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Katanga and Ngudjolo Chronicle # 7: Judge Presiding Bruno Cotte: 'I do apologise for the disorganisation of the hearing'

Please find Katanga and Ngudjolo Chronicle #7, which was originally published on the Aegis Trust website.  The views and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Open Society Justice Initiative.

Today, Witness 419 was expected to appear in Court. However, the witness box is empty and Judge Bruno Cotte sits on the bench alone. He communicates to the trial participants that Judge Christine van den Wyngaert was involved in a traffic accident last night and is unable to attend the hearing today and may not be able to for the following few days.

In addition to that, Judge Fatoumata Dembel is travelling next week as part of her responsibilities as Vice-President of the ICC. This means that the next day of testimony must be postponed until January, when the trial resumes on the 26th of that month. “I do apologies for this disorganisation,” says Judge Cotte. “The hearing is now adjourned.”