about this innocent man about you, but it is not amountable to facts. I can easily say so many bad things about you joe; does it make it factual? Show us the proofs. Bear in mind, America and Great Britian are on your side; andwe are still saying, show us the evidence. How hard is that?

  19. Noke4 and Noke5,
    Stop reading too much into my comments. I only said I am impressed by the leading prosecutor and from what I have seen from her, this case will be interesting that I have anticipated. I hope you are not suggesting that I am not entitled to my opinions.

    1. Big Joe — just to reassure you, everyone who comes to this site is welcome to share their opinions, and we certainly encourage the diversity of views and thoughts that is necessarily provoked by a trial like this. Commenting on the performance of the lawyers in the trial — Mr. Griffiths and his team, as well as Ms. Hollis and her team — is certainly fair game. Both Mr. Grifiths and Ms. Hollis are impressive courtroom advocates and formidible lawyers, don’t you think?


    2. Big Joe,
      Please SPEAK your mind I beg…..say it LOUD and CLEAR. If you are the RIGHT and CORRECT track, I will clap but understand we also have the same RIGHTS.

      Yes this is a HISTORY lesson for all to see, listen and read. No more will the UN, British and the US be FOOLISH again into thinking Mr. Taylor is a puppet. Even if he is convicted, he PROVED his case.

    3. Big Joe,

      Noko 4 and 5 have every reason and right to read into “your comments” as long as it is posted on this blog. Bear in mind, whenever you post on this website, it becomes a public record, and any respond is considered fair game.

  20. J Fallah Menjor,
    I seem to be agreeing with you. Taylor should be grateful that he has an opportunity to face his accusers in a court of competent jurisdiction unlike his predecessors Tolbert and Doe

    1. Bwalp,
      Pat Robertson may have not meet with Bush, but that do not mean he did not tell Mr. Taylor he did. These TV preacher is known for bending the truth to get what they want. His advice is common for any preacher to give to some one “appeal to God.” I believe that Robertson the ex-presidential wannbe and religious extremist, spoke about American foreign policy with Mr. Taylor that was his own views and had some kind of closes relationship with him. Robertson gold adventure in Liberia turns out to be a humiliation for him in America.

      1. Bwalp,
        His words against Mr. Taylor…..maybe this is one of the points Ms. Hollis wants to highlight but what is the VALUE in terms of GUILT??? Mr. Robertson cannot denial the FACT that he was in Liberia to do business….I believe I read somewhere where he PRAISED Mr. Taylor’s role in the hostages release and his work on the peace process.
        What is CLOSE RELATIONSHIP?? Maybe Mr. Taylor thought they did based on certain things…..I await the Ms. Hollis bringing this in.

        1. Noko6 — you are a new addition to the site since the trial resumed. Welcome aboard. We’ll look forward to your continued commentary as the trial progresses.

    2. Was it Pat Robertson himself that made the statement or his spokesman? But the main point is that Taylor did not say that Robertson met with Bush on behalf of Taylor and Taylor did not say that Robertson discussed America’s foriegn policy. Taylor was commenting about America’s policy toward him and reference a discussion he had with Robertson to buttress his point.

      There is a distinction and a difference in the reference of a conversation and saying that one expressly indicated a specifc meeting on one’s behalf. But this is nothing because this court has allow third party hearsay.

  21. Hi All,
    Do any one know what was ask by the prosecution of Mr. Taylor today9 Nov, 10)? What was the questions they started with?

  22. My brother Jose,
    Why are you trying to wast your time behind someone who haven’t live in liberia since 1984? What this person know about what actually happened 6 to 7 years later? Keep in mind brother one thing in mind…. BIASES AS JUSTICE! My own mother and myself some times have these conversations about how she thinks that Mr. Taylor was killing people. But I took my time to educate her on the actually story.

    Now she know and everything I told her, she find out and it was true because I was there through out, starting from December 24,1989 to the of election on July 19,1997!

  23. Hey Guys,

    The DIE is cast, God willing, Mr. Taylor will walk as a FREEMAN. Let’s keep hope alive, justice is coming soon, very soon. Already, Ms Hollis has started melting like a block of ice… haha what a funny and easy start? We will do what we have to do, when we have to do it. I get the best output of my brain when I’m under pressure. These are the words of former Liberian President Taylor. Beware prosecution; Mr. Taylor is not a joke like Mr. Moses Blah who does not understand English well.

    Best regards

    Harris K Johnson

  24. What’s with the anti American and British rethoric, last I recall Taylor was the one on trial, he dug is own grave, what he thought people will watch their investment in Liberia get wasted because some guy decided to start a senseless war that could’ve easily been avoided through diplomatic channels.

    But no he didn’t want peace in Liberia, he wanted money and power like most men. Well for those of you who claim this is a political trial, so let it be, someone need to send a strong message.

    These wars spread like viruses, first its Liberia, then SL, almost got to Ivory Coast, now Guinea is having problems, another power hungry man wants to be in power.

    I think the prosecutor have a strong case, its hard for Taylor supporters to see the strength of the prosecutor’s case because they’re only looking at one side of the book. Watch the cross examination and see how they will break Taylor down.

    1. John Thompson,

      there is nothing about anti American and British sentiment here. Some people on this website fought and are still fighting for America and Great Britian. This is because they believe in American values. Stop your nonsense. You and so many on this site differ idealogically about the way in which President Taylor is being prosecuted. Stop your nonsense talk and stand on your own two feet. However, that is why some people lives are on the line right now as we speak in order to defend freedom of speech, that so many Americans enjoy today. Notwithstanding, you are only invoking anti American and British sentiment to instill fear in other people from speaking on what they believe.

  25. John Thompson which cross examination you are talking about? We are about two days into it if I will say. The very first day was the time I personally thought the persecutors leader was going to get this ball rolling but to my surprised she melted away with in just 30 to 35 minutes of sparks with Taylor. Today again is the same style. The persecutors have not even put their questions together all because they really don’t have a case. Thompson please keep on following the trial and see how Taylor is going to expose them before playing with them. Taylor is a man and you know that well. Fallah and his crew talked about street justice should have been given to Taylor, I laughed at those statements. The war was on in Liberia why you guys didn’t give him that justice? Do you think Taylor is a fool like that Doe of you people who walked to Prince Johnson to received such a justice: Please know today that Taylor is not a fool. By God willing he will be free.

  26. Hi Tracey,
    What could be the legal situation if Mr. Taylor was found not guilty in the Sierra Leonean case but later charge for the war in Liberia, can the ICC use current witnesses who have testifeid agianst Mr. Taylor in the Liberian case?

    If so, will those witnesses be consider credible since they had testified in an ealier case involving the same person ( Mr. Taylor)?

  27. This is the craziest piece of foolishness I’ve heard in my life.
    The only reason why Charles Taylor Left in 2003 was because George Bush told him to leave or else….
    In 2003 everyday on 6-o’clock news there were 50 plus bodies being buried in different mass graves on several different beaches, many were innocent civilians living in displacement camps..Charles Taylor was not the least bid moves. After several Liberians and even American citizens marched in D.C and demanded that Bush does something, Bush and Powell, told Taylor to leave Liberia, TWICE. Taylor was talking about he wouldn’t allow anyone to “intimidate” him. And that he will not leave Liberia. Bush gave him another ultimatum, the second time, that was when Taylor said he “WILL NOT” leave Liberia until there was a “United States peace-keepers” forces on the ground. Bush in return said that he will not make any negotiation with Taylor, neither will he supply any forces until Taylor was out of Liberia. Taylor had no choice, it was either he leave or he be removed. Taylor had no intention of moving and ending the civil war between his rebel boys and LURD/MODEL, Taylor was not concern about the loss of innocent Human life in 1990, 1992, 1993, 1996, or 2003. He had used several young men under the age of 18 and their bodies littered the streets of Monrovia after these fierce fire battles between his enemies and himself. Taylor only cared about power, money and more power…. He is shameless for even suggesting that he left Liberia because he cared about the lives of people. Shameless!!!!
    He was not going to leave Liberia at all, if there wasn’t pressure from the International community….if no one had said anything to Taylor he would have stayed in Liberia, there would have been a WW I, II, III, IIII, and more, as Liberians refer to the 2003 war. Taylor cared nothing about civilians or the young boys he had fighting his sensless war. Exactly what he had attempted to do years before LURD and MODEL were attempting to do the same to him, and he was not going to let that happen. Taylor a rebel leader a murderer becomes president of Liberia and he think that other rebels that he fought against were going to sit and take that. If Taylor cared about the Liberian people as someone who had fought as a rebel leader, as someone who had influenced and killed other tribes in the name of revolution, he should not have gotten in to the presidential seat, because that meant that War was inevitable, and that a huge civilian loss of life was also inevitable. But instead he ran on the famous slogan “he kill my ma, you kill my pa I will vote for you”. Sounds more like people voting out of fear than true love and admiration.

    Charles Taylor is so shameless, he did not leave Liberia because he was concern for the people…. he showed years before he did not care about the people, he was forced into exile. It would have been interesting to see him stick around and disobey Bush’s order. This testimony just shows that Charles Taylor is a coward, and he will never own up to what he has done, not in Liberia, and certainly not in Sierra Leone. “He cares about people”….to have 7 and 8 year olds drugged up and fighting his stupid war… having them killed like flies, and he has the never to even make such as statement. Nobody believes these Lies. Taylor, come up with something else. To try to make your self look like a saint and act like you did Liberia a favor is shameful, you were forced to leave, you didn’t leave for “humanity” sake. People on here believe that foolishness but not All Liberians do.

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