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Latest News: Lubanga trial set to resume January 7

The trial of former Congolese militia leader Thomas Lubanga is scheduled to resume on January 7 after a nearly five-month delay.

This week, appeals judges reversed a July decision that could have paved the way for charges of sexual slavery and cruel and inhumane treatment to be added to the indictment.

As a result, the defense will present its case based on the original charges of enlisting, conscripting and using child soldiers under the age of 15.

In a status conference Wednesday afternoon, victims’ lawyers asked presiding judge Adrian Fulford if the outcome of the appeal would be discussed.

“There is nothing further to discuss,” responded Fulford. “As we see the matter now, the trial simply proceeds on the original basis.”

He said that if the victims’ lawyers wanted to raise any related issues, they should do so in writing within seven days.

“This trial has to continue and it is not going to be indefinitely delayed [for] further debate,” Fulford stressed.

The proceedings commenced last January 26 and the prosecution rested its case on July 14.